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Thomas Westley (c. 1585-11639) occupied Stall VII at Canterbury Cathedral from 1630 until his death in 1639. He was educated at Magdalen College, Oxford, (1600; clerk 1606-9; MA 1607; fellow 1610-30; B.D. or D.D. 1631). He was rector of St. Clements, Oxford, 1610, and of Great Chart, Kent, 1629.[1]

The Benefactors' Book records his bequest of £20 to purchase books for the Chapter Library:

Thomas Westley S.T.D. et Canonicus Cantuariensis testamento legauit viginti libras; quo sumptu
ad Bibliothecam hanc adornanda[m] hi libri subsequentes accessere.
    Cyrillus Alexandrinus. 7 vol: gr: lat: fol:       W/M-6-14/20
    Iustini Martiris opera. gr: lat: fol:             W/M-2-12
    G. Nysseni opera 3 vol: gr: lat: fol:             W/E-5-30/31
    Irinæi opera gr: lat: fol:                        W2/X-7-21?
    Oecumenius gr: lat: 2 vol: fol:                   W/M-5-13/14
    Theophyl: in Evangel: et Epistolas 2 vol: fol:    W/M-2-37 and W/M-2-38
    Clemens Alexandrinus gr: lat: fol:                —
    Eusebius Pamphilus 3 vol: græ: lat: fol:          W/M-5-15 and W/M-5-16
    Isidorus Pelusiota: gr: lat: fol:                 W/M-3-5
    Dionisius Areopagita 2 vol: gr: lat: fol:         W/M-2-15
    Durantus de Ritibus. 8°.                          —

The books are listed in the 1649 inventory and were presumably purchased shortly after Westley's death.

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