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Dr Charles Cotton (1856–1939), Honorary Deputy Librarian, Canterbury Cathedral (1919–1939).

Charles Cotton OBE, FRSP(E), MRCS was a medical man who spend most of his professional career in Ramsgate (Physician to St Barnabas Convalescent Home, then Senior Physician at Ramsgate General Hospital). He retired in 1914 and moved to Canterbury where he was able to devote himself to archaeological and archival studies. He published many transcriptions and translations of documents from the Cathedral Archives or relating to the Cathedral.

Obituaries of Dr Cotton can be found in Archaeologia Cantiana, 51 (1940 for 1939), 232–4 and in The Times, Monday, Oct 02, 1939; pg. 10; Issue 48425 (see Wikisource).

His work at the Cathedral Library is discussed by Nigel Ramsay, 'The Cathedral Archives and Library' in: A History of Canterbury Cathedral, ed. P. Collinson, N. Ramsay, M. Sparks. (OUP 1995, revised edition 2002), 402–3.

Dr Cotton gave a number of books to the Library between 1920 and 1939. CR 1619 D-20-21/22 DA 640 DA 670 DA 104165 DA 1047 K-11-25 PAMPH. 45/42

Shelfmark W/A-1-8
Holy Bible, according to the Established Version: with the ... substitution of the original Hebrew names, in place of ... Lord and God.
London: 1830.
Book stamp on front free endpaper: Ex Libris Carol. Cotton
Presentation label on verso of free front end-paper: by Dr Cotton 15 Jany. 1931.
MS notes by Cotton.
Typescript letter from Rev. R. Kilgour, British & Foreign Bible Society (Robert Kilgour, 1867-1942) to Charles Cotton, 1929.
Shelfmark W/C-5-20
Desiderius Erasmus. Des. Erasmi ... In Nouum Testamentum annotationes ab ipso autore iam postremum sic recognitae ac locupletatae, ut propemodum nouum opus uideri possi.
Basel: 1540.
Inscription on original front free endpaper: Ex Libris Ioannis Evangelistae Immler.
Inscription on title page: James Pollock.
Inscription on original front free endpaper: Robert H.A. Cotton, A.B. S. Joh. Div. Coll. Cantab. [in another hand:] Presented in memoriam - by C. Cotton.
Presentation label on front free endpaper: Charles Cotton O.B.E., F.R.C.P. in memory of Robert Hugh A. Cotton, B.A. Priest + 2nd. Lieut. R.A.S.C. this 9 day of January 1920.
Shelfmark W/G-7-11/13
George Ormerod. History of the County Palatine and City of Chester ... with a republication of King's Vale royal and Leycester's Cheshire antiquities. By George Ormerod. 1882.
Circular ink ownership stamp on front free endpaper: Ex Libris Carol. Cotton.
Presentation label on front pastedown: Bequeathed by Charles Cotton, Esq., O.B.E., F.R.C.P. Deputy Librarian 1918-1939.

W/L-7-28 W/R-4-10(1) W/R-4-10(10) W/R-4-10(11) W/R-4-10(12) W/R-4-10(13) W/R-4-10(2) W/R-4-10(3) W/R-4-10(4) W/R-4-10(5) W/R-4-10(6) W/R-4-10(7) W/R-4-10(8)

Shelfmark W2/A-16-15
Augustine, Saint Bp. Premier [-second] volume de ... sainct Augustin de la Cite de Dieu, translate de Latin en Francoys. Nouuellement imprime a Paris.. 1531.
Inscription on title page: Debersaques 1589
Inscription on title page: Liber biblioth S. Bertini [with shelfmark, in a later hand:] p.Lat.5.B.
Presentation label on inner front board: Charles Cotton, Esq. O.B.E., F.R.C.P. this 14th day of June 1938.

W2/Q-12-14 W2/Q-12-15 W2/Q-14-21 W2/Q-14-22

Shelfmark W2/Q-18-16
Charles Thomas Newton. History of discoveries at Halicarnassus, Cnidus and Branchidae. By C.T. Newton ... Assisted by R.P. Pullan ....
London: 1863.
Printed presentation label on front pastedown: Bequeathed by Charles Cotton, Esq., O.B.E., F.R.C.P. Deputy Librarian 1918-1939.

W2/Q-18-5 W2/Q-23-21 W2/X-4-2