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A catalogue of the Cathedral Library's printed books was drawn up in 1743 by the Revd Dr Robert Eyre and Samuel Norris, the Cathedral Auditor. It listed c. 5,000 titles. The Chapter had 100 copies printed in Canterbury by James Abree:

Catalogus librorum bibliothecæ ecclesiæ Christi Cantuariensis. Cantuariæ: typis Jacobi Abree, 1743.
105 p. ; 8º. Printed on recto side of the leaf only.
[ ESTC T77704; Ramsay 388;[1] Shaw & Gray 30]

The Treasurer's Book for 1743/1744 records the payment in November 1744 of five guineas for printing the catalogue (which has the year date 1743 on its title page):

[Nov] 20 To the Printer for printing 100 Catalogues of the Library [£] 5 – 5 –[2]

The following list of known copies has been assembled from the entries on the ESTC Database (5 copies only) and from helpful responses to a query on the ExLibris email discussion group:

  • Canterbury Cathedral Library: W2/Q-3-8(2) (H.J. Todd's personal copy).
  • Canterbury Cathedral, Elham Parish Library: Elham 1315*
  • London, British Library :
    • British Library: 620.g.10(1) : Inscription on title page: Presented by the Rev Mr. Todd Minor Canon of Canterbury Sep. 21 1795.
      Entries on many pages are marked with a blue dash or an ink cross, probably in the hand of H. J. Todd, minor canon and Cathedral Librarian.
      This copy is available in digitised form from Eighteenth-Century Collections Online (ECCO)
    • British Library: 270.i.26 : from the library of King George III, acquired by the British (Museum) Library in 1823.
  • Oxford, Bodleian Library: Gough Kent 90: interleaved copy with frequent manuscript annotations and additions; earlier shelfmark B.T.1.456; listed in A catalogue of the books, relating to British topography bequeathed to the Bodleian Library by Richard Gough (1814), p. 138, no. 90.
    Gough Kent 90 is available in digitised form from Google Books
  • Cambridge, University Library: Munby.d.35, Andrew Coltée Ducarel's copy, listing the compilers as Robert Eyre and Samuel Norris: 'Provenance: Title page inscribed "And. Ducarel 1764" and "Drawn up by the Revd. Dr. Eyre and Mr Norris" in Ducarel's hand. ... A list of 'libri omissi' in Greek in Ducarel's hand to title page verso. Bookplate of A. N. L. Munby.' (Cambridge University Library Catalogue).
  • Chicago, Newberry Library: Case Z 79.C164
  • Chicago, University Library: Z921.C29C
  • New York, Public Library: *GSS p.v. 2, no. 3
  1. N. Ramsay, 'The Cathedral Archives and Library', in: A History of Canterbury Cathedral, 1995, p. 388, n. 239, reports that the catalogue was drawn up by 'the Revd Dr Eyre (not a prebendary) and Samuel Norris', citing Andrew Coltée Ducarel's copy whose location was then unknown but is now Cambridge University Library Munby.d.35.
    A Dr Robert Eyre is recorded as rector of Buckland in Surrey (1724-1775) and a former fellow of All Souls (CCED) but no connection to Canterbury has been traced.
  2. CCA-DCc-TB/79, p. 68