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Books in Canterbury Cathedral Library previously owned by William Somner

The Cathedral Library has about 100 books which had belonged to William Somner, the Cathedral's Registrar. Some were donated by Somner in the mid 1660s.[1] Most came from the purchase of part of Somner's library from his widow in 1669.

This list below is based on a book-by-book search on the shelves of the Chapter Library and on a list created by output from the University of Kent Voyager system (29 January 2009)
The list below is arranged by shelfmark. It shows books with significant inscriptions and does not yet have entries for the majority of the books, which simply have a price, followed by Somner's initials.

A full list of Somner's books can be seen at William Somner's books in Canterbury Cathedral Library.
It includes a transcription of the ownership inscriptions and is arranged by date of purchase or gift, and by date of publication for the undated inscriptions.

The Cathedral Archives also has manuscripts owned or written by William Somner.

W/A-4-14 W/A-5-7 W/B-2-11 W/B-2-32 W/B-2-49

Shelfmark W/B-5-1
John Minsheu. Minshaei emendatio, vel à mendis expurgatio, seu Augmentatio sui Ductoris in linguas, The guide into tongues. ... etymologies, ... in ... nine languages, ... By the industrie, ... and at the charges of Iohn Minsheu ....
London: 1627.
Inscription on title page at top right: Pretium - 20s.
In centre of the page: cum additionibus et Notis Manuscr: Saxonicis Gulielmi Somneri Not[ar]ij pub[l]ic[i], auditoris computorum Eccl[es]iae Christi Cantuar[iae].
Interleaved with extensive annotations in William Somner's hand.


Shelfmark W/C-2-56
John Cowell. Interpreter: or booke containing the signification of words: ... mentioned in the lawe writers, or statutes of this ... Kingdome.
Cambridge: 1607.
Inscription on title page: Edward Cornford his booke Bought of Mathwe Gannon(?) the 26 of aprill i m 627.
On second front free endpaper: Edward Corneford.
On second front free endpaper: Richard Corneford.
On verso of second front free endpaper: 1634 Willm Somner. Pretium - 4s 6d.

W/C-3-1 W/C-3-2(1) W/C-3-5 W/C-5-19 W/D-4-12

Shelfmark W/D-4-27
Richard Broughton. Ecclesiasticall historie of Great Britaine deduced by ages, ... from ... our Saviour, unto the happie conuersion of the Saxons, ...
Douai: 1633.
Inscription on front free endpaper: William Jervis pret. 14s, changed to [William] Somner, exchanged with Mr Jervis for Ben. Johnsons works.
Shelfmark W/E-2-21
John King, Bp. Lectures vpon Ioanas, deliuered at Yorke, in ... 1594. By Iohn Kinge: Newly corrected .... 1611.
Inscription on verso of front free endpaper: 1649. Gulielmi Somneri, ex dono V.C. m:[agist]ri Joannis Luddi, nup[er] Scholæ regiæ apud Cantuar. Archididascali doctissimi, digniss. qui, præter hunc, plures alios optimæ notæ libros, eidem, testamento legavit.

W/E-3-56 W/E-3-57 W/E-6-20 W/E-6-20(2) W/E-6-6(1) W/F-1-1 W/F-2-36(1) W/F-3-1

Shelfmark W/F-5-23
André Du Chesne. Historiae Normannorum scriptores antiqui, ... per Galliam, Angliam, ... Siciliam, & Orientem gestas explicantes, ab ... DCCCXXXVIII. ad ... MCCXX.
Paris: 1619.
Armorial binding stamp of Sir Thomas Shirley on front and back boards (stamp 1).
Inscription on title page: Thomas Sh[irl]e[y].
Inscription on title page: Pretium 18s. W.S.
Owned by Sir Thomas Shirley (c.1590-1654) with his binding stamp 1.
British Armorial Binding Stamps Database

W/G-4-1 W/G-4-5

Shelfmark W/G-5-16
William Camden. Britain, or a chorographicall description of ... England, Scotland, and Ireland, and ilands adioyning, ... Written first in Latine by William Camden.
London: 1610.
Inscription on frontispiece: 1641 Pretiu[m] -- 25.s at 2d hand W.S.`.
Shelfmark W/G-5-34
John Weever. Ancient funerall monuments within ... Great Britaine, Ireland, and the islands.
London: 1631.
MS note on front pastedown: William Somner's copy; MS notes in Somner's hand on pp. 234-239, 252-253, etc.
Shelfmark W/G-7-10
Thomas Fuller, Prebendary. History of the worthies of England. Endeavoured by Thomas Fuller, ....
London: 1662.
MS notes in William Somner's hand in chapter on Kent.
Shelfmark W/G-7-18
Sir William Dugdale. History of imbanking and drayning of divers fenns and marshes, ... By William Dugdale ... 1662.
Inscription on title page: Guil. Somneri, ex dono benigniss. Authoris.

W/H-3-37 W/H-4-40 W/H-4-41

Shelfmark W/H-4-5
Richard Montagu, Bp. Acts and monuments of the Church before Christ incarnate. VVritten by Richard Montagu ... 1642.
Inscription on verso of front free endpaper: Gul. Somneri Ex dono D. Edwardi Aldey, Canonici Cantuar.
Shelfmark W/H-5-21
Sir William Dugdale. Origines juridiciales, or, Historical memorials of the English laws, courts of justice, forms of tryall, punishment in cases criminal, law writers, law books, grants and settlements of estates, degree of serjeant, Innes of Court and Chancery : also a chronologie of the lord chancelors and keepers of the great Seal, lord treasurers, justices itinerant, justices of the Kings Bench and Common Pleas, barons of the Exchequer, Masters of the Rolls, Kings attorneys and sollicitors, & serjeants at law. 1666.
Inscription on title page: Guilielmi Somneri; ex dono dignissimi Authoris.
Shelfmark W/H-6-12
England. Laws, statutes, etc. 712-1135. Archaionomia, sive De priscis Anglorum legibus libri, sermone Anglico, ... Gulielmo Lambardo interprete. ... Accessere in hac nostra ultima editione.
Cambridge: 1644.
Inscription on first free endpaper: Whatever is here in ye margin of mr Somners hand is in his other volume.
Apparently one of two copies annotated by William Somner, the other being W/E-6-20(2).
Shelfmark W/I-4-17
Pope Sylvester II. Epistolae Gerberti ... postea Romani Pontificis Siluestri secundi ... Epistolae Ioannis Saresberiensis, ... Epistolae Stephani, ... Tornacensis Episcopi ... nunc primum in lucem editae e Bibliotheca Papirii Massoni. 1611.
Inscription on title page: Sam: Torshel.
Inscription on verso of front free endpaper: Gul. Somneri, ex dono nobilis illius Equit. aurati et Baronetti, D. Rog. Twysdeni, qui plures alios melioris notæ libros eidem donavit.
Shelfmark W/I-4-18(1)
Joannes Gryphiander. Ioannis Gryphiandri ... De insulis tractatus. Ex ICtis, politicis, historicis, et philologis collectus. ... in quo plurimae cognatae questiones de m.
Frankfurt am Main: 1624.
Inscription on title page: Pretium -- 7s. W.S..
Purchased by William Somner for 7 shillings.
Shelfmark W/I-4-21

Gospels of the fower Euangelistes translated in the olde Saxons tyme out of Latin into the vulgare toung of the Saxons, newly collected out of ... monumentes of the ... Saxons, ...
London: 1571.

Inscription on title page: 31° Martij 1643. Pretium -- 5s. W.S..
Shelfmark W/I-4-28(1)
Quatuor D. N. Jesu Christi Euangeliorum versiones perantiquae duae, Gothica scil. et Anglo-Saxonica: ... depromsit Franciscus Junius ... Hanc autem ex codicibus mss. collatis emendatiùs recudi curavit Thomas Mareschallus ... 1665.
Inscription on verso of front free endpaper: Guil. Somneri, Cantuarien. Ex dono Viri Doctiss. D. Edmundi Castell S.T.D. Canonici Eccles. Cantuar. 1668.


Shelfmark W/I-5-34
Dominicus Nannus Mirabellius. Polyanthea, in libros XX. dispertita. Opus ... cum Graecarum, tum Latinarum refertum.
Frankfurt am Main: 1617.
Inscription on second front free endpaper: Liber Gul. Somner Jun, ex donatione et impensa patris sui charissimi et philologi. Pretium xx s.
The gift of William Somner (senior) to his son.
Not written in William Somner's mature hand.
Shelfmark W/I-5-4
Andrew Willet. Synopsis Papismi, that is, a generall view of Papistrie: wherein the ... iniquitie, ... is set downe, which is maintained ... by ... Rome, ... 1614.
Inscription on verso of second front free endpaper: Gul. Somneri ex dono Dudlæi Wyld armigeri 20° Martij 1649. .
Price on title page: 20s - 0..
Shelfmark W/I-6-23
Eadmer.. Eadmeri monachi Cantuariensis Historiae nouorum siue sui saeculi libri VI res gestas ... sub Guilielmis I & II & Henrico I ... ab anno ... MLXVI ad MCXXII potissimùm complexi. In lucem ex Bibliotheca Cottoniana emisit Ioannes Seldenus, et notas porrò adjecit ...
London: 1623.
Marginal annotations to Selden's Notae in William Somner's hand.

W/K-1-22 W/K-1-40

Shelfmark W/K-6-14
Hadrianus Saravia. Diuersi tractatus theologici, ab Hadriano Sarauia editi: …
London, 1611.
Inscription on title page: Sum Johannis Luddj ex dono Authoris Patroni suj Colendissimi.
Inscription on verso of front free endpaper: Gul. Somneri, ex dono V.C. D. Joannis Luddi, præceptoris, vt et amici sui quondam charissimi, Scholæ regiæ apud Cantuar. Gymnasiarchæ doctiss. digniss. qui, præter hunc, plures alios haud minoris notæ libros, eidem,, testamento facto, contulit, A.D. 1649.

W/L-1-11 W/L-1-39

Shelfmark W/L-1-40
Obertus Giphanius. Huberti Giphanii ... Tractatus de diversis regulis juris antiqui utilissimus. ... 1607.
Inscription on verso of front free endpaper: Gul. Somneri, Cantuarien. Ex dono D. Edovardi Aldey, ecclesiæ S. Andreæ in ead. Vrbi Rectoris dignissimi, A.D. 1653.
Shelfmark W/L-1-48
Sir Henry Spelman. Larger treatise concerning tithes, long since written and promised by Sir Hen: Spelman ... Together with some other tracts of the same authour, ... 1647.
Inscription on verso of front free endpaper: Gulielmi Somner, ex dono viri honoratissimi D. Rog. Twysdeni, equitis aur. et Baronetti.

W/L-1-67/68 W/L-2-22 W/L-2-23

Shelfmark W/L-5-40
John Cosin, Bp. Scholastical history of the Canon of the Holy Scripture or the certain and indubitate books thereof, as they are received in the Church of England..
London: 1657.
Inscription on label pasted on recto of engraved title page: Gulielmi Somneri Ex dono V. doctiss. Joannis Stanlæi. 1657.

W/L-5-48 W/L-7-19

Shelfmark W/L-7-30
Johannes Crellius, Socinian. Expiation of a sinner. In a commentary upon the Epistle to the Hebrewes..
London: 1646.
Inscription on recto of Imprimatur: Guil. Somneri Cantuariensis ex dono Viri scientiâ juxta ac humanitate spectabilis, Ricardi Knowler de Hearne in agro Cantiano 1658.


Shelfmark W/N-3-23
John Rider. Riders Dictionarie, corrected and augmented with the addition of many hundred words ... Whereunto is joyned a Dictionarium etymologicall, ... now newly corrected and ... augmented by Francis Holy-Oke.
London: 1649.
Inscription on verso of front free endpaper: 1649. Gul. Somneri, et amicorum, ex dono Typographi
Shelfmark W/N-3-27
Lancelot Andrewes. Opuscula quaedam posthuma.
London: 1629.
Inscription on title page: Jo: Ludd.
[In William Somner's hand:] Eius autem ex dono, Gul. Somneri, cui præter hunc, plures alios haud minoris notæ libros, testamento facto, idem contulit, A° Dni. 1649.
Inscription on first section title: Joh: Ludd.
With a small number of MS annotations in Ludd's hand.
Shelfmark W/N-6-25
Geoffrey Chaucer. Workes of ... Geffrey Chaucer, newly printed. To ... the former impression, ... is now added. ... the treatise ... Iacke Vpland, ... and ... La priere de nostre dame, ....
London: 1602.
MS notes in sig. Ttt almost certainly in William Somner's hand.
17-century blind-stamped calf, frames of fillets and rolls; traces of clasps on back board.


Shelfmark W/P-1-40
Paulus Orosius. Pauli Orosii ... Aduersus paganos historiarum libri septem. ... vindicati, & ... illustrati, ... studio Franc. Fabritii Marcodurani.
Mainz: 1615.
Inscription on verso of second front free endpaper: Guil. Somneri, ex dono Cornelij Bee bibliopolæ Londinensis.

W/P-1-48(1) W/P-2-19 W/P-2-34

Shelfmark W/P-3-24
Christophorus Besoldus. De natura populorum, eiusque pro loci positu, ac temporis decursu variatione: et ... de linguarum ortu atque immutatione, philologicus discursus. 1632.
Inscription on verso of second front free endpaper: Gul. Somneri Ex dono Amici sui colendiss. D. D. Casauboni. A°. 1645.


Shelfmark W/P-3-35
Isaac Casaubon. Isaaci Casauboni ad Frontonem Ducaeum ... epistola.
London: 1611.
Inscription on title page (erased): Stephanus: Huffam. 1611.
Inscription on second front free endpaper: Edward Aldey.
Inscription on second front free endpaper: Wmi Somner ex dono Mri Aldey 15° Maij 1643.
Shelfmark W/P-4-14
Elias Schedius. Eliae Schedii de diis germanis, sive veteri germanorum, gallorum, britannorum, vandalorum religione syngrammata quatuor..
Amsterdam: 1648.
Inscription on verso of front free endpaper: Guil. Somneri Cantuarien. Ex dono Viri non minùs eruditi quàm humani, Thomæ White Aldingtonensis apud Cantianos, a°. 1653.


Shelfmark W/P-5-45
Joseph Hall, Bp. Mundus alter et idem siue terra australis ante hac semper incognita longis itineribus perigrini academici nuperrime lustrata auth. Mercurio Britannico.
Francofurti [=London?]: 1605.
Inscription on verso of front free endpaper: Guil. Somneri, ex dono Cornelij Bee Biblopolæ Londinensis.
Shelfmark W/P-5-55
Meric Casaubon. Merici Casauboni, ... De verborum usu, et accuratae eorum cognitionis utilitate, diatriba. 1647.
Inscription on verso of front free endpaper: Gul. Somneri, ex dono Authoris.
Shelfmark W/P-6-19
Robert Filmer, Sir. Quaestio quodlibetica, or a discourse, whether it may bee lawfull to take use for money.
London: 1653.
Inscription on verso of front free endpaper: Gulielmo Somnero, viro doctissimo, patriarumque antiquitatum pientissimo, ab editore munusculum. Roger Twysden.


Shelfmark W/R-3-27(2)
Meric Casaubon. Question, to whom it belonged anciently to preach: and whether all priests might, or did: ... also, what preaching is, ... By Meric Casaubon, ... 1663.
Inscription on verso of blank leaf before title page: Guil. Somneri, ex dono Authoris. 1663.
Inscription on leaf A1 preceding title page of W/R-3-27(1): C C C.

W/R-3-4(3) W/R-3-4(5)

Shelfmark W/R-8-23
Guillaume de Saluste Du Bartas. Du Bartas his diuine weekes and workes ... with ... all the ... workes ... translated and written by ... Iosuah Syluester ...
London: 1621.
Inscription on title page: Pretium – 13s 4d. W.S.
Shelfmark W/R-8-24/25
Henry Spelman. Concilia, Decreta, Constitutiones in re ecclesiarum orbis Britannici.
London, 1639.
Extensive annotations in the hand of William Somner, confirmed in a note (by E. S.) pasted on the front pastedown and in the handlist compiled by C.E. Woodruff.
Label pasted on front pastedown with an inscription recording William Somner's presentation of a copy of the Antiquities to the city of Canterbury at a meeting of the Burgmote in 1640, with a reference to the Burgmote minutes.
Shelfmark W/S-11-14
William Somner. Antiquities of Canterbury. Or a survey of that ancient citie, with the suburbs, and cathedrall. ... With an appendix ... wherein ... the ... records of chiefest consequence, are faithfully exhibited..
London: 1640.
William Somner’s interleaved copy with his annotations.
Quarter bound in orange morocco with plain wooden boards; bound at the Cathedral by Jim Wayre in 1977, stamped '19JW77' on the inner back board.
Shelfmark W/T-9-25(1)
John Caius. De antiquitate Cantebrigiensis Academiae libri duo. Aucti ab ipso authore plurimùm. ... de Oxoniensis quoque gymnasii antiquitate disseritur ...
London: 1574.
On verso of second free endpaper: Tamquam explorator 1631.
On verso of second free endpaper: Pretium – 4s. the best edition. William Watts. [In a different hand:] A quo pretio quo supra emptus per Williami Somneri.
Inscription on title page: for the nether Diall Chamber. [and lower down:] For the Diall Chamber.

W2/A-11-9 W2/A-15-2

Shelfmark W2/A-2-12(1)
Ben Jonson. Divell is an asse. A comedie acted in the yeare, 1616 ... The author Ben: Iohnson..
London: 1641.
Inscription on title page: Pretium 9s. W.S. 1646.
Inscription on title page: Xt Ch. Library.
Bound with: Magnetick lady: or, Humors reconcil'd. A comedy composed by Ben: Iohnson, 1641.
Shelfmark W2/A-2-14

Grant coustumier du pays et duche de Normendie ... Auec plusieurs additions, ... par ... Guillaume le Rouille ... Aussi y est le texte en latin ...
Paris: 1534.

Inscription on title page: Pretium - 16s. W.S. 1644 [in same hand:] Worth gold.

W2/A-3-6 W2/A-4-18

Shelfmark W2/A-7-5
John Florio. Worlde of wordes, or ... dictionarie in Italian and English, collected by Iohn Florio. 1598.
Inscription on title page: John Boys.
Inscription on verso of front free endpaper: Guilielmi Somneri, ex dono V. Cl. Johannis Boys de Hoth Court in suburbijs Cantuar. Armigeri, Junij 21° Anno Dni. 1652.
Shelfmark W2/Q-13-15
Richard Kilburne. Topographie, or survey of the county of Kent. ... By Richard Kilburne ....
London: 1659.
Inscription on verso preceding frontispiece: Guilielmi Somneri, ex dono Authoris, 1660.
Shelfmark W2/Q-20-17(1)
John Philipot, 1589?-1645. Villare Cantianum: or Kent surveyed and illustrated. ... By Thomas Philipott.
London: 1659.
Inscription by Thomas Philipot on verso of front free endpaper: viro maximè suscipiendo, Antiquitatis saxonicæ sagacissimo iuxta ac peritissimo Indagatori, Amico suo (ob eximias Dotes) obseruatissimo [altered in Somner's hand to: admodum obseruando] Will: Somnero: Tho: Philipot hoc munusculum, sui Affectus Tesseram, dicat et Deuouet.


Shelfmark W2/X-2-17
Richard Verstegan, the Elder. Restitution of decayed intelligence: in antiquities. Concerning the ... English nation. By ... R.V. ...
London: 1605.
Interleaved notes in William Somner's hand.
Shelfmark W2/X-2-18
England. Laws, statutes, etc. 712-1066. Αρχαιονομια, siue de priscis anglorum legibus libri, sermone Anglico, vetustate antiquissimo, aliquot abhinc seculis conscripti, atque nunc demum, ... è tenebris in lucem vocati. Gulielmo Lambardo interprete. ...
London: 1568.
Inscription on title page: Rij. Lewkenor [and:] Richardj Lewkenor
Inscription on verso of front free endpaper: Pretium - 16s. W. Somner. 1644.
Frequent annotations in William Somner's hand.
Shelfmark W2/X-3-12
Méric Casaubon. Merici Casauboni, ... De quatuor linguis : commentationis, pars prior: ... Hebraica: et, ... Saxonica..
London: 1650.
Includes Somner's Ad verba vetera germanica à Justo Lipsio, Epist. cent III. ad Belgas, Epist. XLIV collecta: notae.
Annotated in William Somner's hand.
Shelfmark W2/X-3-24
John Leland, the Antiquary. Kykneion asma. Cygnea cantio. Autore Ioanne Lelando ...
London: 1545.
Inscription on verso of second front free endpaper: Guil. Somneri Cantuarien. Ex dono Cornelij Bee, bibliopolæ Londinensis.
Shelfmark W2/X-3-3
Giovanni Battista Cavalieri. Effigies Pontificum romanorum cum eorum uitis in compendium redactis ... Cuius ope et opera nunc denuo castigatiores in lucem prodeunt; additis, quae deerant, insignibus Pontificiis ... Io. Baptistae Cauallerij aeneis typis.
Rome: 1595.
Inscription on verso of front free endpaper, partly obscured by later label: Jo: Barkerj.
Inscription on label on verso of front free endpaper, pasted over earlier inscription: Sum Joh:is Ludd Ex dono [Jo:Barkerj] vndecimo die Julij. Anno Dom. 1613.
Inscription on verso of front free endpaper: Esto hic liber in posterum Mri Gulielmi Somnerj. In testimonium benevolentiæ suæ sic vult Jo: Ludd. 17 Febr. 1648.
Shelfmark W2/X-3-35
Willerami abbatis in Canticum Canticorum paraphrasis gemina: prior rhythmis Latinis, altera veteri lingua Francica. Addita explicatio, lingua Belgica; & notae quibus veterum vocum Francicarum ratio redditur. Edente Paullo ... Merula.
Lugduni Batavorum : ex officina Plantiniana apud Christophorum Raphelengium, 1598.
[28], 179, [1]p. ; 8°.
The Frankish text with transcript.
Inscription on seventh front free endpaper: Guilielmi Somneri Cantuariensis, Ex dono (Ob libri tum dignitatem, tum raritatem, nunquam satis æstimando) Viri doctrinâ & moribus consumatissimi, D. Merici Casauboni, Is. Filij, Amici et Mecœnatis sui longè colendissimi, charissimique; qui plures alios optimæ notæ libros & tractatus, à seipso editus, ornatosque dante dignissimos, accipienti gratissimos, eidem Somnero suo dono dedit, Viz. [list of 10 books].
Shelfmark W2/X-3-37
François Du Jon, the Younger. Francisci Junii F.F. Observationes in Willerami ... Paraphrasin Cantici canticorum..
Amsterdam: 1655.
Inscription on verso of second front free endpaper: Gul. Somneri ex dono doct. Authoris 1655. [with some marginal notes in Somner's hand].
Shelfmark W2/X-4-44
Aelfric, Grammaticus. Testimonie of antiquitie, shewing the auncient fayth in the Church of England touching the sacrament ... here publikely preached, and also receaued. 1566.
Inscription on title page, partly cut away: The gift of [] [Longelande] being Archdeacon of Buckingam 1589.
Inscription on title page: Tho Wood.
Inscription on title page: Joh. Lud.
Marginal notes in William Somner's hand.

W2/X-9-5 CCA-LitMs/C/5 H/YY-6-15(1)

Books no longer at the Cathedral Library

Shelfmark Y.iii.4
Thomas Cranmer. Reformatio legum ecclesiasticarum.
London: 1571.
William Somner's inscription at top of title page: pretiu[m] -- 12d. W.S.
Reported by a bookseller in September 2018. Apparently sold as a duplicate in 1828.
With a later ownership inscription of Thomas Vowler Short, 'Student of Christ Church & Rector of Kingsworthy', (purchased from 'Corkran'[2] in the Strand for 18 shillings in 1831), and the bookplate of Gilbert W. Child.
  1. See the entry for John and William Somner in the Benefactors' Book.
  2. Probably John Cochran who worked at 108 The Strand from 1826 to 1844.