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Edward Gwynn (d. c. 1645) was a barrister of the Middle Temple.

He had a considerable library. His books are generally tooled with his name in gilt across the front board, sometimes also with his initials on the back board.[1]

J. Franklin Mowery reported in 2010 that 'It is believed that over 70 of his books survive to date. The largest surviving collection of Gwynn’s books, thirty-eight, is at Marsh’s Library, in Dublin; there are sixteen at the Folger Shakespeare Library, eight at St John’s College University of Cambridge, circa fifteen at St Andrews University Library, and 4 others at the Middle Temple Library.'[2] To these can be added the three Canterbury Cathedral copies, a copy in Rochester Cathedral Library, a Sion College copy at Lambeth Palace,[3] and a copy reported at Durham University Library.[4] A copy is also recorded in the Mendham Collection.[5]

A list of Edward Gwynn bindings is being maintained of the FolgerPedia: https://folgerpedia.folger.edu/List_of_books_owned_by_Edward_Gwynn

A copy of Boethius, De consolatione philosophiae (Lyon, 1496) had belonged to William Godmersham (fl. 1469–1510), a monk of St Augustine's Abbey, Canterbury. It later belonged to Edward Gwynn and then to John Selden and passed from him into the Bodleian Library.[6]

Some of the copies at St John's, Cambridge, found their way there through Bishop Peter Gunning who had been a Canon of Canterbury.[7]

Edward Gwynn, St John's College, Cambridge
Shelfmark W/I-6-1
John Jewel. Works of ... John Iewell, ... newly set forth with ... his life.. London: 1609.
Gold-tooled lettering on front board: EDWARD GWYNN.
Inscription on verso of front free endpaper: Precium xxiij s.
Shelfmark H/Z-5-8
Alcuin. Opera.
Paris: 1617.
Gold-tooled binding stamp on front board: Edward Gwynn. Gold-tooled binding stamp on back board: E G.
Shelfmark W2/N-5-12
George Abbot. A treatise of the perpetuall visibilitie, and succession of the true Church in all ages.
London: 1624.
Gold-tooled binding stamp on front board: Edward Gwynn. Gold-tooled stamp on back board: E G..
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