Benjamin Cooke

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Benjamin Cooke (1734–1793), organist at Westminster Abbey.

Shelfmark W/B-4-21
Church of England. Book of Common-Prayer and administration of the Sacraments, ... together with the Psalter ... and the Form ... of ... consecrating of bishops, priests, and deacons.
London: 1662.
Inscription on label on front pastedown: George Shelvocke 1709 left him by Mr Dan. Meacham.
Inscription on front pastedown: I put this piece of paper here, as tis the hand writing of Captain Shelvocke, Father of my much honour'd Dear Friend Mr. Shelvocke whose book this was, which I had new bound … Mary Cooke, Dorset Court, Cannon Row, Westminster, January 28th 1771.
Engraved label on back pastedown: Dr. Cooke, Dorset Court, Parliament Street, Westminster.
Bookseller's label (torn) on front pastedown: Sold by <C.> J. Stewart King William St. Strand, London.