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Edward Parry (1830–1890) was educated at Rugby School and Balliol College, Oxford. After time as chaplain to the Bishop of London, Archibald Campbell Tait, he became Rural Dean of Ealing. In 1869 he was appointed Archdeacon of Canterbury and in 1870, was consecrated the fourth Bishop of Dover (suffragan bishop in the Diocese of Canterbury).


BAY C-18-22 H-14-11(1) H-14-12(1) JN 515 PAMPH. 3/25 PERIODICALS GALLERY P-2/8, P-10, P-16/17 W/R-1-53/57

Shelfmark W/R-8-11

The .holie. Bible.
London: 1572.
The Chained Bible; D&M 132.

Inscription (17c?) on A1r: John Nicholson.
Bound at end: fair copy of a letter from Alexander Wetherelt (1814-1903) to Dean Robert Payne Smith and Edward Parry, Bp of Dover, (1830-1890) on the repairing of the Bible undertaken by Wetherelt, in 1885.

W/U-2-25/28 W2/Q-13-12 W2/Q-25-6

Shelfmark W/D-7-33/35
Massorah, compiled from manuscripts; alphabetically and lexically arranged by Christian D. Ginsburg.
London: 1885.
Record of subscription (no. 56): Cathedral Library, Canterbury; signed Christian D. Ginsberg.
W/D-7-33 has a MS letter from Emilie Ginsburg to the Bishop of Dover, Edward Parry (1830–1890), concerning the Chapter Library's subscription, dated 31 Oct. 1885.