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The table below shows the text of the inventory of Canterbury Cathedral Library taken on behalf of the Parliamentary commissioners in 1649 before the removal of the books to London.

Columns 3 and 4 indicate whether the books were listed in the earlier inventories of 1634 and 1638.
Column 4 gives information about binding marks.
Column 5 lists the names of donors or former owners, where known.
Column 6 gives the current shelf marks of the books which are still to be found in the Library.

1 sheet, parchment, folded

[verso:] Confession Books etc seized by the Commissioners & sent to London from this library. 1649.
[in a different hand:] Mr D<eye> his Notes brought by his Executrix

[recto:] A note of the books in this liberari and the four shelves

transcription16341638BindingDonormodern shelf mark
[column 1:]
<g>regoris worke i volyesyes
<A>mbrose ij volyesyesW/M-2-24/25
lira vj volyesyesW/A-5-1/6
kinge of speine bible viij volyesyesW/A-6-23/30
Austen vij volyesyes
d[ionis]ie Alexandrine i volC C CThomas WestleyW/M-2-15
Isidore i volC C CThomas WestleyW/M-3-5
Binie generale Counsels v volyesyes?
Hieroms works iij volyesyes
alexandry attalensis ij volyesyesW/E-5-26/27
Hutters new testament
in twelfe languages
ij vol(rebound)Thomas BlechyndenW/A-4-4/5
Zanthies works iij volyesyesW/G-6-31/33
Arias montanium bible i volyesyes?
Ruperte iij volblind-stampedW2/X-5-8/9/10
levie historie j volyesyes
and the midle shelf
Basil iij volC.C.CANT:RatcliffeW/M-2-29/30
epiphanius ij volC.C.CANT:RatcliffeW/M-2-27
Turtulliane ij volC.C.CANT:RatcliffeW/M-4-25
Gregorie nisine iij volC: C: C:Thomas WestleyW/M-3-10/12
vlisses alldravandis ij volWilliam SteeleW2/A-13-5/6
tostatie xij volyesW/B-5-26/37
lipsie ij volWilliam SteeleW/I-5-32/33
Cyrill vij volC: C: C:Thomas WestleyW/M-6-14/20
Gregory [inserted above: nysin] nazia ij volC.C.CANT:RatcliffeW/E-5-30/31
eusebien iij volC C C
Thomas WestleyW/M-5-15
dionisie ij vol
bibliothe paterum xvj volyesyesW/M-4-1/16
and the upper shelfe
Crissostome viij volyesyesW/M-5-18/25
Bernard j volyesyesW/A-4-37
oecomene ij volC C CThomas WestleyW/M-5-13/14
theophylact ij volC C C
Thomas WestleyW/M-2-37
Irenie j volblind-stamped
Thomas WestleyW2/X-7-21
mathue paris j volC C CWilliam BrayW/E-6-15
Athanasie ij volC.C.CANT:RatcliffeH/Rr-8-3/4
french liberties and reghtes ij volC C CWilliam BrayW/D-5-14
the septegent bible j volyesyes
Spillmane i vol[not W/R-8-24/25]
Cipriane j volRatcliffeW2/A-18-2?
viccars deaple i volC: C: C:William BrayW/B-4-15
selden de Iurie naturalie j volWilliam Bray
the scotts tumults i volC C CANT:William BrayW/H-4-42
[column 2:]
Laud and fishar i volC C CWilliam LaudW/K-6-6
greeke liturge xxi volNorton KnatchbullK-20-1/22
two comon prayer booksC C CWilliam BrayW2/A-8-12 (1549)
William BrayW2/A-8-13? (1552)
platina de vitis pontificem j volyesyesW/D-4-8
montacute [..]iame j volC C CWilliam BrayW/C-3-33
titlman on the psalmes i volyesyesW/O-5-22
Camden britanie j volyesyes
m[e]sve physicke j volyesyes
Answorths works j volyesyesW/H-2-28/29
Justine marter j volC: C: C:Thomas WestleyW/M-2-12
Saravies works j volyesyes
Bodleys lyberarie j volyesyesW2/A-4-14
durantej volThomas Westley[Not W2/X-2-28]
Seldens works j vol
a grecke booke in ryten hand j
mirabulie j volyesyesW2/X-4-26
Aristokles works xiij volyesyesW/P-1-53/54?
functio j volyesyesW/F-4-1
elusidatorum i volyesyesW2/A-8-14
an English bibleyesyes?
twentie and foor maniscrips yes
two globes & a maps booke(yes)(yes)W2/A-18-10

[in a different hand?]
Pray place your books whear you had them