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This is a list of system messages available in the MediaWiki namespace. Please visit MediaWiki Localisation and if you wish to contribute to the generic MediaWiki localisation.

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Name Default message text
Current message text
wikieditor-toolbar-tool-table-title (Talk) (Translate) Insert table
wikieditor-toolbar-tool-table-toomany (Talk) (Translate) Inserting a table with more than 1000 cells is not possible with this dialog.
wikieditor-toolbar-tool-table-wikitable (Talk) (Translate) Style with borders
wikieditor-toolbar-tool-table-zero (Talk) (Translate) You cannot insert a table with zero rows or columns.
wikieditor-toolbar-tool-ulist (Talk) (Translate) Bulleted list
wikieditor-toolbar-tool-ulist-example (Talk) (Translate) Bulleted list item
wikieditor-wikitext-tab (Talk) (Translate) Wikitext
wikigarden-404 (Talk) (Translate) 404 Error: Page Not Found
wikigarden-desc (Talk) (Translate) Enables a 'wiki farm'
wikigarden_mysites (Talk) (Translate) My sites
wikigarden_uploadexceedsquota (Talk) (Translate) You cannot upload this file, because you are currently using $1 MB of file space, and uploading it would exceed the allowed quota for your site ($2 MB).
windows-nonascii-filename (Talk) (Translate) This wiki does not support filenames with special characters.
withoutinterwiki (Talk) (Translate) Pages without language links
withoutinterwiki-legend (Talk) (Translate) Prefix
withoutinterwiki-submit (Talk) (Translate) Show
withoutinterwiki-summary (Talk) (Translate) The following pages do not link to other language versions.
wlheader-enotif (Talk) (Translate) Email notification is enabled.
wlheader-showupdated (Talk) (Translate) Pages that have been changed since you last visited them are shown in <strong>bold</strong>.
wlnote (Talk) (Translate) Below {{PLURAL:$1|is the last change|are the last <strong>$1</strong> changes}} in the last {{PLURAL:$2|hour|<strong>$2</strong> hours}}, as of $3, $4.
wlshowlast (Talk) (Translate) Show last $1 hours $2 days
word-separator (Talk) (Translate)
wrongpassword (Talk) (Translate) Incorrect password entered. Please try again.
wrongpasswordempty (Talk) (Translate) Password entered was blank. Please try again.
xffblockreason (Talk) (Translate) An IP address present in the X-Forwarded-For header, either yours or that of a proxy server you are using, has been blocked. The original block reason was: $1
xml-error-string (Talk) (Translate) $1 at line $2, col $3 (byte $4): $5
year (Talk) (Translate) From year (and earlier):
years (Talk) (Translate) {{PLURAL:$1|$1 year|$1 years}}
yesterday-at (Talk) (Translate) Yesterday at $1
youhavenewmessages (Talk) (Translate) {{PLURAL:$3|You have}} $1 ($2).
youhavenewmessagesfromusers (Talk) (Translate) {{PLURAL:$4|You have}} $1 from {{PLURAL:$3|another user|$3 users}} ($2).
youhavenewmessagesmanyusers (Talk) (Translate) You have $1 from many users ($2).
youhavenewmessagesmulti (Talk) (Translate) You have new messages on $1
yourdiff (Talk) (Translate) Differences
yourdomainname (Talk) (Translate) Your domain:
youremail (Talk) (Translate) Email:
yourgender (Talk) (Translate) How do you prefer to be described?
yourlanguage (Talk) (Translate) Language:
yourname (Talk) (Translate) Username:
yournick (Talk) (Translate) New signature:
yourpassword (Talk) (Translate) Password:
yourpasswordagain (Talk) (Translate) Retype password:
yourrealname (Talk) (Translate) Real name:
yourtext (Talk) (Translate) Your text
yourvariant (Talk) (Translate) Content language variant:
zip-bad (Talk) (Translate) The file is a corrupt or otherwise unreadable ZIP file. It cannot be properly checked for security.
zip-file-open-error (Talk) (Translate) An error was encountered when opening the file for ZIP checks.
zip-unsupported (Talk) (Translate) The file is a ZIP file that uses ZIP features not supported by MediaWiki. It cannot be properly checked for security.
zip-wrong-format (Talk) (Translate) The specified file was not a ZIP file.
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