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An inventory of the Chapter Library's printed books, taken in December 1638.

Transcribed by David Shaw, July 2009

The table shows whether the books are also to be found in the 1634 inventory and the 1649 inventory.

4 leaves, paper, folded

163416381649/1650modern shelfmark
Catalogus Libroru[m] qui continentur Typis excusoru[m] qui erant in Bibliotheca Pub. Ecclesiæ Christi Cant. 3 4 Xbris. 1638.
Yes? Biblia sacra, Angè.Yes ?
Yes Biblia Hebraica cu[m] Nouo Testamento Ariæ Montaniyes?
Yes Biblia Græca.yes
Yes Concilia generalia Seuerini Binij v. 5 Vol.Yes?
Yes Diui Augustini op[er]a. 7. Vol.Yes
YesMag. Bibliotheca [inserted above: veteru[m]] Patru[m] cum Indice 16 Vol.YesW/M-4-1/16
YesSti. Hieronymi op[er]a. 3 Vol.Yes
YesSti. Chrysostomi op[er]a. [caret mark] cu[m] Græcè 8 Vol. [caret mark:] H. Seuilij annotationib[us] illustrata.YesW/M-5-18/25
YesBiblia Sacra Hebraicè, Chaldaicè, Græcè, et Latinè. 8 Vol.YesW/A-6-23/30
YesDiui Ambrosij op[er]a. 2 vol.YesW/M-2-24/25
YesBiblia Sacra cum Glossa ordinaria. 6 Vol.YesW/A-5-1/6
YesAlexandri Alensis Summæ Theologicæ. 2 vol.YesW/E-5-26/27
YesD. Gregorii op[er]a.Yes
YesD. Bernardi op[er]a.YesW/A-4-37
YesPlatina de vitis Pontificu[m]YesW/D-4-8
YesChronologia Johannis Frunccii. [?]YesW/F-4-1
YesElucidatoriu[m] Ecclesiasticu[m] Judoci Clichtouei Neoportensis.YesW2/A-8-14
YesAppendix Ortelij A Theatri A. Ortelij.YesW2/A-18-10
YesAinsworth's Workes.YesW/H-2-28/29
YesMesue cu[m] additionib[us] Francisci de pedemontiu[m].yes
YesFrancisci Titellmanni Hassellensis Elud Elucidatio in o[mn]es Psalmos.YesW/O-5-22
YesAdriani Sarauiæ Tractatus Theologici.Yes
YesQuædam T. Liuij Patauini op[er]a a Jacobo Sobio illustrata.Yes
YesD. Hieronymi opa Zanchij op[er]a. 3. Vol.YesW/G-6-31/33
YesCambdeni Brittania Britannosia.Yes
Tostattiti op[er]a. 14. Vol.YesW/B-5-26/37
[F.1v blank]
YesCatalogus libroru[m] in Bibliotheca BodleianaYesW2/A-4-14
YesAntonij Sadeelij, Disputationes Theologicæ.?W/E-2-28
[F.2v blank]
YesProphetiæ et Reuelationes Bemechobi Epi.YesW2/X-4-26
YesCommentaria Auerrois in Vniuersu[m] Aristole[m] [sic] 13 vol.yesW/P-1-53/54?
[F.3v blank]
[F.4r blank]
[F.4v ([in another hand):]
Catal. Libroru[m] editoru[m] in Biblioth. Chr. Cant.
4. Dece. 1638