Books acquired by Canterbury Cathedral in 1551

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Christ Church Letters, vol. II, item 212

This list of books acquired in 1551 is probably based on the requirements of the 1547 injunctions of Edward VI for the provision of cathedral libraries:[1]

8. Item, they shall make a library in some convenient place within their church, within the space of one year next ensuing this visitation, and shall lay in the same Saint Augustine's, Basil, Gregory Nazianzen, Jerome, Ambrose, Chrysostom, Cyprian, Theophylact, Erasmus, and other good writers' works.

The authors listed are similar to those in the 1559 injunction to Salisbury Cathedral.[2]

   The 12th of October received of Mr Joseph, being as followeth
       Basilius Magnus 
       Ambrosii opera 2 vols 
       Chrysostom opera 4 vols 
       Cirilla opera 2 vols 
       Augustine 6 vols 
       Bernardi opera 
       Epiphanius Latine 
       Historia Ecclesiastica Eusebius 
       Greg. Nazian. 
       Biblia Roberti Stephani 
       Josephua de Antiquitibus 
       Chronie? Costat Gryphonis 
       Biblia 2 anglic 
   [signed] by me William Devenysshe
   [on reverse:] A List of books delivered to Mr Devenyshe

Transcribed by Margaret Sparks

John Joseph and William Devenish were two of the contemporary prebendaries; Devenish was appointed in 1545; Joseph was installed in 1550; both were deprived in 1554 during the reign of Queen Mary.[3]

It seems unlikely that these books would have survived the Marian period; they seem no longer to have been in the Library in 1602[4].

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