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Shelfmark CCA-LitMs/D/6
Glossed Gospel of Matthew. 12th century.
Inscription (14c?) on f. 2r: Lib[er] S[an]c[t]i Aug[ustini] Cant[uariensis]
Inscription (17c) on f.2r: Liber Sti: Augustini Cant: | Guiliel: Kingsley Guili | Ann: dom: 1667.
A medieval manuscript from the library of St Augustine's Abbey, Canterbury.[1][2]
In the seventeenth century the book was in the hands of the Kingsley family of Canterbury. It is possible that it had belonged to Archdeacon William Kingsley (d. 1648). It has an ownership inscription of the archdeacon's grandson William Kingsley (d. 1701) dated 1667.
The book is described in detail by M. R. James,[1] Neil Ker,[3] Bruce Barker-Benfield[2] and Richard Gameson.[4] The Cathedral Archives Catalogue gives the following description:
St Matthew's Gospel
late 12th century
Gospel of St. Matthew in Latin with the notes of an anonymous commentator.
The text occupies 16 lines in the centre of the page, with the commentary on either side of it; both are written in beautifully clear characters, a few of the initial letters are illuminated. From a note at the beginning it would appear that the book once belonged to St. Augustine's Abbey, and Dr. James has identified it as No. 157 in the 15th century catalogue of the library of that house (Ancient Libraries, p. 516). In 1667 the book belonged to William Kingsley. Hebrew note of pledge on flyleaf.
Folio. 121 vellum leaves. 10 in. by 7 in.[5]
It is entered on the Schoenberg Database of Manuscripts as SDBM_MS_24295.
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