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An inventory of the Cathedral's movable objects was made under the supervision of Canon Meric Casaubon on the occasion of Archbishop Laud's Visitation in 1634. The inventory of the Library (Catalogus librorum qui sunt in Bibliotheca Ecclesiae Cantuariensis) recorded 31 printed books and 27 manuscripts. The Cathedral Archives document reference is CCA-DCc-LA/1/2.

Two other versions of this list survive in the complete inventory documents (CCA DCc/Inventories/9A and 9B). Version A is transcribed by J.W. Legg, in: J. Wickham Legg and W.H. St. John Hope, Inventories of Christchurch Canterbury (Westminster: Constable, 1902), 263-5. These two versions show slight differences from the list transcribed here.

For the printed books, an indication is given as to whether they are also found in the 1638 inventory and the 1649/50 list and the shelfmark of the probable copy in the Library today.

Almost all of the books which were in the Library in 1634 had been given in the previous six years.

Catalogus librorum editorum, qui sunt in Bibliotheca Eccles. Cantuariensis.

1634Given by16381649/1650Shelfmark
A Register of the Benefactors in parchment. fol.
A greate English Bible in greate fol.yesyes ?
Augustini Opera Basil: vol. 7. fol.John Sanfordyesyes
Auerrois Commentar' vol. 12. 4to.Isaac Bargrave?yesyesW/P-1-53/54?
Chrysostomi Opera Etoniæ. vol. 8. fol.Nathaniel BrentyesyesW/M-5-18/25
Hieronymi Opera Paris. vol. 3. fol.John Sanfordyesyes
Mondini Comment. super Canoñ. general. fo
Titlemanni Elucidatio in Psalmos: Paris: fol.William JervisyesyesW/O-5-22
Functij Chronologia & Com[m]entar. Witeberg. fol.yesyesW/F-4-1
Catalogus libroru[m] in bibliothecâ Bodlianâ 4to.Isaac BargraveyesyesW2/A-4-14
Zanchij Opera vol. 3. fol.Alexander ChapmanyesyesW/G-6-31/33
Clichtouij Elucidatoriu[m] Eccles. ad officium Eccl[es]iæ p[er]tin[tia] planius exponens. fol.William JervisyesyesW2/A-8-14
Antonij Sadeelis disputat[ion]es Theolog. 4°. Nicholas Sympson?yesyesW/E-2-28
Liuij historia autore editore Iacobo Sobio fol.yesyes
Platina de vitis Pontificu[m]. Editio verissima. fol.William HarrisonyesyesW/D-4-8
Alexandri Alensis Opera Coloniæ Agrip. vol. 2. fol.Isaac BargraveyesyesW/E-5-26/27
Hadriani Sarauiæ tractatus Theol. Londini fol.Edward Meetkirkeyesyesnot W/K-6-14
Mirabilis liber p[ro]phetias Reuelationesq[ue] demonstrans 4°.William JervisyesyesW2/X-4-26
Hen: Ainsworth com[m]ent in Pentateuch. psalmos & Cant. Cantic: London. fol.George AbbotyesyesW/H-2-28/29
Bibliotheca Patrum vol. 16. fol.George AbbotyesyesW/M-4-1/16
Concilia generalia vol. 5. fol.George Abbotyesyes
Biblia græca Francofurt. fol.George Abbotyesyes
Ariæ Montani Biblia interlinearia Edit. Plantin. fol.George Abbotyes?
Appendix Theatri Ortelij maiori fol.George AbbotyesyesW2/A-18-10
Lyranus in Biblia cu[m] glossa ordinar. edit. Paris. vol. 6.George AbbotyesyesW/A-5-1/6
Ambrosij Opera. Edit. Paris. Vol. 2.George AbbotyesyesW/M-2-24/25
Bernardi Opera Edit. Basil. Vol. 1.George AbbotyesyesW/A-4-37
Camdeni Britannia lat. optimæ editionis.George Abbotyesyes
Gregorii Opera vol. 1. Edit. Basil.George Abbotyesyes
[in a different ink at foot of page:]
Mesue cum additionibus Franc[isc]j (?) de pedimontium (?). et Coment: Mondini super Jano: (?) .emeriales (?) ... foll. yes?
[on next page in first hand:]
Mesue Arabis Opera Medica. Vol. 1.??
Aristotelis Ethica & Politica 4°. Vol. 1.William Jervis? CCA-DCc-AddMS/57
Ariæ.Montani Biblia 8. vol. uulgò vocata Biblia hispanica.Richard ClerkeyesyesW/A-6-23/30


Catalogus librorum Manuscriptor.

1634Given byShelfmark
Solatiu[m] fidelis animæ. Item Biblia vulg. siue Hieron. vno Vol.Sir John Wilde CCA-DCc/LitMs/B/6
Ægidius de Regimine Principum. CCA-DCc/LitMs/B/11
Sententiæ de Taneto. liber incipit, Cupientes aliquid de penuria & tenuitate mea. &c.
Joh. Scoto sup[er] sum[m]a[m]. Incipit, Samaritan[us] ille pijssim[us] &c.
Eiusde[m] tom[us] 2d[us]. incipit vtrum Paradis[us] terrestris &c.
Eiusde[m] tom[us] 3. Incipit. Vtrum homini p[ro] statu isto. &c.
Eiusdem Stephani moralia in Iosuam. &c. CCA-DCc/LitMs/A/5-7
Stephani Eiusdem moralia in Esaiam &c.
Eiusdem Mor. in minores proph.
[the previous three entries linked with a bracket and a greek note ending βραχυγραφ.]
Hugo de S[anc]to Claro in 4. lib Sententiaru[m]. Incipit. Iuxta Sanctoru[m] traditionem &c. CCA-DCc/LitMs/A/12
Pars decretal. cum co[m]ment. Incipit. Licet lectura d[o]m[i]ni(?) Host: &c.
Item alia pars decretal. Cu[m] com[m]ent. incipit Gregorius Episcopus. &c.
Othonis Opera.CCA-DCc/LitMs/B/4?
Wallensis in Exodum &c.
Item Remigij interpret.
Nominum Heb: vno vol.
Guil de Northwick sup[er] Esaiam.
Rich[ardus] de media villa in sum[m]as, incipit, in noua signa &c. CCA-DCc/LitMs/A/1
[entry at foot of page erased]
Quæstiones Iuris, incipit. Prima nota quod vbi aliquis &c. fol.
Liber 3. decretal. de vita & honestate Monach. fol.
Rob. Grosthead. Correctoriu[m] toti[us] Bibl &c. In 4to.
Liber Iuridicus de contradictorijs &c.
Elphegi liber summarum. CCA-DCc/LitMs/D/7?
Tabula speculi Historialis CCA-DCc/LitMs/B/12
Liber liturgicus qui incipit, Sanctificamini &c.
Ioh. Hispani Casus decretales.
Pars Oculi Sacerdotum. CCA-DCc/LitMs/D/9

[Endorsed in a later hand.]
Inventory of the Goods of the Church in the hands of the Dean and Sacrist 1634