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David Wilkins (1685–1745), born in Memel, Prussia, was a prebendary 1720–1745 (Stall XII). He had previously been the Archbishop’s librarian at Lambeth, 1715–18, rector of Mongeham Parva (1716) and Great Chart (1719) He resigned both rectories 1719. He was appointed professor of Arabic at Cambridge, 1724–1729[1] but was still active in the Chapter at Canterbury e.g. as Treasurer in 1725-1726.[2]

During his tenure at Canterbury, he prepared and maintained a handwritten catalogue of the printed books (Ramsay 388; CCA-DCc-LA/2/5).

Following his installation at Canterbury in 1721 he presented several books to the Cathedral Library.


Shelfmark W/A-2-20
Paraphrasis Chaldaica in librum priorem et posteriorem Chronicorum auctore Rabbi Josepho ... Nunc ... & MSto. Cantabrigiensi descripta ... cum versione latina ... a Davide Wilkins.
Amsterdam: 1715.
Presentation inscription on front free endpaper: Liber Ecclesiae Christi Cantuar. Ex donatione Doctissimi Editoris Nunc ejusdem Eccl[es]iae Canonici. 1721.
Shelfmark W/H-3-8
Hoc est Novum Testamentum Aegyptium vulgo Copticum ex mss. Bodlejanis descripsit, cum Vaticanis et Parisiensibus contulit, et in Latinum sermonem convertit David Wilkins. 1716.
Inscription on second front free endpaper: Liber Ecclesiæ Christi Cantuar. Ex donatione Doctissimi Editoris Nunc ejusdem Eccle[es]iæ Canonici. 1721.
Shelfmark W/D-7-27
England. Laws, statutes, etc. 560-1215. Leges Anglo-Saxonicae ecclesiasticae & civiles. Accedunt leges Eduardi Latinae, Guilielmi ... Gallo-Normannicae, et Henrici I. ... Notas, versionem & glossarium adjecit David Wilkins, ...
London: 1721.
Inscription on front free endpaper: In Bibliothecam Ecclesiæ Christi Cantuariensis Reponit Dd Wilkins.
Shelfmark W/P-9-1
Quinque libri Moysis prophetæ in lingua Ægyptia Ex mss. Vaticano, Parisiensi et Bodleiano descripsit ac Latinè vertit David Wilkins. Londini: 1731.
Inscription on verso of third front free endpaper: Bibliothecæ quæ in Æde Christi Cantuariæ colligitur Dd. Wilkins.
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