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The seventeenth-century Benefactors' Book (Canterbury Cathedral Library Lit. MS E40)


The order to create a Benefactors' Book was given at a meeting of the Chapter under Dean Isaac Bargrave on 23 June 1628:[1]

That every man should do his endeavour to refurnish the ancient library of the said church. And that a book of velume should be provided wherein the names of the Benefactors should be registered, and that the two upper most deskes should be instantly fitted for the receipt of such books as shall be first given to the encouragement of so good a work.

On 15 January 1676 (1677 n.s.), Canon Peter Du Moulin recorded the following among several payments for the Library:[2]

For a parchment book for the names of benefactors to the Library — 2s 6d
  1. Chapter Acts DCc-CA/4 (1608–1628), fol. 304v (transcription from Woodruff and Danks, Memorials of the Cathedral and Priory of Christ in Canterbury (London: 1912) p. 388
  2. Treasurer's Book DCc-TB/13 1676–1677. Reference provided by Mrs Margaret Sparks.


The seventeenth-century Benefactors' Book, transcribed by David J. Shaw, May 2009.


Lit. MS E40

100 blank leaves, vellum, followed by 14 vellum leaves of text, slightly smaller; two leaves, paper, with text; four blank leaves, vellum; six blank leaves, paper.

The original seventeenth-century leaves are bound towards the end of an otherwise blank volume of vellum leaves which are slightly larger than the originals. There are a few paper leaves bound at the end. The present binding is probably of the nineteenth century.


The entries in the Benefactors' Book are all undated except for that for Eliab Harvey (f.107v) which has the date '1666' in the margin. Variations in the handwriting suggest that it was compiled over some period of time and that the leaves are no longer bound in their original order.

The format indicators (fol. 4to, 8vo, etc.) are usually in a paler ink and would seem to have been added at a later date.


Verso of front free endpaper: [Printed label:] CANTERBURY CATHEDRAL CHAPTER LIBRARY Literary Manuscripts
[in pencil:] 'E 40'
[old shelfmarks:] in blue crayon: 'Y.11.6', altered in pencil to 'Y.11.9' (crossed out), and then 'Y.14-27'
f. 101r blank
f.101v : Catalogus Benefactorum qui restaurand<æ> Bibliothecæ Ecclesiæ Metropoliticæ Christi Cantuariensis libros subsequentes dederunt.
f. 102r: D[omi]na Anna Palmer, vidua Dni Henrici Palmer, Equitis aurati, Relicta, D[omi]ni Decani Bargrave, nuper hujus ecclesiæ Decani, filia, dedit
Malvezzi, on Tacitus, fol.

Plutarchs Lives, French. fol.
Dallingtons Aphorisms. fol.
Review of the Council of Trent. fol.
Ludolphum, de Vita Christi. fol.
Senecæ Opera. fol.
Ptolomæi Geographiam. fol.
Histoire d’Angleterre &c. fol.
Heylins Cosmography. fo.
Eusebij Neirimberg. Hist. Nat. fo.
Italian Bible. 4to.
Ainsworth on Pent. 2. vol. 4to.
Dictionarium Poeticum. 4to.
French Letters. 4to.
Hist. of the Council of Trent, French. 4to.
Belgij Descriptionem, p[er] Guicciardin.
Theolog. Natural. French. 3. vol. 4to.

Biblia sacra Lat. 2. vol. 4to.
f. 102v: Nathaniel Brent Eques Auratus, legum Dr et Archiep: Cant: Vicarius Generalis et delegatus dedit
Diui Chrisostomi Opera Domini Henrici Sauilij Impensis Etonæ edita 8 vol: fol:
Thomas Fidge, Civis et Aldermannus Civitatis Cantuar: dedit
Senecæ Opera. fol.

Plauti Opera. 4to.
The Rhemists Testament. 4to.

The Parliament of Christ, by Tho. Heskyns. fol.
f.103r: Thomas Enfield, Civis Cantuariensis dedit
Jo: Calvini in 5. libros Mosis Commentar. fol.

Lavateru[m] in Ezechielem. fol.
David. Paræum in Epist. Divi Pauli ad Galatas. 4to.
Hieronymum Zanchiu[m], de tribus Elohim. 4to.
Eund. in Epistolas D. Pauli ad Ephes. &c. fol.

Eund. de op[er]ibus Dei intra 6. dies creatis. 4°.
f.103v: Reuerendissimus in Christo Pater Gulielmus Archiepiscopus Cant: huic Ecclesiæ dedit.
A conference wth Mr Fisher by William Lawd. Anno 1622. fol:
Johannes Reading sacræ theologiæ Bacchalaurus, vnus è Canonicis majoribus hujus Eccl[es]iæ, et Rector eccl[es]iæ de Chartham, in Comitatu Cantij, dedit
Gabrielis Vasquez. Commentar. in Thomam

Aquinatem. 9. Volum. in fol.
It[e]m Azorij Institu[t]io[n]es morales. 2. Vol. in fol.
It[e]m Biblia sacra, vulgatæ editionis. 5. vol. in 16°.

It[e]m Concordantiæ eorund. Biblior. 1. vol. in fol.
f. 104r: Nortonus Knatsbull de Mershams-hatch in Comitatu Cant: Armiger: dedit
Libros liturgicos græcos: 20 Vol: fol:

4°. 8°. 16°

Item [sic]
f. 104v: [           ] Ratcliffe de Orwell in Comitatu Canterbrigiæ Armiger dedit.
Tertulliani Opera 2 Vol: fol

Epiphanij Opera, gr: lat: 2 Vol:
Cypriani Opera. fol:
Basilij Opera, gr: lat: 3 Vol: fol:
Nazianzeni Opera, gr: lat: 2 Vol: fol:

Athanasij Opera, gr: lat: 2 Vol: fol:
f. 105r: Edwardus Medkerk sacræ Theol: Dr Canonicus Wintoniencis dedit
Adriani Sarauiæ diuersos tractatus Theologicos. fol:
f. 105v: Gulielmus Harrison de Wodensborough in Comitatu Cant legis: Peritus dedit
Platinæ historiam de Vitis Pontificum. fol:
f. 106r: Gulielmus Bray sacræ The: Dr et Canonicus Cantuariensis dedit
King Charles his declaration concerning Scottish tumults. [erased: 5 words in a diferent hand]

Les Libertez De Leglise Gallicane par M. Pierre Pithou, Aduocat &c. fol.
Preuues Des Libertez de leglise Gallicane fol:
A booke of common prayer set foorth in the reigne of King Edward the 6th An: D[omi]ni 1549 fol
Another Booke of common prayer set forth in ye reigne of K. Edward the 6th An: Do[mi]ni 1552. fol
[the same hand, with a different pen and different ink:]
Mathæi Parisiensis opera excus: Lond: 1640 fol:
Montacutium de originib: Ecclesiast: fol:
Viccars his Decapla in Psalmos. fol:

Seldenum de Iure naturali et Gentium. fol:

f. 106v blank

f. 107r: Thomas Blechynden sacræ The: Dr et Canonicus Cantuariensis dedit
Nouum Testamentum varijs linguis ab hutero editum 2. Vol: fol:
f. 107v: 1666    Eliab Harvey, Eques auratus, Re[ct]oriæ de Hempsted in Comitatu Essex. sub Decano & Cap[i]t[u]lo Firmarius, sive Conductor, dedit viginti et quinq[u]e libras, quo sumptu hi Libri comparati:
Biblia maxima, in 19. tomis, in folio.
f. 108r: Gulielmus Steele generosus et Ecclesiæ Cathedralis Cant: senescallus dedit:
Justi lipsi Opera: 2 Vol: fol:
Vlyssis Aldrovandi historia[m] naturalem: 2 Vol: fol:

[The lower half of the page has an ink offset, possibly from the entry for Chapman on f.112v.]

f. 108v: Gulielmus Sancroft sacræ Theologiæ Professor, Eccl[es]iæ D. Pauli apud Londin: Decanus dedit.
Estij Com[m]entaria in Sentent: 2 vol fol.

Item Scoti Opera 13 vol.
[in a different hand:] who after when Archbishop of Canterbury gave the Duplicates out of Lambeth Library a considerable number having the Archiepiscopall Arms on the covers for wch He bought other Books for the Lambeth Library according to the vallue at wch these were estimated.
He gave also two Large Com[m]on Prayer Books in folio rul’d & wch are plac’t before the Dean &

Vicedean’s Seat.
f. 109r: [The Bargrave entry is in a much earlier hand.]
Isaacus Bargraue huius Eccl[es]iæ Christi Cant Decanus dedit opera Alexandri Alensis duobus voluminibus contenta in fol:

Item Commentaria de [......s] in v[inu.]su Aristoteles in tredecim Tomis contenta in 8uo
Item Catalogus Bibliotheca Bodliani Oxon: 4°

Thomas Turner sacræ Theologiæ Professor, hujus Eccl[es]iæ Decanus, dedit Historiam Byzantinam, octodecim voluminibus contentam, in fol. Edit. Paris.

[In a later hand:]
Perkins’s Works. 3 vol: fol

f.109v blank.

f. 110r: Johan[n]es Wilde Miles dedit Biblia sacra latine manuscript simul ac Solatium fidelis animæ : fol

Item Petrum Lombardu[m] Magist Senten: manuscript fol:

[In a later hand:]

Thomas Westley S.T.D. et Canonicus Cantuariensis testamento legauit viginti libras; quo sumptu ad Bibliothecam hanc adornanda[m] hi libri subsequentes accessere.

Cyrillus Alexandrinus. 7 vol: gr: lat: fol:

Iustini Martiris opera. gr: lat: fol:
G. Nysseni opera 3 vol: gr: lat: fol:
Irinæi opera gr: lat: fol:
Oecumenius gr: lat: 2 vol: fol:
Theophyl: in Evangel: et Epistolas 2 vol: fol:
Clemens Alexandrinus gr: lat: fol:
Eusebius Pamphilus 3 vol: græ: lat: fol:
Isidorus Pelusiota: gr: lat: fol:
Dionisius Areopagita 2 vol: gr: lat: fol:

Durantus de Ritibus. 8°.

f. 110v blank

f. 111r: Mericus Casaubonus sacræ Theolog: Dr. et Canonicus Cantuariensis dedit
Ruperti Abbatis Com[m]entariorum libros 3 vol: fol

Laertij Diogenis de Vit: Dogm: & Apophtheg: Philos: lib 10. i vol. fol.
A true Rela[t]ion of Dr Dee his actions wth spirits &c fol
The Necessity of Reforma[t]ion in & before Luther’s tyme. 4°
A Treatise of Vse & Custome 4°
Optati Afri Milevit Episcop. de Schism: Donat. lib: 7. Not suis 8o.
A. Persii Satyr: Comment: Is: Casauboni, P. 8°
A Treatise of Preaching as Antiently used 4°
Dissert: bin. de nupera Homerj Edit: 8°
Meric: Casaub: Piet: contra Maledicos Pat: Nominis hostes 8°
A Vindica[t]ion of the Lds Prayer 12°
Vindic: Pat: Is. Cas: adversus impostores 4°
A Discourse concerning Xt his Incarn: & Exinanition 4°.
The Originall cause of Temporall Evills 4°
An Answ. to the Author of sure footing 4°
Epictetj Enchirid. Græ & Lat: suis Not: 8°
Diatrib: de Vsu Verborum
Hierocl: de Provid. & Fato, cum suis Not 8°
A Treat: of Credulity & Incred: in Things Nat: & Civill 8°
A Treat: of Enthusiasme 8°
Lucij Flori Hist: Englished, & Illustrated wth his Notes 12°
Marci Antonini Imper: lib. 12. suis Notis. 12°
Tractat de quatuor Linguis, pars prior 8°

Marc: Aurel: Anton: Medit: Translated wth ye Not: Of M. C. Is: Fi. 4°
f. 111v blank.
f. 112r: Gulielmus Geruace: Artiu[m] Mr et Vicarius de Stirry dedit
Aristotelis Ethica carminibus heroicis græce manuscript:

Iudoci clutouei [sic] Elucidatoriu[m] ecclesiaticu[m].
Francisci Titelman[n]i Elucidation: in Psalmos

Prophetias et Reuelationes Bemechobi Episcopi
f. 112v: Do[mi]nus Johannes Sanford opera Diui Augustini septem voluminibus contenta vna cum Diui Hieronimi operibus quatuor voluminibus inclusis co[n]tribuit. fol.
[In a different ink:]

Reuerendissimus in Christo Pater Georgius Archiepiscopus Cant: hos libros subsequentes testamento legauit

Biblia hebraica Ariæ Montani Interlin: fol: 1 vol

Biblia græca septuagint: fol:
Concilia generalia Seuerini Binij 5 Vol: fol:
Magna[m] Bibliotheca[m] veterum Patrum cum Iudice [sic] 16 Vol: fol:
Diui Ambrosij Opera 2 Vol: fol:
Biblia sacra cu[m] glossa ordinaria sex Vol: fol:
Diui Gregorij Opera. fol
Diui Barnardi Opera. fol
Appendicem theatri Abrahami Ortelij vna cum tabulis geograph<icis>
Ainsworths workes. fol:

Camdeni Britaniam. fol:
Alexander Chapman sacræ theol: Dr Archidiaconus de stow et huius ecclesiæ Canonicus testamento legauit
D<ni> hieronimi zanchij Opera 3 Vol: fol:
Richardus Clerk sacræ theol: Dr et huius ecclesiæ concionator testamento legauit
Biblia sacra: hebr: Chal: Lat: Ariæ Montani 8 Vol fol
f. 113r: Gulielmus Barker S.T.D. et Canonicus Cantuariensis, Testamento legavit viginti libras huic Bibliothecæ, quo sumptu, hi libri subsequentes comparati.
Codex Theodosianus 4 vol. fol.

M. Tullij Ciceronis Opera 4 vol. fol.
Plutarchi Opera GL 2 vol. fol.
Oratoru[m] veterum Orationes gr. lat. fol.
Senecæ Opera fol.
Poetæ Græci.
Catullj Tibullj & Propertij Opera cum notis. fol.
Cerda in Virgil: 3 vol fol.
Servius in Virgil. fol.
Cl: Salmasij Plinianæ Exercitationes in Solini Polyhistora 2 vol fol.

T. Livij Histor. fol.
Gulielmus Kingsley generosus dedit
King James his Workes fol.
King Charles ye 1st his Workes fol.
f. 113v: Morricius Baro de Barningh<am> in Comitatu Suffolci Armiger dedit
Alfonsi Tostati Opera: 12 Vol: fol:
Johannes Smith Nepos ex fratre, et Hæres Johannis Smith Cl[er]ici defuncti, dum vixit Rectoris Eccl[es]iæ de Wickhambreux in agro Cantiano, dedit
Biblia sacra Polyglotta, in 5. Tom. in fol.
f. 114r: Johannes Somner, Guilielmi Somneri olim Reg[ist]rarij filius, Sylvarum hujus Ecclesiæ Præfectus, atq[ue] operarum in hac Bibliotheca (sumptibus D[o]m[in]i D[octor]is Juxon nuper Archiepiscopi) à fundamentis instaurienda, Inspector assiduus; eodem opere tandem fœliciter absoluto, dedit
Mri. Richardi Hooker Politeiam ecclesiasticam. fol.

Dni Lanceloti Andrewes, Episcopi Wintoniensis, Conciones. fol.
Theologor. Anglicor. in utrumq[ue] Testamentum Annotationes Angl. 2 Vol. fol.

Burtoni Melancholiam. fol.
Guilielmus Somner, hujus Eccl[es]iæ Auditor, et Reg[ist]rarius, dedit
Monasticon Anglicanum. prim. pars. fol.

Histor. Bedæ Latino-Saxonic. cum Chronolog. Saxonico-Latin. fol.
Guil. Lambardi Archaionomiam, cum Legg. Hen .j. fol.
Dictionarium Saxonico-Latino-Anglicum. fol.
Mr. Will. Dugdales Description of Warwickshire. fol.
A manuscript piece of Chimistry. fol.
Antiquities of Canterbury. 4to.
Treatise of Gavelkind. 4to.
Kilbourns Survey of Kent. 4to.
Junius Nomenclator. 8vo.
Merici Casauboni Is. Fil. de 4 Linguis. 8vo.

Historiæ Anglicanæ Scriptores antiq. fol.
f. 114v: Leonardus Browne Vrbis Cantuariensis Aldermannus, ac Curiæ Consistorialis Archiep Cantuar. Procuratorum generaliu[m] vnus, dedit
Biblia sacra Hebraica Ariæ Montani interlin. cum novo Testamento Græco ejusd. fol.

Scapulæ Lexicon Græco Latinum. fol.
Joan. Buxtorfij Lexicon Hebraic. & Chaldaic. 8vo
Ejusdem Thesaurum Grammatic. Linguæ s[a]c[r]æ Hebrææ. 8vo
Martinij Lexicon Philologicum. fol.

Plutarchs Lives. fol.

On a small sheet of paper attached to f. 114v:

[Added in the top right-hand corner:]

× As near as I can guesse by their place in the old library
most of the following books were bought with Bp Gunning 100£
w[hi]ch stood together all by themselves

[main text:]

transcription publication date         current shelfmark
Abelardi opera 1616 W/I-4-29 1743 printed catalogue, p. 3
Ælfridi opera Possibly Spelman's AElfredi vita, 1678, listed in the 1743 printed catalogue, p. 4: W2/A-13-7
Baluzij opuscula varia 10. vol. 8vo
          Miscellania 4 vol. 8vo 1678-1683   W/A-2-22/25 1743 printed catalogue, p. 11
Ejusdem Capitularia R[e]gu[m] Franc. 2. vol. fol. 1677 W/F-3-16/17 1743 printed catalogue, p.25
Nova Collectio conciliorum p[er] Baluzium 1683 1743 printed catalogue, p. 11
Concilia Galliæ Narbonensis p[er] eunde[m]. 1668 W/P-3-13 1743 printed catalogue, p. 31
Historia Concil. Trident p[er] Palauacinum. 3 vol 4to 1670 W/F-2-7/9 1743 printed catalogue, p. 31
Cotelerij Eccl[es]iæ Græc. monumenta. 2. vol. fol. 1677 W/H-2-20/21 1743 printed catalogue, p. 31
Ejusdem Patres Apostolic. 2. vol. fol. 1672 W/M-3-8/9 1743 printed catalogue, p. 31
Le Grand dictionair. Historique. 2. vol. fol. 1683 W/L-8-2/3 1743 printed catalogue, p. 35
Dodwelli Exercitatione Cipriani <oxon.> 1684 W/P-3-32 1743 printed catalogue, p. 37
Haberti pontificale Eccl[es]iæ Græc. 1643 W/B-6-14 1743 printed catalogue, p. 49
22 volumnes of Launoj opera. most. 8vo. 1653-1677 W/D-2-38/61 1743 printed catalogue, p. 59
Mabillon de re diplomaticâ. folio 1681 W/F-6-4 1743 printed catalogue, p. 65
Ejusdem Analecta vetera. 3. vol. 8vo. 1675-1685 W/K-1-44/47 1743 printed catalogue, p. 65
Ludolphi Historia Æthiopica. 1681 W/C-5-38 1743 printed catalogue, p. 63
Maximi opera. Gr. & Lat. 2. vol. fol. 1675 W/M-3-22/23 1743 printed catalogue, p. 67
Morinus de pænitentiâ. fol. 1682 W/N-6-22 1743 printed catalogue, p. 69
Johan[n]is Nepotis Hieros. Epi. opera 2. vol. fol. 1643 W/M-4-29/30
Noris Historia Pelagiana. fol. 1673 W/D-5-8 1743 printed catalogue, p. 73
Originis dialogus adv. Marcionitas. 1674 W/M-1-23 1743 printed catalogue, p. 75
Riccioli Almagestum novum 2. vol. fol. 1651 W2/A-18-8/9 1743 printed catalogue, p. 5
Rituale Græcorum Gr. Lat. p[er] Goer fol. 1647 W2/A-5-14 1743 printed catalogue, p. 47
Scriptores Angl. vet. pri[m]us tomus [?] oxon. fol. 1684 (replaced by George Thorp's copy in 1719, W/D-5-36/38?)
Theodori pænitentiale fol. 1677 W/H-3-36 1743 printed catalogue, p. 97
[on verso of slip:]
Bellarminus de scriptoribus Ecclesiasticis 1684 W/H-2-34 1743 printed catalogue, p. 13
Auctarium Bibliothecæ patru[m] p[er] Combefim. 3. vol: folio 1648, 1672 W/M-2-32/34 1743 printed catalogue, p. 31
Bucherius de doctrinâ temporum. 1634 W/F-4-3 1743 printed catalogue, p. 21
Dionis Cassij Historia Græ. & Lat. fol. 1606 W/E-4-37 1743 printed catalogue, p. 37
Cyprianus ex editione epi. oxon fol. 1682 W/M-3-19 1743 printed catalogue, p. 33
Dallæus de usu patrum 1656 W/C-3-3 1743 printed catalogue, p. 33
Idem de pænis. 1649 W/E-2-22 ? previous owner Thomas Jessop, 1667/68;
1743 printed catalogue, p. 33
Val. Flacci argonautica 1743 printed catalogue, p. 99;
copy at W2/A-18-19(2) dated 1519
Hugonis Grotij opera Theologica 4 vol. fol. 1743 printed catalogue, p. 49
S. Hieronimi opera 4. vol. fol. Francofurti 1684 W/M-2-17/20 1743 printed catalogue, p. 53
Johnstoni Historia naturalis. 2. vol. folio 1657, 1665 W2/A-18-6/7 1743 printed catalogue, p. 57
Dr Lightfoots works. 2. vol. folio 1684 W/K-7-17/18 1743 printed catalogue, p. 61
Loque traite de eglese [sic] French. 1577 W2/X-2-14 1743 printed catalogue, p. 63
Am[m]ianus marcellinus p[er] Valesium. fol. 1681 W/K-6-33 1743 printed catalogue, p. 5?
Sirmondi opuscula varia 3. vol. 8vo. 1675 W/B-1-31/33 1743 printed catalogue, p. 91

f. 115r (single sheet of paper, in the same hand as the paste-on slip on f. 114v):

The most Considerable Benefactors to the Publicke Library in Christ Church Canterbury.

Dr Juxon Arch: Bishop of Canterbury at His Majestys Restauration gave 500£ to the Building, Repayring, or fitting up the place formerly call’d the Deans Chapell.

Dr Warner Bishop of Rochester & formerly prebendary of this Church gave 500£ to make the Classiss & Furnish Books [inserted in another hand: who also erected the fayr font at the west end of the cathedrall.]

Dr Sancroft Arch: Bishop of Canterbury gave Scotuss works in 13 folios, [inserted above: & Estius in Sententias] when Arch: Deacon of Canterbury & afterwards all the Duplicates in Lambeth Library [inserted above: of a considerable number] known by the Arch: Bishops Arms on them [inserted above: covers of them]. He buying as many more for yt Library [inserted above: according] as they were vallued [inserted in another hand: & two large folio Com[m]on prayer Books Rueld. Lying on the Dean & Vicedeans seats]

Dr Gunning Bishop of Ely, formerly Prebendary of this Church gave a 100£ by his Will to the Library wch was Layd out in Books [inserted in another hand: His chief of wch follow as far we can collect since ye new placing ye Books]

Dr Turner Dean of Canterbury at His Majestys Restauration gave severall Books of Good Vallue. [crossed out: the Paris Biblia maxima] the Bizantine History [inserted above: in] × [continued at mark inserted in the line above: × [illegible] vol. folio Paris & Perkins work.] &c wch may be distinguisht as chaynd.

Dr Hooper Bishop of Bath & Wells & late Dean of Canterbury gave the Annales Francorum & Du: Fresnes Lexicon.

Dr Castilion Dean of Rochester [inserted above: & Prebendary of this church] gave 10£s worth of Books out of his Library to this wch were plact [inserted above: in it] accordingly. [inserted below the line: Supposed to [inserted above: be] St Chrysostoms works Græc & Lat. 11. vol fol. by Fronto Duæus]

Dr Jefferys late Prebendary of this church gave 20£s worth of Books out of His Library to this; [inserted above: among wch was a collection of ye Socinian Com[m]entators fol.] soe plact here

The Lady Chaworth as I remember [inserted above:] from Dr Aucher] gave 20£ to buy Books

Sr Geo. Sonds after Earle of Feversham gave 20£ [inserted above: for] Books at Renewing his Lease.

Sr Antony Aucher as I remember gave Theodorets works at his Renewing [inserted above: in Græc & Lat 4. vol. folio].

In Severall places of the Seal Book will be found that we engaged our Tenants upon renewing to give some Books to the Library.

At other times we have set apart severall Summes out of the Fines to furnish out new Books for the Library.

Dr Bargrave Prebendary of this Church gave severall coynes & Medalls [inserted above: & maps] & other Curiositys with a table wrought in severall Figures standing at the entrance of the Library

Dr Merick Causabone [sic] also Prebendary of this Church gave severall coyns preserved in another presse.

Mr Sumner [sic] Auditor of this Church left severall saxon Manuscripts & some of his bought by the Dean & canons.

[On the verso:]

Dr Blomer late Prebendary of this Church gave tenne Pounds to the Publicke Library thereof [inserted below:] with wch Bought the last edition of Suidas Gr. & Lat. [illegible] two vol. in Folio, & Dr Bulls works printed at Oxford]

Dr Lister

Mr Archdeacon Battely gave severall books in folio in wch were severall volumnes of Swarezs work. Watson of Church gue

Dr Belk Prebendary gave Mr Willoughbys History of Birds & Fishes in 2 folios with cutts

Dr L’Angle Prebendary gave Calixtuss works in 6 volumnes in 4to.

Dr Thorp Prebendary gave S. Bonaventure opera in 4 large Folios.

Dr Lister M.D. gave

[inserted in margin: The Honble] Dr Leopold Finch Prebendary gave two Large Com[m]on Prayer Books in Folio of the Oxford Print Curiously Bound wch lye on the top of the Altar

Dr Thomas Tenison Arch: Bishop of Canterbury gave to the Library Erasmus’s Works of the late Edition in Holland 11 volumns in folio.

SrFrancis Head Baronet gave twenty Guineas for the use of the Library wch accordingly were layd out in purchasing Severall Book. [in another smaller hand: among them Bp. Stillingfleets works 4. folios Dr Harris lexicon Technicum Bayles History]

Mr Lewis vicar of Margate gave an old English Bible of King Henry the 8ths time. the erudition [sic] of a Christian & a Com[m]on prayer Book of Q Elizabeths time.

Dr Wise Rector of St Elphage & Northgate Cant. gave his own Abridgmt of Dr Cudworth Intellectuall Systeme in 2 quartos finely bound

Mr. Stephen Hunt Batchelor of Phisick gave His Library to the Church in wch were a great many Curiositys purposely purchased by [inserted above: Him] a little before His death. most of them philologicall & criticall & variety of Bibliothecque [inserted above: French] & severall philosophicall, & medicall with variety of classicall Authors. generally in Small volumnes but with them is Cæsars Com[m]entaries of Dr Clarks edition Large folio with Cutts & finely Bound

[two leaves of paper, the second blank:]

[f. 116r:] The Names of the Books left by Dr John Battely to Christ Church library in Canterbury
Libri in Fol:
N. Test. Græc. cum scholiis Grae. Concord. Oxon. 1703W2/A-13-13
Concord:æ Hebraicæ. Rabbi Nathan. Basil apud Andr. Trobenium [sic]
Concord: Græce. Nov. Testam. p[er] H. Stephanum. – Genevæ. 1624 [sic] W/L-7-7
Pauli Tossan. Index in S: Biblia Hanoviæ 1624 W/O-3-26
Patres Græc. & Latin.
Joannes Scotus Erigena de divisione naturæ. Oxon. 1685
Josephi opera quæ excus: G. Lat Oxon: 1700 W/F-6-22
Concilia, Canones
Lauri Bochell: decreta Eccles. Galli. Patris Paris. 1609 W/F-5-32
Acta. Synod. Nationalis Dordrect. Lugd. Batav. 1620 W/F-3-14
Commentatores in S: S: polemici, practici, &c
And: Willet’s Hexapla on Genesis & Exodus. Lond: 1632 W/B-4-16(1)
Mr Thornd: de Ratione jure fin. contr. etc. Lond: 1670 W/K-6-4
J. Boscharti Geographia Sacra Cadomi 1651 W/C-4-26
Commentatores pontificii, scholastici &c.
Francisc: Suarenus primo thema’ de Deoceno Fr: Mogunt: 1607 W/N-7-11
Ejusdem Tract: prim: in prim: & se: Du de Ang. Mogunt. 1621 W/N-7-12/13
Ejusdem Tract: secund: et tertius: Mogunt 1622
Ejusdem Tract: Quint: Mogunt. 1629 W/N-7-14
Ejusdem in 3m p[ar]tum [sic] Tom. v. Mogunt. 1604 W/N-7-15/16
Ejusdem varia Opuscula Theologica Mogunt 1612 W/N-7-20
f. 116v:
Idem de Divinâ gratiâ, ejusq[ue] necessitate ad bona opera 2 vols Mogunt. 1620 W/N-7-23/24
Ejusdem defensio Ecclesiæ Catholic: contra Sectam anglicam. Coll. Agripp: 161[4] W/N-7-21
Ejusdem op[us] de virtute et statu religionis Mogunt: 1609 W/N-7-19
Ejusdem disputat. metaphysica – – Mogunt 1600 W/N-7-17
Juris Civil: Canon:
Wm Watson’s clergyman’s Law – Lond.1701 W/H-5-22
An Historicall Treatise of Cities & Burghs
By Dr Brady –
Liber Miscellan:
Gruteri florilegium 2 vol. Argent: 1624 W/I-6-20/21

f. 117 blank

f. 118–121: four vellum leaves, blank

f. 122–127: paper leaves, blank.


An article on the Benefactors' Book is in preparation which will seek to identify the donors listed and their books and discuss the history of the Library and its collections in the seventeenth century. It is intended to submit the article for publication in Archaeologia Cantiana.

Some preliminary notes can be found at