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Dr Arthur Kay or Kaye or Key (c.1631–1701) was educated at the University of St Andrews (M.A. 1664/65). He was vicar of Elmsted, Kent (1665–1673) and rector of St Andrew's, Canterbury (1673).[1] He was admitted as Six Preacher at Canterbury Cathedral in 1670. It is recorded that he was given permission to be absent in France for four months in 1671.[2]

Kay also worked as Library Keeper at the Cathedral. In the Treasurer's Book for 1679 he is recorded as receiving a half-yearly payment of £2–10–0 as Library Keeper; his colleague John Sargenson, the Precentor, received £2–0–0.[3] In 1680 he also received 4 shillings for sweeping the Library at Midsummer, though this may simply be that he received the money to pay 'the woman' who previously received 4 shillings.[4]

In 1689 he selected books from the library of the late Canon James Jeffreys to the value of £20–0–0 as a bequest to the Library.[5]

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