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Shelfmark CCA-DCc/LitMs/D/13
Richard Rolle, 1290?-1349. The Pricke of Conscience . mid 14th century.
On the verso of the first flyleaf: Iste liber constat d[omi]no Rectori de Morton [and later the name] Nicholas Moyn]
On the verso of the third flyleaf: Part of the will of Nicholas Moyn, made in 1425, who directs his executors to bury his body in North Morton church [North Moreton, Berkshire?], and makes a bequest of 6d. to the church of Salisbury [N.R. Ker]
Inscription on first flyleaf and verso of third flyleaf: Iste liber constat Henr. Sadeler.
Inscription on first flyleaf: This broake and imperfect peece of poems I freely give to Wm. Kingsley of Canterbury, out of the few books I have in my librarie ... this being assurtened to be in my librarie for three hundred years Roger Etchmarch(?). [transcribed by N. Ker]
Inscription on final verso: Will[iam] Kingsley Anno Dom. 1672.
Apparently owned by Nicholas Moyn, rector of North Morton,Berkshire (now Oxfordshire) in the early fifteenth century.
Subsequently owned by Henry Sadeler and then by Roger Etchmarch who gave it to a William Kingsley, possibly William Kingsley, Archdeacon of Canterbury in the mid-seventeenth century; it was finally owned by his grandson William Kingsley in 1672 who presumably gave it to the Chapter Library.
Description from Canterbury Cathedral Archives catalogue
Entry on Schoenberg Database of Manuscripts