Thomas Westley

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Thomas Westley (c. 1585-11639) occupied Stall VII at Canterbury Cathedral from 1630 until his death in 1639. He was educated at Magdalen College, Oxford, (1600; clerk 1606-9; MA 1607; fellow 1610-30; B.D. or D.D. 1631). He was rector of St. Clements, Oxford, 1610, and of Great Chart, Kent, 1629.[1]

The Benefactors' Book records his bequest of £20 to purchase books for the Chapter Library:

Thomas Westley S.T.D. et Canonicus Cantuariensis testamento legauit viginti libras; quo sumptu
ad Bibliothecam hanc adornanda[m] hi libri subsequentes accessere.
    Cyrillus Alexandrinus. 7 vol: gr: lat: fol:       W/M-6-14/20
    Iustini Martiris opera. gr: lat: fol:             W/M-2-12
    G. Nysseni opera 3 vol: gr: lat: fol:             W/E-5-30/31
    Irinæi opera gr: lat: fol:                        W2/X-7-21?
    Oecumenius gr: lat: 2 vol: fol:                   W/M-5-13/14
    Theophyl: in Evangel: et Epistolas 2 vol: fol:    W/M-2-37 and W/M-2-38
    Clemens Alexandrinus gr: lat: fol:                —
    Eusebius Pamphilus 3 vol: græ: lat: fol:          W/M-5-15 and W/M-5-16
    Isidorus Pelusiota: gr: lat: fol:                 W/M-3-5
    Dionisius Areopagita 2 vol: gr: lat: fol:         W/M-2-15
    Durantus de Ritibus. 8°.                          —

The books are listed in the 1649 inventory and were presumably purchased shortly after Westley's death. The edition of Duranti's De ritibus is no longer in the collection. It has presumably been replaced by W2/X-2-28.

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