Alexander Chapman

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Alexander Chapman (1576/77–1629) was Canon of Stall XI. He was also Archdeacon of Stow and Prebendary of Louth, Lincoln Cathedral (1610-1629).[1]

The Benefactors' Book (f. 112v) records a gift to the Chapter Library:

Alexander Chapman sacræ theol: Dr Archidiaconus de stow et huius ecclesiæ Canonicus testamento legauit
   D<ni> hieronimi zanchij Opera 3 Vol: fol:
Shelfmark W/G-6-31/33
Hieronymus Zanchius. Operum theologicorum D. Hieronymi Zanchii, tomus primus [–octauus]. 1605.
Inscription on title page: Ex dono Alexandri Chapmani S: T: Professoris et huius Ecclesiæ Cantuar: Præbendarij 1629.
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