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Shelfmark CCA-LitMs/C/15
Cicero's letters
Description from the Cathedral Archives Catalogue:
Date: late 15th century
Description: The large initial letters have not been filled in by the illuminator, the smaller ones and the headings are rubricated. At the foot of the first page is a border of foliage, with wild strawberries realistically treated. The following note is on a fly-leaf at the beginning:- "This booke I Edmond Withyrpoll found in the lybrary of oure ladyes churche in bulleyn the xxvth day of September in Ao Dni 1544".
The name of William Kingsley and the date 1667 are on the first page, but the book does not appear under Kingsley's name in the catalogue of benefactors.
Described in Ker, Medieval manuscripts, p276-7. Written in France, from the library of Our Lady Boulogne.
Language: Latin
Physical Description: Paper book, 217 leaves. 11 3/4 in. by 8 1/8 in.[1]
Recorded as SDBM_MS_24214 on the Schoenberg Database of Manuscripts.
The book is mentioned by Beriah Botfield:
Of Classic Authors I may notice a beautifully written Manuscript of M.T. Ciceronis Epistolae, in folio, presented to the Library by Dr. Kingsley, Archdeacon and Prebendary, in 1663. At the beginning of this MS. is the following note :—"This Booke I Edmund Witherpoll found in the Lybrary off owre Ladye's Churche in Bulleyn the xxv day of Sept. Anno Domini 1544." Edmund Witherpoll probably accompanied Henry the Eighth in his expedition against Boulogne, and brought away this literary treasure with him.[2]
Edmund Withypoll (c.1510-1582) was member of Parliament for Ipswich (1558). He was a financier and a landowner in Ipswich. He took part in the siege and capture of Boulogne in 1544.[3]
This manuscript has been said to have belonged to Archdeacon William Kingsley who died in 1648. The date 1667 is probably not the date of its entry into the Chapter Library, but its acquisition by Kingsley's grandson William Kingsley junior. It is not mentioned in the list of books given by William Kingsley junior (Benefactors' Book, f. 113r). It is listed in Todd's Catalogue of 1793 (p. 281) and in the 1802 printed catalogue (p. 120) as Lit. MS. C.15; in these sources the date of gift to the Cathedral is stated to be 1663.
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