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Books in Canterbury Cathedral Library owned by William Somner (1606–1669)

List of titles based on output from the University of Kent Voyager system (29 January 2009)
With a transcription of the ownership inscriptions.
Arranged by date of purchase or gift, and by date of publication for the undated inscriptions.
See also: Entry in the Donors' Book for John and William Somner.

11 January 2009, revised

David J. Shaw



AUTHOR(S)          Panciroli, Guido.
TITLE              Guidonis Pancirolli Rerum memorabilium sive deperditarum
                      pars prior [-posterior] commentarijs illustrata, ...
                      ab Henrico Salmuth. ...
PUBLISHER          Francofurti : sumptibus Godefridi Tampachij, 1629 [-1631]
DESCRIPTION        2v. (349, 313p.), fold. plate ; 4.
NOTES              Date vol. 1 from dedication. — Vol. 2 'typis Casparis
                      Rötelii'. — Vol. 1 with engr. tp. — Translated from
                      Italian (vol. 2 tp).
CLASSMARK          W/G-2-38
NOTES              Bound in 1 vol. 
Inscription on verso of front free endpaper: William [erased] [in Somner's hand:] 1633 Pretium — 5s — 6d [William] Somner



AUTHOR(S)          Cowell, John, LL.D.
TITLE              The interpreter: or booke containing the signification of
                      words: ... mentioned in the lawe writers, or statutes of
                      this ... Kingdome, ... Collected by Iohn Cowell ...
PUBLISHER          At Cambridge : Printed by Iohn Legate, 1607.
DESCRIPTION        [291] leaves ; 4.
CLASSMARK          W/C-2-56
Inscription on title page: Edward Cornford his booke Bought of Mathwe Gannon[?] 
   the 26 of aprill i m 627. 
On second front free endpaper: Edward Corneford and Richard Corneford
On verso of second front free endpaper: 1634 Willm Somner. Pretium — 4s 6d



AUTHOR(S)          Somner, William, 1606-1669 
TITLE              The antiquities of Canterbury. Or a survey of that
                      ancient citie, with the suburbs, and cathedrall. ...
                      With an appendix ... wherein ... the ... records of
                      chiefest consequence, are ... exhibited. ... by ...
                      William Somner.
PUBLISHER          London : Printed by I. L[egat] for Richard Thrale, 1640.
DESCRIPTION        [16], 516, [14]p., fold. plates : map ; 4.
NOTES              Errata leaf at end.
CLASSMARK          W/S-11-14
Somner’s interleaved copy with his annotations 


AUTHOR(S)          Caesar, Caius Julius.
TITLE              C. Iulii Caesaris rerum gestarum commentarii XIV. ... De
                      bello Gallico, ... A. Hirtii de eodem, ... Eutropii
                      Epitome ... Cum ... annotationibus: Henrici Glareani,
                      Fulvii Ursini ... Francisci Hotomani, ... Aldi Manutii,
                      ... Ex musaeo Iacobi Stradae ...
PUBLISHER          Francofurti ad Moenum : [colophon:] Impressum apud Georgium
                      Corvinum, impensis Iac. Stradae Mantuani, 1575.
DESCRIPTION        2pts (265; 35, 207p.) : ill. ; 2.
CLASSMARK          W/A-5-7
Inscription on title page: Pretium 11s. W.S. 1641	
AUTHOR(S)          Camden, William.
TITLE              Britain, or a chorographicall description of ... England,
                      Scotland, and Ireland, and ilands adioyning, ...
                      Written first in Latine by William Camden ... translated
                      ... by Philemon Holland ... revised, amended, and
                      enlarged ...
PUBLISHER          Londini : [Eliot's Court Press,] Impensis Georgii Bishop &
                      Ioannis Norton, 1610.
DESCRIPTION        [16], 822, [2], 233, [55]p., fold. plates : ill., maps ; 2.
NOTES              Dedication leaf follows addit. engr. tp. — Printer from STC.
CLASSMARK          W/G-5-16
Inscription on frontispiece: 1641 Pretium — 25s. At 2d hand W.S.
CLASSMARK          H/Os-21
AUTHOR(S)          Drayton, Michael, 1563-1631. 
TITLE              A chorographicall description of all the tracts, rivers,
                      mountains, forests, and other parts ... of Great
                      Britain, diuided into two bookes; the latter
                      containing twelve songs, neuer before imprinted.
                      Digested into a poem by Michael Drayton. ...
PUBLISHER          London : Printed for Iohn Marriott, Iohn Grismand and
                      Thomas Dewe, 1622.
DESCRIPTION        2pts (303, 168p.), plates : maps ; 2.
NOTES              Title Poly-olbion on addit. engr. tp (reissue of 1612
                      edition), preceded by printed leaf.
CLASSMARK          W/L-7-19
Inscription on title page: 1641. Pretium — 7s 6d. W. S.


TITLE              The Gospels of the fower Euangelistes translated in the
                      olde Saxons tyme out of Latin into the vulgare toung of
                      the Saxons, newly collected out of ... monumentes of the
                      ... Saxons, ...
PUBLISHER          At London : Printed by Iohn Daye, 1571.
DESCRIPTION        [12], 408p. ; 4.
NOTES              Published under the direction of Matthew Parker, by John
                      Fox (STC & DMH).
CLASSMARK          W/I-4-21
Inscription on title page: 31° Martij 1643. Pretium — 5s. W.S.
AUTHOR(S)          Casaubon, Isaac.
TITLE              Isaaci Casauboni ad Frontonem Ducaeum ... epistola; ...
PUBLISHER          Londini : Excudebat Ioannes Norton, 1611.
DESCRIPTION        [2], 172,[2]p. ; 4.
CLASSMARK          W/P-3-35
Inscription on second front free endpaper: Edward Aldey
Inscription on title page (erased): Stephanus: Huffam. 1611
Inscription on second front free endpaper: Wmi Somner ex dono Mri Aldey 15° Maij 1643.


AUTHOR(S)          Hund, Wigulejus.
TITLE              Metropolis Salisburgensis  ... Continens primordia
                      Christianae religionis per Boiariam et loca ... vicina;
                      ... collecta a ... VViguleo Hund ... Accesserunt ...
                      diplomata ... Impp. Regum, principum etc. ... Notae
                      Christophori Gewoldi ...
PUBLISHER          Monachi : Ex typographéo Bergiano apud viduam Impensis
                      Ioannis Hertsroy, 1620.
DESCRIPTION        3v. (479, 596, 528p.) : ill. ; 2.
CLASSMARK          W/D-4-12
NOTES              Bound in 1 vol. 
Inscription on title page: Pretium 24s. W.S. 1644
AUTHOR(S)          Jonson, Ben.
TITLE              The divell is an asse. A comedie acted in the yeare, 1616
                      ... The author Ben: Iohnson.
PUBLISHER          London : Imprinted at London [by Thomas Harper], 1641.
DESCRIPTION        [4], 66p. ; 2.
NOTES              Originally published as part of the 1641 reissue of vol. 2
                      of Jonson's Works; in later issues, it is the only
                      surviving part (Greg, III, 1078).
CLASSMARK          W2/A-2-12(1)
NOTES              Bound before vol. 3 of Jonson's Works. — Final blank leaf.
Inscription on title page: Pretium — 16s. W.S. 1644 [in same hand:] Worth gold.
AUTHOR(S)          Bede.
TITLE              Historiae ecclesiasticae gentis Anglorum libri V. a
                      venerabili Beda ... scripti; ... Ab ... Rege Alvredo
                      (sive Alfredo) examinati; ejùsque paraphrasi
                      Saxonicâ ... explicati; ... unà cum annotationibus,
                      & analectis è publicis veteris ecclesiae Anglicanae
                      homiliis aliìsque mss. Saxonicis, ... quibus ...
                      Saxonicam chronologiam ... contexuimus: ... accesserunt
                      Anglo-Saxonicae leges: et ultimò, leges Henrici I. ...
PUBLISHER          Cantabrigiae : Ex officina Rogeri Daniel, prostant Londini
                      apud Cornelium Bee, 1644.
DESCRIPTION        [20], 570, [22], 226, [6]p., fold. plate : map ; 2.
NOTES              Editor, A. Whelock, signs dedication. — The Leges with own
                      tp, headed Archaionomia, pagination and signing. —
CLASSMARK          W/E-6-20
Inscription on half title: Pretium 22s. W.S. 1644
AUTHOR(S)          Davies, John, Sir.
TITLE              Le primer report des cases & matters en ley resolue &
                      adiudge en les Courts del Roy en Ireland. Collect et
                      digest per Sr. Iohn Dauys ...
PUBLISHER          Dublin : Printed by Iohn Franckton, 1615.
DESCRIPTION        [13], 96 leaves ; 2.
CLASSMARK          W/H-4-41
Inscription on title page: Pret. 4s. 1644 W.S.

TITLE              Le grant coustumier du pays et duche de Normendie ...
                      Auec plusieurs additions, ... par ... Guillaume le
                      Rouille ... Aussi y est le texte en latin ...
PUBLISHER          Paris : Nouuellement imprime a Paris, par Francoys
                      Regnault, 1534.
DESCRIPTION        [6], cxlvi, lxxxii, [4] leaves : ill. ; 2.
NOTES              Tp compartment.
CLASSMARK          W2/A-2-14
Inscription on title page: Pretium — 16s. W.S. 1644 [in same hand:] Worth gold
AUTHOR(S)          England. Laws, statutes, etc. 712-1066.
TITLE              Archaionomia, siue de priscis anglorum legibus libri, 
                      sermone Anglico, vetustate antiquissimo, aliquot abhinc
                      seculis conscripti, atque nunc demum, ... è tenebris
                      in lucem vocati. Gulielmo Lambardo interprete. ...
PUBLISHER          Londini : ex officina Joannis Daij, 1568.
DESCRIPTION        [19], 140, [3] leaves : ill., map ; 4.
NOTES              Anglo-Saxon and Latin. — 1st word translit.
CLASSMARK          W2/X-2-18
NOTES              Frequent annotations in Somner's hand 
Inscription on title page: Rij. Lewkenor [and:] Richardj Lewkenor
Inscription on verso of front free endpaper: Pretium — 16s. W. Somner. 1644. 


AUTHOR(S)          Besoldus, Christophorus.
TITLE              De natura populorum, eiusque pro loci positu, ac temporis
                      decursu variatione: et ... de linguarum ortu atque
                      immutatione, philologicus discursus. Auctore
                      Christophoro Besoldo.
EDITION            Editio secunda, duplo auctior priori.
PUBLISHER          Tubingae : Typis Philiberti Brunii, 1632.
DESCRIPTION        [2], 156p. ; 4.
CLASSMARK          W/P-3-24
Inscription on verso of second front free endpaper: Gul. Somneri Ex dono Amici 
   sui colendiss. D. D. Casauboni. A°. 1645.


AUTHOR(S)          Jonson, Ben.
TITLE              The magnetick lady: or, Humors reconcil'd. A comedy
                      composed by Ben: Iohnson.
PUBLISHER          London : printed, M.DC.XL. = 1640 [-1641]
DESCRIPTION        3 pts ; 2.
NOTES              No tp, title from first part. — Parts often bound in
                      different order. — Some parts dated 1641. — Often bound
                      with 1641 Devil is an ass, or with complete pt 2 of
                      Works. — Includes Jonson's tr. of Horace's Ars poetica.
CLASSMARK          W2/A-2-12(2)
NOTES              Bound with 1641 ed. of The Devil. 
Inscription on title page: Pretium 9s. W.S. 1646.
AUTHOR(S)          Saxo, Grammaticus.
TITLE              Danica historia libris XVI, ... conscripta. Auctore
                      Saxone Grammatico ...
PUBLISHER          Francofurti ad Moenum : Ex officina typographica And.
                      Wecheli, 1576.
DESCRIPTION        [8], 342, [24]p. ; 2.
NOTES              Ed., P. Lonicerus, signs dedication. — Colophon leaf at
CLASSMARK          W/E-6-6(1)
NOTES              2 leaves of medieval illuminated MS as pastedowns
Inscription on title page: Pretium — 15s. W.S. 1646.

AUTHOR(S)          Vossius, Gerardus, Canon.
TITLE              Gerardi Joannis Vossii De vitiis sermonis, et glossematis
                      Latino-Barbaris, libri quatuor, ...
PUBLISHER          Amstelodami : Apud Ludovicum Elzevirium, 1645.
DESCRIPTION        [32], 824, [82]p. ; 4.
NOTES              With errata leaf at end.
CLASSMARK          W/K-1-40
NOTES              Fragment of MS in bdg. — Extensive notes in Somner's hand
Inscription on title page: Pretium 10s. W.S. 1646.
AUTHOR(S)          Cerda, Joannes Ludovicus de la.
TITLE              Io. Ludouici de la Cerda ... Aduersaria sacra ...
                      Accessit eodem autore, Psalterij Salomonis ex Graeco MS.
                      codice peruetusto, Latina versio, & ad Tertulliani
                      librum de Pallio commentarius auctior ...
PUBLISHER          Lugduni : Sumpt. Ludouici Prost. haeredis Rouille, 1626.
DESCRIPTION        [22], 516, [36], 20, [2], 70, [8]p. ; 2.
NOTES              Includes the text of De pallio. — Half-title and engr. tp.
CLASSMARK          W/N-7-26
Inscription on title page: Pretium 10s. W.S. 1646.
AUTHOR(S)          White, Richard.
TITLE              Ricardi Viti ... Historiarum Britanniae insulae, ab
                      origine mundi, ad annum Christi octingentesimum, libri
                      nouem priores, ...
PUBLISHER          [Duaci] : Apud Carolum Boscardum [colophon, vol.6:]
                      Attrebati, ex typographia Gullielmi Riverii,
DESCRIPTION        9v. : ill. ; 8.
NOTES              Edited by T. White and A. Vitus (BM). — Part of an eleven
                      vol. work, of which vols. 1—8 had appeared previously. —
                      Vols. 6—9 each with own tp, pagination and signing. —
                      Pr. town from vols 6—9.
CLASSMARK          W/P-6-29
NOTES              Bound in 1 vol. 
Inscription on verso of fourth front free endpaper: Pretium – 5s. W. Somner. 1646.


AUTHOR(S)          Clemangiis, Nicolaus de.
TITLE              Nicolai de Clemangiis ... opera omnia. quà partim ex
                      antiquissimis editionibus, partim ex MS. ... Theodori
                      Canteri, descripsit, coniecturis notisque ornavit, &
                      primus edidit. Iohannes Martini Lydius. ... Accessit
                      ejusdem glossarium Latinobarbarum. ...
PUBLISHER          Lugduni Batauorum : Apud Iohannem Baluinum, impensis Lud.
                      Elzeuirij & Henr. Laurencij, 1613.
DESCRIPTION        [28], 86, [14], 191, [1], 359, [1]p. ; 4.
NOTES              Engr. tp.
CLASSMARK          W/E-3-57
Inscription on title page: Pretium — vjs. W.S. 1647.

AUTHOR(S)          Casaubon, Méric.
TITLE              Merici Casauboni, ... De verborum usu, et accuratae eorum
                      cognitionis utilitate, diatriba.
PUBLISHER          Londini : Typis M. Flesher: sumptibus R. Mynne, 1647.
DESCRIPTION        [16], 173, [1]p. ; 12.
NOTES              2 (?) blank leaves precede tp.
CLASSMARK          W/P-5-55
NOTES              Lacks A1, blank? 
Inscription on verso of front free endpaper: Gul. Somneri, ex dono Authoris [1647?]


AUTHOR(S)          Cavalieri, Giovanni Battista.
TITLE              Effigies Pontificum romanorumcum eorum uitis in
                      compendium redactis ... Cuius ope et opera nunc denuo
                      castigatiores in lucem prodeunt; additis, quae deerant,
                      insignibus Pontificiis ... Io. Baptistae Cauallerij
                      aeneis typis.
PUBLISHER          Romae : [colophon:] typis Bartholomaei Bonfadini, 1595.
DESCRIPTION        [7], 236, [10] leaves : ill. ; 8.
NOTES              Engr. tp. — Cavalieri's arms on final leaf.
CLASSMARK          W2/X-3-3
Inscription on verso of front free endpaper, partly obscured by later label: Jo: 
Inscription on label on verso of front free endpaper, pasted over earlier 
   inscription: Sum Joh:is Ludd Ex dono [Jo:Barkerj] vndecimo die Julij. Anno 
   Dom. 1613.
Inscription on verso of front free endpaper: Esto hic liber in posterum Mri 
   Gulielmi Somnerj. In testimonium benevolentiæ suæ sic vult Jo: Ludd. 17 Febr. 


AUTHOR(S)          King, John, Bp.
TITLE              Lectures vpon Ioanas, deliuered at Yorke, in ... 1594. By
                      Iohn Kinge: Newly corrected ...
PUBLISHER          At London : Imprinted by H. L[ownes] and are to be sould by
                      Arthur Iohnson, 1611.
DESCRIPTION        [10], 660, [2], 661-683, [2], 684-706p. ; 4.
NOTES              With Sermon preached at the funerals of Iohn; Arch-bishop
                      of Yorke (i.e. J. Piers); Sermon preached in Yorke.
CLASSMARK          W/E-2-21
Inscription on verso of front free endpaper: 1649. Gulielmi Somneri, ex dono V.C. 
   nuper Joannis Luddi, mag. Scholæ regiæ apud Cantuar. Archididascali doctissimi, 
	 digniss. Qui, præter hunc, plures alios optimæ notæ libros, eidem, testamento 

AUTHOR(S)          Saravia, Hadrianus.
TITLE              Diuersi tractatus theologici,ab Hadriano Sarauia editi:
PUBLISHER          Londini : [R. Field] Ex typographia Societatis
                      Stationariorum, 1611 [1610-11]
DESCRIPTION        [14], `29' [i.e. 92], [14], 382, 21, [11], 314p. ; 2.
NOTES              Most of the tracts have own tps, dated 1610. — Includes
                      Defensio tractationis contra defensionem Bezae.
CLASSMARK          W/K-6-14
NOTES              bdg, gold-stamped
Inscription on title page: Sum Johannis Luddj ex dono Authoris Patroni suj 
Inscription on verso of front free endpaper: Gul. Somneri, ex dono V.C. D. Joannis 
   Luddi, præceptoris, vt et amici sui quondam charissimi, scholæ regiæ apud Cantuar. 
	 Gymnasiarchæ doctiss. Digniss. Qui, præter hunc, plures alios haud minoris notæ 
	 libros, eidem, testamento facto, contulit, A.D. 1649.
AUTHOR(S)          Willet, Andrew.
TITLE              Synopsis Papismi, that is, a generall view of Papistrie: 
                      wherein the ... iniquitie, ... is set downe, which is
                      maintained ... by ... Rome, ...
EDITION            This fourth time ... published.
PUBLISHER          At London : Imprinted by Felix Kyngston, for Thomas Man,
                      and are to be sold by Henry Fetherston, 1614.
DESCRIPTION        [22], 1352, [36]p. ; 2.
NOTES              Author from dedication.
CLASSMARK          W/I-5-4
Inscription on verso of second front free endpaper: Gul. Somneri ex dono Dudlæi 
   Wyld armigeri 20° Martij 1649
AUTHOR(S)          Rider, John.
TITLE              Riders Dictionarie, corrected and augmentedwith the
                      addition of many hundred words ... Whereunto is joyned a
                      Dictionarium etymologicall, ... now newly corrected and
                      ... augmented by Francis Holy-Oke.
PUBLISHER          London : Imprinted by Felix Kingston, 1649.
DESCRIPTION        [802] leaves ; 4.
NOTES              The Dictionarium etymologicum has a separate collective tp
                      (1648: 6th edition 'newly corrected') naming Rider's
                      Dictionary as the second work.
CLASSMARK          W/N-3-23
Inscription on verso of front free endpaper: 1649. Gul. Somneri, et amicorum, 
   ex dono Typographi [Felix Kingston]
AUTHOR(S)          Andrewes, Lancelot.
TITLE              Reverendi in Christo patris, Lanceloti, Episcopi
                      VVintoniensis, Opuscula quaedam posthuma.
PUBLISHER          Londini : Excudebat Felix Kyngston pro R. B[adger] &
                      Andraea Hebb, 1629.
DESCRIPTION        [14], 200, [4], 87, [1]p. ; 4.
NOTES              Edited by Abp Laud and J. Buckeridge (STC). — Includes
                      repr. of Concio Latinè habita coram regia majestate. —
                      In response to Du Perron's Replique à la response du
                      serenissime Roy de la Grand Bretagne. — Each work with
                      own tp. — Collective tp to pt 2, Two answers ... and two
                      speeches, is conjugate with overall tp. — Pt 2, with own
                      pagination and signing, begins with tp Stricturae: or, a
                      briefe answer.
CLASSMARK          W/N-3-27(1)
Inscription on first section title: Joh: Ludd.
Inscription on title page: Jo: Ludd. [In William Somner's hand:] Eius 
   autem ex dono, Gul. Somneri, cui præter hunc, plures alios haud minoris notæ 
   libros, testamento facto, idem contulit, A° Dni. 1649


AUTHOR(S)          Jeremiah the prophet,
TITLE              [Hebrew] Sive, Jeremiae vatis Lamentationes denuò è
                      fontibus Hebraicis translatae, cum paraphrasi Chaldaica,
                      Masora magna & parva, & commentariis Rabbi Shelomoh,
                      Jarchi & Aben Ezrae, è Buxtorfii Bibliis magna
                      excerptis. opera Francisci Tayleri.
PUBLISHER          Londini : Impensis Johannis Ridley, 1651.
DESCRIPTION        [5], 103 p.
NOTES              Errata page.
CLASSMARK          W/R-3-4(3)
Inscription on verso of blank leaf preceding title page : Gul. Somneri ex dono 
   doctiss. Editoris [Francis Tayler, 1651?]

AUTHOR(S)          Hammond, Henry.
TITLE              Of the reasonableness of Christian religion. By H.H. ...
EDITION            The second edition.
PUBLISHER          London : printed by J.F. for R. Royston, 1650.
DESCRIPTION        164 [2]p. ; 12.
CLASSMARK          Elham 1178
Inscription [not Somner's] on verso of second front free endpaper: pret: 10s. 1651. 


AUTHOR(S)          Florio, John.
TITLE              A worlde of wordes, or ... dictionarie in Italian and
                      English, collected by Iohn Florio.
PUBLISHER          London : printed at London, by Arnold Hatfield for Edw.
                      Blount, 1598.
DESCRIPTION        [20], 462p. ; 2.
NOTES              1st leaf blank. — Tp compartment.
CLASSMARK          W2/A-7-5
Inscription on title page: John Boys
Inscription on verso of front free endpaper: Guilielmi Somneri, ex dono V. Cl. 
   Johannis Boys de Hoth Court in suburbijs Cantuar. Armigeri, Junij 21° 
   Anno Dni. 1652

AUTHOR(S)          Ward, Samuel, Master of Sidney Coll., Cambridge.
TITLE              De baptismatis infantilis vi & efficacia disceptatio, ...
                      inter ... Samuelem Wardum, ... et Thomam Gatakerum ...
PUBLISHER          Londini : Typis Rogeri Danielis, 1652.
DESCRIPTION        [8], 271, [1]p. ; 8.
CLASSMARK          W/P-2-19
Inscription on verso of second front free endpaper: Gul. Somneri, ex dono Dni. 
   Francisci Taylor, S.T.B. ac Dni. Gatakeri generi doctissimi. 1652.


AUTHOR(S)          Giphanius, Obertus.
TITLE              Huberti Giphanii ... Tractatus de diversis regulis juris
                      antiqui utilissimus. ...
PUBLISHER          Argentorati : Sumptibus Lazari Zetzneri, 1607.
DESCRIPTION        [16], 261, [27]p. ; 8.
CLASSMARK          W/L-1-40
Inscription on verso of front free endpaper: Gul. Somneri, Cantuarien. Ex dono 
   D. Edovardi Aldry, ecclesiæ S. Andreæ in ead. Vrbi Rectoris dignissimi, A.D. 1653.
AUTHOR(S)          Schedius, Elias.
TITLE              Eliae Schedii de diis germanis, sive veteri germanorum,
                      gallorum, britannorum, vandalorum religione syngrammata
PUBLISHER          Amsterodami : Apud Ludovicum Elzevirium, 1648.
DESCRIPTION        [32], 505, [23]p. ; 8.
CLASSMARK          W/P-4-14
Inscription on verso of front free endpaper: Guil. Somneri Cantuarien. Ex dono 
   Viri non minùs eruditi quàm humani, Thomæ White Aldingtonensis apud Cantianos, 
   a°. 1653.
AUTHOR(S)          Filmer, Robert, Sir.
TITLE              Quaestio quodlibetica,or a discourse, whether it may bee
                      lawfull to take use for money.
PUBLISHER          London : Printed for Humphrey Moseley, 1653.
DESCRIPTION        [40], 149, [1]p. ; 12.
NOTES              By Sir R. Filmer, ed. by Sir R. Twysden who signs the
                      address to the reader.
CLASSMARK          W/P-6-19
NOTES              bdg
Inscription on verso of front free endpaper: Gulielmo Somnero, viro doctissimo, 
   patriarumque antiquitatum pientissimo, ab editore munusculum. Roger Twysden
   [c. 1653]


TITLE              Masekhet avot derabiy tanan [sic]: Tractatus de patribus: 
                      Rabbi Nathane autore. In linguam latinam translatus, unà
                      cum notis marginalibus. Opera Francisci Taileri ...
PUBLISHER          Londini : Typis E. Cotes, impensis G. & H. Eversden, 1654.
DESCRIPTION        [8], 142, [2]p. ; 4.
NOTES              First title translit. — Misprint in Hebrew should read
                      'natan'. — Errata leaf at end.
CLASSMARK          W/R-3-4(5)
Inscription on verso of blank leaf preceding title page : Gulielmi Somneri ex 
   dono doctiss. editoris [Francis Taylor (1590-1656)]
AUTHOR(S)          Du Jon, Fran&ccedi;ois, the Younger.
TITLE              Francisci Junii F.F. Observationes in Willerami ...
                      Paraphrasin Cantici canticorum.
PUBLISHER          Amstelodami : apud Christophorum Cunradi typis & sumtibus
                      authoris. Prostant apud Adrianum Vlacq, 1655.
DESCRIPTION        [16], 311, [25]p. ; 8.
CLASSMARK          W2/X-3-37
Inscription on verso of second front free endpaper: Gul. Somneri ex dono doct. 
   Authoris 1655. with some marginal notes in Somner's hand.


AUTHOR(S)          Cosin, John, Bp.
TITLE              A scholastical history of the Canon of the Holy Scripture 
                      or the certain and indubitate books thereof, as they are
                      received in the Church of England. Compiled by Dr. Cosin
PUBLISHER          London : Printed by R. Norton for Timothy Garthwait, 1657.
DESCRIPTION        [36], `214' (i.e. 224), [46]p., plate ; 4.
NOTES              Addit. engr. tp.
CLASSMARK          W/L-5-40
Inscription on label pasted on recto of engraved title page: Gulielmi Somneri 
   Ex dono V. doctiss. Joannis Stanlæi. 1657


AUTHOR(S)          Crellius, Johannes, Socinian.
TITLE              The expiation of a sinner. In a commentary upon the
                      Epistle to the Hebrewes.
PUBLISHER          London : Printed by Tho. Harper, to be sold by Charles
                      Greene, 1646.
DESCRIPTION        [8], 363, [1]p. ; 2.
NOTES              A translation based on the Latin of J. Crellius and J.
                      Schichtingius. Epistle to reader signed F.M. Attributed
                      by BM to T. Lushington. Licence precedes tp.
CLASSMARK          W/L-7-30
Inscription on recto of Imprimatur: Guil. Somneri Cantuariensis ex dono Viri 
   scientiâ juxta ac humanitate spectabilis, Ricardi Knowler de Hearne in agro 
	 Cantiano 1658


AUTHOR(S)          Philipot, John, 1589?—1645. 
TITLE              Villare Cantianum: or Kent surveyed and illustrated. ...
                      By Thomas Philipott ... An historical catalogue of the
                      High-Sheriffs of Kent: ... by John Philipott ...
PUBLISHER          London : Printed by William Godbid and sold at his house,
DESCRIPTION        [22], 401, [1]p. : ill., map ; 2.
NOTES              The work of John Philipot published by his son Thomas.
CLASSMARK          W2/Q-20-17(1)
NOTES              17th cent. printing of Symonson's map included. — Lacks
                      addit. insertion sheet from prelims. 
Inscription by Thomas Philipot on verso of front free endpaper: viro maximè 
   suscipiendo, Antiquitatis saxonicæ sagacissimo iuxta ac peritissimo Indagatori, 
   Amico suo (ob eximias Dotes) obseruatissimo [altered in Somner's hand to: 
   admodum obseruando]  Will: Somnero: Tho: Philipot hoc munusculum, sui Affectus 
   Tesseram, dicat et Deuouet.


AUTHOR(S)          Montagu, Richard, Bp.
TITLE              The acts and monuments of the Church before Christ
                      incarnate. VVritten by Richard Montagu ...
PUBLISHER          London : Printed by Miles Flesher and Robert Young, 1642.
DESCRIPTION        [4], 552 p. ; 2.
CLASSMARK          W/H-4-5
Inscription on verso of front free endpaper: Gul. Somneri Ex dono D. Edwardi Aldey, 
   Canonici Cantuar. (Aldey was a residentiary canon from 1660 to 1673.)



AUTHOR(S)          Foulis, Henry.
TITLE              The history of the wicked plots and conspiracies of our
                      pretended saints: representing ... designs of the
                      Jesuite. With the conspiracies, ... of some
                      Presbyterians: ... By Henry Foulis, ...
PUBLISHER          London : Printed by E. Cotes for A. Seile, 1662.
DESCRIPTION        [16], 247, [1]p. ; 2.
CLASSMARK          W/H-4-40
Inscription on title page: Pretium — 6s. W.S. 1662

AUTHOR(S)          Dugdale, William, Sir.
TITLE              The history of imbanking and drayning of divers fenns and
                      marshes, ... By William Dugdale ...
PUBLISHER          London : Printed by Alice Warren, 1662.
DESCRIPTION        [8], 424, [2]p., fold. plates : maps ; 2.
CLASSMARK          W/G-7-18
Inscription on title page: Guil. Somneri, ex dono benigniss. Authoris [1662;
   letter of thanks from Somner to Dugdale, dated Canterbury, 11 Apr. 1662 (BL MS 
	 Add. 33924, f. 54)].   


AUTHOR(S)          Casaubon, Méric.
TITLE              The question, to whom it belonged anciently to preach: 
                      and whether all priests might, or did: ... also, what
                      preaching is, ... By Meric Casaubon, ...
PUBLISHER          London : Printed for Timothy Garthwait, 1663.
DESCRIPTION        [4], 39,[1]p. ; 4.
CLASSMARK          W/R-3-27(2)
Inscription on verso of blank leaf before title page: Guil. Somneri, ex dono 
   Authoris. 1663

[c. 1666]

AUTHOR(S)          Dugdale, William, Sir.
TITLE              Origines juridiciales,or historical memorials of the
                      English laws, ... Also a chronologie of the Lord
                      Chancelors ... Masters of the Rolls, Kings Attorneys and
                      ... Serjeants at Law, by William Dugdale ...
PUBLISHER          London : Printed by F. and T. Warren, for the author, 1666.
DESCRIPTION        [10], 332, [4], 115, [3]p., plates : ill. ; 2.
NOTES              Licence precedes tp. — Errata leaf at end.
CLASSMARK          W/H-5-21
Inscription on title page: Guilielmi Somneri; ex dono dignissimi Authoris (c.1666)



TITLE              Quatuor D. N. Jesu Christi Euangelisrum versiones
                      perantiquae duae,Gothica scil. et Anglo-Saxonica: ...
                      depromsit Franciscus Junius ... Hanc antem ex codicibus
                      MSS. collatio ... curavit Thomas Mareschallus, ...
                      Accessit & glossarium Gothicum: cui praemittitur
                      Alphabetum Gothicum, Runicum, &c. ...
PUBLISHER          Dordrechti : Typis & sumptibus Junianis. Excudebant
                      Henricus & Joannes Essaei, 1665.
DESCRIPTION        [18], 565, [27], 431, [1]p. ; 4.
NOTES              Addit. engr. tp.
CLASSMARK          W/I-4-28(1)
Inscription on verso of front free endpaper: Guil. Somneri, Cantuarien. Ex dono 
   viri doctiss. D. Edmundi Castell S.T.D. Canonici Eccles. Cantuar. 1668

Undated inscriptions

In chronological order of publication.

AUTHOR(S)          Leland, John, the Antiquary.
TITLE              Kykneion asma.  Cygnea cantio. Autore Ioanne Lelando ...
PUBLISHER          Londini, 1545.
DESCRIPTION        [82] leaves ; 4.
NOTES              With his Commentarii in Cygneam cantionem. — 1st title
CLASSMARK          W2/X-3-24
Inscription on verso of second front free endpaper: Guil. Somneri Cantuarien. 
   Ex dono Cornelij Bee, bibliopolæ Londinensis
AUTHOR(S)          Linacre, Thomas.
TITLE              Rudimenta grammatices Thomae Limacri [sic], ex Anglico
                      sermone in Latinum uersa, Georgio Buchanano ...
PUBLISHER          Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1552.
DESCRIPTION        96p. ; 8.
CLASSMARK          W2/X-1-32(1)
Inscription on title page: Pretium — 12d. W. S.
AUTHOR(S)          Stanford, William, Sir.
TITLE              Les plees del coron: diuisees in plusiours titles &
                      common lieux. ...
PUBLISHER          London : In aedibus Richardi Tottelli, 1557.
DESCRIPTION        [4], 198 leaves ; 4.
NOTES              Author from STC. — Texts in Latin, Norman French or
CLASSMARK          W/P-1-48(1)
Inscription on title page: Pretium -- 7s. W.S.
AUTHOR(S)          Aelfric, Grammaticus.
TITLE              A testimonie of antiquitie, shewing the auncient fayth in
                      the Church of England touching the sacrament ... here
                      publikely preached, and also receaued in the Saxons tyme
PUBLISHER          Imprinted at London : by John Day, [1566?]
DESCRIPTION        [20], 56, [12] leaves ; 8.
NOTES              Ed by Matthew Parker and John Josseline (STC). — Errata on
                      final leaf.
CLASSMARK          W2/X-4-44
Inscription on title page, partly cut away: The gift of [...] [Longelande] 
   being Archdeacon of Buckingam 1589
Inscription on title page: Tho Wood
Inscription on title page: Joh. Lud
Marginal notes in William Somner's hand
AUTHOR(S)          Llwyd, Humphrey.
TITLE              Commentarioli Britannicae descriptionis fragmentum. 
                      Auctore Humfredo Lhuyd, ...
PUBLISHER          Coloniae Agrippinae : apud Ioannem Birckmannum, 1572.
DESCRIPTION        [8], '79' [i.e. 78] leaves ; 8.
CLASSMARK          H/Yy-6-15(1)
Inscription on title page: Pretium 18s. W. S.
AUTHOR(S)          Caius, John.
TITLE              De antiquitate Cantebrigiensis Academiae libri duo. Aucti
                      ab ipso authore plurimùm. ... de Oxoniensis quoque
                      gymnasii antiquitate disseritur, ... Johanne Caio ...
                      authore. Adiunximus assertionem antiquitatis Oxoniensis
                      Academiae, ab Oxoniensi quodam ...
PUBLISHER          Londini : in aedibus Johannis Daij, 1574.
DESCRIPTION        2 pts (268, 27p.) ; 4.
NOTES              Errata leaf inserted after main text. — Assertio, with own
                      tp, pagination and signing, written by Thomas Caius.
CLASSMARK          W/T-9-25(1)
On verso of second free endpaper: Tamquam explorator [Ben Jonson???] 1631. 
   Pretium — 4s. the best edition. William Watts [In a different hand:] A quo 
   pretio quo supra emptus per Williami Somneri [the elder??]
Inscription on title page: for the nether Diall Chamber. [and lower down:] 
   For the Diall Chamber
AUTHOR(S)          Whitgift, John.
TITLE              The defense of the aunswere to the Admonition, against
                      the Replie of T.C. By Iohn VVhitgift ...
PUBLISHER          London : printed at London by Henry Binneman for Humfrey
                      Toye, 1574.
DESCRIPTION        [24], 812, [12]p. ; 2.
NOTES              T.C. = T. Cartwright (referring to J. Field and T. Wilcox's
                      Admonition to Parliament). — With the text of the
                      Replye. — Tp compartment.
CLASSMARK          W2/A-15-2
Inscription on title page (17c): John Fell ex dono R. Bond [and lower down:] 
   John Fell ex dono Ro. Bonde
Inscription on title page: Pretium 4s. W. S.
AUTHOR(S)          Maranta, Robertus.
TITLE              Aurea praxis ... Roberti Marantae ... vulgo speculum
                      aureum et lumen aduocatorum inscripta: additionibus ...
                      Petri Follerii ... innumeris locis locupletata &
                      adaucta. Accesserunt ... decem disputationes quaestionum
                      legalium, ...
PUBLISHER          Lugduni : In off. Q. Philip. Tinghi, Florentini, apud
                      Simphorianum Beraud, et Stephanum Michaelem, 1584.
DESCRIPTION        [4], '918' [i.e. 618], [110]p. ; 4.
CLASSMARK          W/C-3-1
Inscription on title page: Tho: Crashawe pretium vjs viijd pretium iiijs W. S.
AUTHOR(S)          Caradoc, Saint of Llancarfan.
TITLE              The historie of Cambria, now called Wales: ... written in
                      the Brytish language aboue two hundreth yeares past:
                      translated into English by H. Lhoyd ... Corrected,
                      augmented, and continued ... by Dauid Powel ...
PUBLISHER          [London] : [colophon:] Imprinted at London by Rafe Newberie
                      and Henrie Denham, [1584]
DESCRIPTION        [16], 401, [13]p. ; 4.
NOTES              Date from colophon. — Tp compartment.
CLASSMARK          W2/A-4-18
Inscription on title page: Pretium — 8s. W.S.
AUTHOR(S)          Rudolphinus de Passageriis, Rolandinus.
TITLE              Summa artis notariae D. Rolandini Rodolphini ... Cum ...
                      Petri de Boaterijs ... expositione. ... Huic
                      accesserunt. ... Iacobi Butrigarij Renuntiationes iuris
                      ciuilis. Iohannis Iacobi Canis, De tabellionibus
                      libellus. ...
PUBLISHER          Spirae Nemetum : Apud Bernardum Albinum, 1590.
DESCRIPTION        [16], 1092, [28]p. ; 8.
CLASSMARK          W/L-1-11
Inscription on title page: Pretium. 2s. W. S.
AUTHOR(S)          Oriano, Lanfrancus de.
TITLE              Practica iudiciaria super cap. quoniam, de probationibus, 
                      Lanfranci de Oriano ... insertis Benedicti Vadij & Celsi
                      Hugonis annotationibus ... Acesserunt ... opuscula, quae
                      de iure fecit ...
PUBLISHER          Coloniae Agrippinae : Apud Ioannem Gymnicum, 1592.
DESCRIPTION        [36], 829,[1]p. ; 8.
CLASSMARK          W/P-2-34
Inscription on title page: Pretium ijs W: S.
AUTHOR(S)          Cosin, Richard.
TITLE              An apologie for sundrie proceedings by iurisdiction
                      ecclesiasticall, ... Whereunto ... I ... adjoine that
                      ... determination (concerning oaths) ... made by M.
                      Lancelot Androwes ... an. 1591.
PUBLISHER          London : Imprinted at London by the deputies of Christopher
                      Barker, 1593.
DESCRIPTION        3 pts (130, 140, 255p.) ; 4.
NOTES              Author from STC. — Also found without date on tp.
CLASSMARK          W/L-1-67/68
NOTES              Dated issue. — Bound in 2 vols
Extensive notes in a 17c. hand, not certainly that of William Somner.  
TITLE              Lexicon iuridicum. Hoc est, iuris ciuilis et canonici in
                      schola atque foro ... praecipuè ex Brissonii,
                      Hotomani, & Prateii lexicis, item ex Cuiacii
                      observationibus ... Accessit legum populi Romani ...
PUBLISHER          [Geneva] : Excudebat Iacobus Stoer, 1594.
DESCRIPTION        [16], 1121, [1]p. ; 8.
CLASSMARK          W/B-2-32
Inscription on title page: pretium vs W.S.
AUTHOR(S)          Nizolius, Marius.
TITLE              Marius Nizolius siue Thesaurus Ciceronianus, post ...
                      operas ... Zanchi, Caelii Secundi Curionis, & Marcelli
                      Squarcialupi ... Nunc demum, per Iacobum Cellarium ...
                      locupletatus, multisque à mendis repurgatus.
PUBLISHER          Basileae : Per Sebastianum Henricpetri, [1595]
DESCRIPTION        [20]p., 1626 cols, [11]p. ; 2.
NOTES              Date from colophon on final leaf.
CLASSMARK          W/C-5-19
Inscription on title page: Pretium —5s. W.S.
AUTHOR(S)          Gaill, Andreas.
TITLE              Practicarum obseruationum, tam ad processum iudiciarium,
                      ... quam causarum decisiones pertinentium, ... libri
                      duo. De pace publica, ... De pignorationibus, ... De
                      manuum iniectionibus, siue arrestis Imperij, ...
                      tractatus. Per Andream Gaill, ... Editio postrema, ...
PUBLISHER          Coloniae Agrippinae : Apud Ioannem Gymnicum, 1595.
DESCRIPTION        [136], 632, 280, [8]p. ; 4.
CLASSMARK          W/C-3-5
NOTES              Mid 15th cent. MS endpapers 
Price inscription on blank front endpaper: pretium 5s. 
[Not in Somner's normal hand or position in book.]
AUTHOR(S)          Willeram.
TITLE              Willerami abbatis in Canticum Canticorum paraphrasis 
                      gemina: prior rhythmis Latinis, altera veteri lingua
                      Francica. Addita explicatio, lingua Belgica; & notae
                      quibus veterum vocum Francicarum ratio redditur. Edente
                      Paullo ... Merula.
PUBLISHER          Lugduni Batavorum : ex officina Plantiniana apud
                      Christophorum Raphelengium, 1598.
DESCRIPTION        [28], 179, [1]p. ; 8.
NOTES              The Frankish text with transcript.
CLASSMARK          W2/X-3-35
Inscription on seventh front free endpaper: Guilielmi Somneri Cantuariensis, Ex 
   dono (Ob libri tum dignitatem, tum raritatem, nunquam satis æstimando) Viri 
   doctrinâ & moribus consumatissimi, D. Merici Casauboni, Is. Filij, Amici et 
   Mecœnatis sui longè colendissimi, charissimique; qui plures alios optimæ notæ 
   libros & tractatus, à seipso editus, ornatosque dante  dignissimos, accipienti 
   gratissimos, eidem Somnero suo dono dedit, Viz. [list of 10 books]
TITLE              Thesaurus utriusque linguae, hoc est Philoxeni,
                      aliorumque veterum authorum glossaria Latino-Graeca &
                      Graeco-Latina. Isidori glossae Latinae. ... Edita omnia
                      atque recognita studio & opera Bonaventurae Vulcanii ...
                      cum ejusdem notis, ...
PUBLISHER          Lugduni Batavorum : Excudebat Ioannis Patius, 1600.
DESCRIPTION        [8], 826 cols, [16]p., 168, 118 cols, [5]p ; 2.
NOTES              Onamasticon vocum Latino-Graecarum with own tp and
CLASSMARK          W/A-4-14
Inscription on title page: Pretium 25s. W.S.		
AUTHOR(S)          Occo, Adolphus.
TITLE              Impp. Romanorum numismata a Pompeio magno ad Heraclium
                      ... multis nummorum millibus aucta, per Adolphum Occonem
EDITION            Editio altera.
PUBLISHER          Augustae Vindelicorum : ad insigne pinus, anno saeculi
                      decimi sexti primo [=1601]
DESCRIPTION        [12], 123, 134-136, 136-591, [16]p. ; 4.
NOTES              Final colophon leaf (1601).
CLASSMARK          W2/X-9-5
Inscription on title page: Pretium 25s. W.S.
AUTHOR(S)          Chaucer, Geoffrey.
TITLE              The workes of ... Geffrey Chaucer, newly printed. To ...
                      the former impression, ... is now added. ... the
                      treatise ... Iacke Vpland, ... and ... La priere de
                      nostre dame, ...
PUBLISHER          London : Printed by Adam Islip, 1602.
DESCRIPTION        [24], 376, [14] leaves : ill. ; 2.
NOTES              Editor, T. Speght, signs dedication. — J. Lydgate's Storye
                      of Thebes is appended. — Errata leaf at end.
CLASSMARK          W/N-6-25
NOTES              blind-stamped binding, wooden boards.
                   MS notes in sig. Ttt almost certainly in Somner's hand.
AUTHOR(S)          Turnebus, Adrianus.
TITLE              Adriani Turnebi Aduersariorum libri XXX. In quibus
                      variorum auctorum loca intricata explicantur, ...
PUBLISHER          Aureliopoli : Excudebat Petrus Quercetanus, 1604.
DESCRIPTION        [8], 694, [80]p. ; 4.
CLASSMARK          W/E-3-56
Inscription on title page: Pretium — 4s 6d W.S.
AUTHOR(S)          Verstegan, Richard, the Elder.
TITLE              A restitution of decayed intelligence: in antiquities.
                      Concerning the ... English nation. By ... R.V. ...
PUBLISHER          Antvverp : Printed at Antvverp by Robert Bruney. And to be
                      sold at London by Iohn Norton and Iohn Bill, 1605.
DESCRIPTION        [24], 338, [14]p. : ill. ; 4.
NOTES              Author signs dedication.
CLASSMARK          W2/X-2-17
NOTES              bdg
Interleaved notes in William Somner's hand
AUTHOR(S)          Hall, Joseph, Bp.
TITLE              Mundus alteret idem siue terra australis ante hac semper
                      incognita longis itineribus perigrini academici
                      nuperrime lustrata auth. Mercurio Britannico.
PUBLISHER          Francofurti [=London?] : Apud haeredes Ascanij ac Rinialme
                      [=H. Lownes?], [1605?]
DESCRIPTION        [16], 224p., folding plates : maps ; 8.
NOTES              Author from STC. — STC gives printer as H. Lownes, ?1605.
CLASSMARK          W/P-5-45
Inscription on verso of front free endpaper: Guil. Somneri, ex dono Cornelij 
   Bee Biblopolæ Londinensis
AUTHOR(S)          Jewel, John.
TITLE              The works of ... John Iewell, ... newly set forth with
                      ... his life.
PUBLISHER          London : Printed by [Eliot's Court Press for] Iohn Norton,
DESCRIPTION        4 pts ; 2.
NOTES              Printer from STC. — Each work with own tp. — Life by D.
                      Featley (BM).
CLASSMARK          W/I-6-1
NOTES              Gwynn, Edward (binding stamp) 
[Inscription not in William Somner's hand.]
TITLE              A mirour for magistrates: ... a ... chronicle historie of
                      the vntimely falles of ... princes ... Newly enlarged
                      with ... A winter nights vision, ... Englands Eliza.
PUBLISHER          At London : imprinted by Felix Kyngston, 1610 [1609-10]
DESCRIPTION        [22], 875, [1]p. ; 4.
NOTES              Author of (present) 1st pt, J. Higgins, from dedication. -
                      Other poems by G. Ferrars, F. Dingley, T. Churchyard and
                      others, orig. collected by W. Baldwin. — Winters nights
                      vision and Englands Eliza by R. Niccols.
CLASSMARK          W2/A-3-6
Inscription on title page: Pretium .v. s W: S.
AUTHOR(S)          Sylvester II, Pope.
TITLE              Epistolae Gerberti ... postea Romani Pontificis Siluestri
                      secundi ... Epistolae Ioannis Saresberiensis, ...
                      Epistolae Stephani, ... Tornacensis Episcopi, ... nunc
                      primum in lucem editae e Bibliotheca Papirii Massoni,
PUBLISHER          Parisiis : Apud Macaeum Ruette, 1611.
DESCRIPTION        [16], 722, [34]p. ; 4.
NOTES              Editor, J. Masson, signs dedication. — Epistolae Stephani
                      X. Nicholai II. et Alexandri II. Pontificum Romanorum
CLASSMARK          W/I-4-17
NOTES              a2 damaged with loss of text 
Inscription on verso of front free endpaper: Gul. Somneri, ex dono nobilis illius 
   equit. Aurati et Baronetti, D. Rog. Twysdeni, qui plures alios melioris notæ 
	 libros eidem donavit.
AUTHOR(S)          Manwood, John.
TITLE              A treatise of the lawes of the forest:  ... also the ...
                      beginning of forests: ... and wherein the same doth
                      differ from a chase, a parke, ... Also a treatise of the
                      pourallee, ... Collected ... by Iohn Manwood. Whereunto
                      are added the statutes of the forest, a treatise of the
                      ... offices of verderors, regardors, & the courts ... of
                      the forest, ...
PUBLISHER          London : Printed for the Societie of Stationers [by A.
                      Islip?], 1615.
DESCRIPTION        [15], 258 leaves ; 4.
CLASSMARK          W/C-2-16
Inscription on title page: Pretium 8s. WS.
AUTHOR(S)          Orosius, Paulus.
TITLE              Pauli Orosii ... Aduersus paganos historiarum libri septem.
                     ... vindicati, & ... illustrati, ... studio Franc.
                      Fabritii Marcodurani. Additae nunc demum Ludouici Lautii
                      notae, & ... Andreae Schotti ... recensio. ... accessit
                      eiusdem Orosii Apologeticus contra Pelagium, de arbitrij
PUBLISHER          Moguntiae : Sumptibus Petri Cholini, 1615.
DESCRIPTION        [40], 686p. ; 8.
CLASSMARK          W/P-1-40
Inscription: Guil. Somneri, ex dono Cornelij Bee bibliopolæ Londiniensis
AUTHOR(S)          Ptolemaeus, Claudius.
TITLE              Ioannis Antonii Magini ... Geographiae, tum veteris, tum
                      novae, volumina duo. In quorum ... Cl: Ptol: ...
                      Geographicae enarrationis libri octo: ... commentarijs
                      ... describuntur.
PUBLISHER          Arnhemii : exudebat Ioannes Ianssonius, 1617.
DESCRIPTION        2v. (184p., 284 leaves), fold. plate : ill., maps ; 4.
NOTES              Vol. 1 tp engr., vol. 2 tp with border.
CLASSMARK          W2/A-11-9
NOTES              Bound in 1 vol. 
Inscription on title page: Pretium 10s W.S.
AUTHOR(S)          Nannus Mirabellius, Dominicus.
TITLE              Polyanthea, in libros XX. dispertita. Opus ... cum
                      Graecarum, tum Latinarum refertum. Primum quidem à
                      Dominico Nano Mirabellio, Bartholomaeo Amantio,
                      Francisco Tortio, ... collectum. Nunc verò a mendis
                      repurgatum, ... studio & opera, Josephi Langii ...
PUBLISHER          Francofurti : Sumptibus haeredum Lazari Zetzneri, 1617.
DESCRIPTION        [12], 1530, [2]p. ; 2.
NOTES              A further vol. (called vol. 2) was comp. by J. Gruterus. —
                      Colophon on final leaf.
CLASSMARK          W/I-5-34
Inscription on second front free endpaper: Liber Gul. Somner Jun, ex donatione 
   et impensa patris sui charissimi et philologi. Pretium xx s. [not written in 
	 Somner's mature hand]
AUTHOR(S)          Du Chesne, André.
TITLE              Historiae Normannorum scriptores antiqui, ... per
                      Galliam, Angliam, ... Siciliam, & Orientem gestas
                      explicantes, ab ... DCCCXXXVIII. ad ... MCCXX. ... Ex
                      Mss. codd. ... nunc primum edidit Andreas Duchesnius ...
PUBLISHER          Lutetiae Parisiorum : [colophon] Apud Roberbum Foüet
                      Nicolaum Buon, Sebastianum Cramoisy, 1619.
DESCRIPTION        [14], 1104, [16]p. ; 2.
NOTES              Colophon leaf at end.
CLASSMARK          W/F-5-23
Inscription on title page: Pretium 18s. W.S.
AUTHOR(S)          Gratianus, the Canonist.
TITLE              Decretum Gratiani, emendatum, et notationibus
                      illustratum: ... Gregorii XIII. ... iussu editum: ...
                      editio ultima.
PUBLISHER          Taurini : Apud Nicolaum Beuilaquam, 1620.
DESCRIPTION        [8], 51, [1]p., 2072 cols, 76, [27]p. : ill. ; 2.
NOTES              Table on final leaf.
CLASSMARK          W/H-6-16
[Inscription not in Somner's hand.]
AUTHOR(S)          Merula, Paulus.
TITLE              Paulli ... Merulae Cosmographiae generalis libri tres: 
                      item Geographiae particularis libri quatuor: ... Europa
                      ... speciatim Hispania, Gallia, Italia, ...
PUBLISHER          Amsterodami : Apud Henricum Hondium [colophon:] Lugduni
                      Batavorum typis Isaaci Elzevirii sumptibus Iudoci
                      Hondii, 1621.
DESCRIPTION        16, 1073, [1]p. : ill., maps ; 2.
NOTES              Engr. tp. — Colophon dated 1620.
CLASSMARK          W/F-3-1
Inscription on title page: Pretium — 14s. W.S.
AUTHOR(S)          Du Bartas, Guillaume de Saluste.
TITLE              Du Bartas his diuine weekes and workes ... with ... all
                      the ... workes ... translated and written by ... Iosuah
                      Syluester ...
PUBLISHER          London : printed by Humphray Lownes : printed by Humfrey
                      Lownes, 1621.
DESCRIPTION        [28], 1215, [1]p. ; 2.
NOTES              Engr. tp. — With the Works of J. Sylvester. — Fold-out
                      plate at end with The mysterie of mysteries by
CLASSMARK          W/R-8-23
Inscription on title page: Pretium – 13s 4d. W.S.
AUTHOR(S)          Eadmer.
TITLE              Eadmeri monachi Cantuariensis Historiae nouorum siue sui
                      saeculi libri VI res gestas ... sub Guilielmis I & II
                      & Henrico I ... ab anno ... MLXVI ad MCXXII potissimùm
                      complexi. In lucem ex Bibliotheca Cottoniana emisit
                      Ioannes Seldenus, et notas porrò adjecit ...
PUBLISHER          Londini : Typis & impensis Guilielmi Stanesbeij, ex
                      officinis Richardi Meighen & Thomae Dew, 1623.
DESCRIPTION        [6], xvi, 218p. : ill. ; 2.
CLASSMARK          W/I-6-23
Marginal annotations in William Somner's hand
AUTHOR(S)          Gryphiander, Joannes.
TITLE              Ioannis Gryphiandri ... De insulis tractatus. Ex ICtis,
                      politicis, historicis, et philologis collectus. ... in
                      quo plurimae cognatae questiones de mari, fluminib.,
                      lacubus, littoribus, portubus, ... excutiuntur.
PUBLISHER          Francofurti : Apud Petrum Kopffium [colophon:] typis
                      Egenolphi Emmelij, [1624]
DESCRIPTION        [12], 569, [30]p. ; 4.
NOTES              Date from colophon. — Engr. tp.
CLASSMARK          W/I-4-18(1)
NOTES              2 leaves of prelims misbound at end 
Inscription on title page: Pretium — 7s. W.S.
AUTHOR(S)          Pliny, the Younger.
TITLE              C. Plinii Caecilii Secundi ... Epistolarum libri X. 
                      Eiusdem Panegyricus Traiano dictus. Cum commentarijs
                      Joannis Mariae Catanaei, ... Adiuncti ... alij, ad alios
                      Caesares, panegyrici, ...
PUBLISHER          Geneuae : Apud Petrum & Iacobum Chouët, 1625.
DESCRIPTION        [24], 646, [34], 168, 151, [1]p. ; 4.
CLASSMARK          W/B-2-11
Inscription on title page: Pretium -6-6d. W.S.
AUTHOR(S)          Hall, Joseph, Bp.
TITLE              The works of Joseph Hall ...
PUBLISHER          London : Printed by Miles Flesher for Richard Meighen,
DESCRIPTION        [10], 1397, [29]p. ; 2.
NOTES              Individual works with own tps (dated 1624-25), the majority
                      'printed for Thomas Pavier, Miles Flesher and John
                      Haviland'; others printed by or for John Haviland, Hanna
                      Barret, Nathaniel Butter, George Winder.
CLASSMARK          W/I-5-10
Inscription on title page: pretium — 13s 4d. W. S.
AUTHOR(S)          Anglerius, Petrus Martyr.
TITLE              The historie of the West-Indies, containing the actes ...
                      of the Spaniards, ... with varietie of ... the manners,
                      ... gouernments, and warres of the Indians. Published in
                      Latin by Mr. Hakluyt, and translated ... by M. Lok.
PUBLISHER          London : Printed for Andrew Hebb, [1625?]
DESCRIPTION        [5], 318 leaves ; 4.
NOTES              Author from text. — The first three translated by Richard
                      Eden and five others by Michael Lok. — Issued without
                      date: STC suggests 1625 and BM 1626.
CLASSMARK          W/L-2-22
Inscription on title page: Pretium. 2s 6d. W: S:
AUTHOR(S)          Minsheu, John.
TITLE              Minshaei emendatio, vel à mendis expurgatio, seu
                      Augmentatio sui Ductoris in linguas, The guide into
                      tongues. ... etymologies, ... in ... nine languages, ...
                      By the industrie, ... and at the charges of Iohn Minsheu
EDITION            The second edition.
PUBLISHER          London : Printed by Iohn Haviland and by him sold, 1627.
DESCRIPTION        [2]p. 760 cols ; 2.
CLASSMARK          W/B-5-1
NOTES              Interleaved with extensive annotations in Somner's hand.
Inscription on title page: at top right: Pretium — 20s. 
In centre of the page: cum additionibus et Notis Manuscr: Saxonicis Gulielmi Somneri 
   Not[ar]ij pub[l]ic[i], auditoris computorum Eccl[es]iae Christi Cantuar[iae]. 
AUTHOR(S)          Weever, John.
TITLE              Ancient funerall monuments within ... Great Britaine,
                      Ireland, and the islands ... with the dissolued
                      monasteries ... and ... persons ... in the same interred
                      . ... Whereunto is prefixed a discourse of funerall
                      monuments. ... Of religious orders. ... Composed by ...
                      John Weeuer.
PUBLISHER          London : Printed by Thomas Harper, and are to be sold by
                      Laurence Sadler, 1631.
DESCRIPTION        [16], 871, [15]p., plate : ill. ; 2.
NOTES              Addit. engr. tp.
CLASSMARK          W/G-5-34
MS note on front pastedown: William Somner's copy [unverified]
AUTHOR(S)          Sandys, George.
TITLE              A relation of a iourney begun An: Dom: 1610. ... a
                      description of the Turkish Empire, of Aegypt, of the
                      Holy Land, of ... Italy, ...
EDITION            The third edition.
PUBLISHER          London : Printed [by G. Miller] for Ro. Allot, 1632.
DESCRIPTION        [4], 309, [1]p., fold. plates : ill., map ; 2.
NOTES              Author signs dedication. — Engr. tp.
CLASSMARK          W/G-4-1
Inscription on title page in William Somner's hand: Pretium [trimmed]
AUTHOR(S)          Broughton, Richard, Historian.
TITLE              The ecclesiasticall historie of Great Britaine deduced by
                      ages, ... from ... our Saviour, unto the happie
                      conuersion of the Saxons, ... Written by Richard
                      Broughton. The first tome. ... the fower hundred first
                      yeares. ...
PUBLISHER          At Doway : By the widowe of Marke Wyon, 1633.
DESCRIPTION        [30], 611, [43]p. ; 2.
NOTES              No more written (BM).
CLASSMARK          W/D-4-27
Inscription on front free endpaper: William Jervis pret. 14s. and
   [William] Somner, exchanged with Mr Jervis for Ben. Johnsons works.
AUTHOR(S)          Vossius, Gerardus, Canon.
TITLE              Gerardi Ioannis Vossii De arte grammatica libri septem.
PUBLISHER          Amsterdami : Apud Guilielmum Blaeu, 1635.
DESCRIPTION        4 pts ; 4.
CLASSMARK          W/B-2-49
Inscription on title page: Pretium – 10s. W.S.
AUTHOR(S)          Carpenter, Nathanael.
TITLE              Geographie delineated forth in two bookes, containing the
                      sphericall and topicall parts thereof, by Nathaniel
                      Carpenter ...
EDITION            The second edition corrected.
PUBLISHER          Oxford : Printed by John Lichfield, for Henry Cripps, and
                      are to be sold by Henry Curteyne, 1635.
DESCRIPTION        2v. (272, 286p.), folding plates, : ill. ; 4.
CLASSMARK          W/L-2-23
NOTES              Bound in 1 vol. 
Inscription on title page: Pretium  — 3s. W.S.
AUTHOR(S)          Prynne, William.
TITLE              The soveraigne power of parliaments and kingdomes: 
                      Divided into foure parts. ... with an appendix: ... By
                      William Prynne, ...
PUBLISHER          London : Printed at London for Michael Sparke senior, 1643.
DESCRIPTION        5 pts ; 4.
NOTES              Each of the 4 pts with own tp, signatures and pagination;
                      pt 1 is the 'second edition enlarged' of The treachery
                      and disloyalty of Papists. — Pt 2 printed by J.D. -
                      Errata leaf at end.
CLASSMARK          W/C-3-2(1)
Inscription on title page: Pretium — 6s. 8d. W. S.
AUTHOR(S)          Laet, Johannes de.
TITLE              Joannis de Laet notae ad dissertationem Hugonis Grotii de
                      origine gentium americanarum: ...
PUBLISHER          Amstelodami : Apud Ludovicum Elzevirium, 1643.
DESCRIPTION        223, [1]p. ; 8.
CLASSMARK          W/P-4-30(1)
Inscription on title page: Pretium — 2s. 6d. W.S.
AUTHOR(S)          Beka, Johannes de.
TITLE              Ioannes de Beka ... et Wilhelmus Heda ... De episcopis
                      Ultrajectinis, ... notis ... illustrati ab Arno
                      Buchelio ... Accedunt Lamb. Hortensii Montfortii
                      Secessionum Ultrajectinarum libri ...
PUBLISHER          Ultrajecti : Ex officina Ioannis a Doorn, 1643 [1642-1643]
DESCRIPTION        3pts, fold. plate : ill., map ; 2.
NOTES              With engr. tp and half-title Historia Ultrajectina. -
                      Errata leaf at end of Beka's work. — Works of Heda and
                      Hortensius each with own tp, dated 1642, the latter with
                      colophon 'ex officina Aegidii Roman'.
CLASSMARK          W/F-1-1
Inscription on half-title: Pretium — 15s. W.S.
AUTHOR(S)          Worm, Ole.
TITLE              Danicorum monumentorum libri sex: e ... tenebris et in
                      Dania ac Norvegia extantibus ... eruti ab Olao Worm. ...
PUBLISHER          Hafniae : Apud Ioachimum Moltkenium, 1643.
DESCRIPTION        [24], 526, [16]p., fold. plate : ill. ; 2.
NOTES              Engr. tp.
CLASSMARK          W/F-2-36(1)
Inscription on title page: Pretium — 11s. 6d. W.S.
AUTHOR(S)          England. Laws, statutes, etc. 712-1135.
TITLE              Archaionomia, sive De priscis Anglorum legibus libri, 
                      sermone Anglico, ... Gulielmo Lambardo interprete. ...
                      Accessere in hac nostra ultima editione leges Henrici
                      primi ... editae, ex manuscripto in fisco regis ...
PUBLISHER          Cantabrigiae : Ex officina Rogeri Daniel. Prostant Londini
                      apud Cornelium Bee, 1644.
DESCRIPTION        [12], 226, [10]p., fold. plate : map ; 2.
NOTES              Texts in Anglo-Saxon or Norman-French and/or Latin. —
                      Editor, A. Whelock signs preface. — Also issued in
                      Bede's Historia ecclesiastica, Cambridge, 1644. — 
                      Found: 1. With red lettering on tp and p. 221 signed 2F3; 
                             2. Without red lettering on tp and p. 221 signed 2E3. — 
                      1st word translit. — Errata leaf at end.
CLASSMARK          W/H-6-12
NOTES              Variant 1 
Inscription on first free endpaper: Whatever is here in ye margin of mr Somners 
   hand is in his other volume [i.e. in W/E-6-20(2)]
CLASSMARK          W/E-6-20(2)
Frequent annotations in William Somner's hand
AUTHOR(S)          Digby, Kenelm, Sir.
TITLE              Two treatises: in the one of which, the nature of bodies;
                      in the other, the nature of man's soule, is looked into:
                      in way of discovery of the immortality of ... soules.
PUBLISHER          London : Printed for Iohn Williams, 1645.
DESCRIPTION        [24], 429, [11], 143, [27]p. ; 4.
NOTES              Author signs dedication. — The second treatise has separate
                      tp and pagination.
CLASSMARK          W/K-1-22
Inscription on title page: Pretium — 4s. W. S.
AUTHOR(S)          Browne, Thomas, Sir.
TITLE              Pseudodoxia epidemica:or, enquiries into very many
                      received tenents, and commonly presumed truths. By
                      Thomas Browne ...
PUBLISHER          London : Printed by T.H. for Edward Dod, 1646.
DESCRIPTION        [20], 386p. ; 2.
NOTES              Licence precedes tp.
CLASSMARK          W/L-5-48
Inscription on title page: Pretium —7s W. Somners
AUTHOR(S)          Spelman, Henry, Sir.
TITLE              The larger treatise concerning tithes, long since written
                      and promised by Sir Hen: Spelman ... Together with some
                      other tracts of the same authour, ... Whereto is
                      annexed, An answer to a question of a gentleman of
                      quality, ... also ... comprised, Some animadversions
                      upon ... The countries plea against tithes: ... also,
                      upon the Kentish petition. Published by Jer. Stephens ...
PUBLISHER          London : Printed by M.F. for Philemon Stephens, 1647.
DESCRIPTION        [38], 189, [37], 27, [1]p. ; 4.
NOTES              Contains An apology of the treatise De non temerandis with
                      own tp and signing. — Answer to a question paged and
                      signed separately.
CLASSMARK          W/L-1-48
Inscription on verso of front free endpaper: Gulielmi Somner, ex dono viri 
   honoratissimi D. Rog. Twysdeni, equitis aur. et Baronetti.
AUTHOR(S)          Ménage, Gilles.
TITLE              Les origines de la langue françoise.
PUBLISHER          A Paris : Chez Augustin Courbé, 1650.
DESCRIPTION        [16], xxxviii, [2], 845, [28]p. ; 4.
NOTES              Author signs dedication.
CLASSMARK          W/H-3-37
Inscription on title page: W.S. pret. 10s.
AUTHOR(S)          Casaubon, Méric.
TITLE              Merici Casauboni, ... De quatuor linguis commentationis,
                      pars prior: ... Hebraica: et, ... Saxonica.
PUBLISHER          Londini : typis J. Flesher: sumptibus Ric. Mynne, 1650.
DESCRIPTION        [8], 418, [2], 72, [12]p. ; 8.
NOTES              No more published. - A 2nd section of pt 1 = W. Somner's Ad
                      verba vetera germanica à Justo Lipsio, Epist. cent
                      III. ad Belgas, Epist. XLIV collecta: notae.
CLASSMARK          W2/X-3-12
Annotated in William Somner's hand
AUTHOR(S)          Ware, James, Sir.
TITLE              De Hibernia & antiquitatibus ejus, disquisitiones. ...
                      Unà cum formâ imperii eorum, ... authore Jacobo
                      Waraeo ...
PUBLISHER          Londini : Typis J. Grismond, impensis Jo. Crook & Thomae
                      Heath, 1654.
DESCRIPTION        [14], 253, [1]p. : ill. ; 8.
CLASSMARK          W/L-1-39
Inscription on title page: Pretium — 2s. W. S.	
AUTHOR(S)          Kilburne, Richard.
TITLE              A topographie, or survey of the county of Kent. ... By
                      Richard Kilburne ...
PUBLISHER          London : printed by Thomas Mabb for Henry Atkinson, 1659.
DESCRIPTION        [8], 422, [12] p., plate ; 4.
NOTES              Frontispiece.
CLASSMARK          W2/Q-13-15
Inscription on verso preceding frontispiece: Guilielmi Somneri
AUTHOR(S)          Fuller, Thomas, Prebendary.
TITLE              The history of the worthies of England. Endeavoured by
                      Thomas Fuller, ...
PUBLISHER          London : Printed by J.G., W.L. and W.G., 1662.
DESCRIPTION        4 pts ; 2.
NOTES              Ed., J. Fuller, signs dedication.
                   Pages misnumbered 101-104
CLASSMARK          W/G-7-10
NOTES              Lacks front. — Catchword p.300, 'Pembroke' 
MS notes in William Somner's hand in chapter on Kent 
AUTHOR(S)          Du Moulin, Pierre, the Younger.
TITLE              A vindication of the sincerity of the Protestant religion 
                      in the point of obedience to sovereignes. ... In answer to
                      a Jesuitical libel, entituled Philanax anglicus by Peter
                      Du Moulin, ...
PUBLISHER          London : Printed by I. Redmayne, for John Crook, 1664.
DESCRIPTION        [24], 142, [2]p. ; 4.
NOTES              In response to Sir Henry Ianson.
CLASSMARK          W/P-3-31
MS note in pencil on front free endpaper (20c.): evidently William Somners copy 
   [this seems unlikely]

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