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Books which were purchased by subscription by the Chapter Library or by members of the Chapter

Shelfmark H/Z-7-15/18
The English Atlas.
Oxford: 1680-1683.
ESTC R2546
Apparently bought for £3-0-0d from a gift of £8-16-6d from a Mr Watson in 1682/83 (CCA DCc/SC 1-2b and 3). The Dean and Chapter of Canterbury are listed in the list of subscribers at the front of volume 1 (column 3).
Shelfmark W/B-5-4/6
Augustin Calmet. Historical, critical, geographical, chronological and etymological dictionary of the Holy Bible, ... annexed, Bibliotheca sacra, or a ... catalogue.
London: 1732.
Inscription on front pastedown, vol. 1: 3 Volumes For Christ Church Library 1733 p. 6-11-6.
The Dean and Chapter subscribed to the publication of this work, according to the subscription list (Nomina fautorum) printed in it, which lists: Canterbury, Rev. The Dean and Chapter of.
Shelfmark W/F-3-8/13
Collection of voyages and travels. 1732.
The Subscription list records the name of 'Reverend Dr. Lisle Arch-Deacon of Canterbury'.
Shelfmark W/F-2-43
Epictetus. Works, translated by Elizabeth Carter.London: 1758.
The subscription list in this work has the names of the Dean and several prebendaries.
Shelfmark W/L-3-41/42
Collectanea curiosa; or Miscellaneous tracts, relating to the history and antiquities of England and Ireland, the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, and a variety of other subjects. Chiefly collected, and now first published, from the manuscripts of Archbishop Sancroft; … 1781.
The subscription list includes George Horne, Dean of Canterbury; John Lynch, Prebendary of Canterbury.
Shelfmark W/L-5-12
Charles Moore. Full inquiry into the subject of suicide. 1790.
Subscription list includes Canterbury Cathedral.
Shelfmark W/F-1-10/13
James Macknight. New literal translation ... of all the apostolical Epistles. With a commentary, and notes ... To which is added a History of the life of the apostle Paul.
Edinburgh: 1795.
The subscription list includes 'Dean and Chapter of Canterbury'.
Shelfmark W/B-5-9
Vetus Testamentum Graecum cum variis lectionibus. Edidit Robertus Holmes, ...
Oxford: 1798.
The subscription list (Nomina fautorum) has an entry for: Canterbury, Rev. The Dean and Chapter of Canterbury.
Shelfmark W/F-1-20
Henry Dimock. Critical and explanatory notes on Genesis, Exodus, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, and the Minor Prophets together with some dissertations on several difficult passages of scripture, and observations on the worship of the serpent, and remarks on the thirty-nine articles.
London: 1804.
List of Subscribers includes (p.iv) 'Canterbury-Cathedral Library'.
Shelfmark W/K-4-46/48
George Stanley Faber. The origin of pagan idolatry ascertained from historical testimony and circumstantial evidence. London: 1816.
Subscription list (p. lxxiv) includes 'Canterbury Chapter Library' and 'The Very Rev. the Dean of Canterbury' and (p. lxxix) 'Rev. M. Surtees, Prebendary of Canterbury'.
Shelfmark W2/X-8-5/8
Rogers Ruding. Annals of the coinage of Britain and its dependencies, from the earliest period ... to the end of the fiftieth year of ... George III. 1817.
Inscription on second front free endpaper: The Gift of the very Reverend Gerard Andrewes D.D. Dean of Canterbury.
An undated donation by Gerrard Andrewes (1750–1825; Dean of Canterbury from 1809).
This is presumably the Dean's own subscription copy: the subscription list includes 'The Very Rev. Gerrard Andrewes, D.D. Dean of Canterbury, Rector of St. James, F.S.A.' The Dean and Chapter are also listed as subscribing; their copy no longer appears to be in the Library.
Shelfmark W/D-7-33/35
Massorah, compiled from manuscripts; alphabetically and lexically arranged by Christian D. Ginsburg.
London: 1885.
Record of subscription (no. 56): Cathedral Library, Canterbury; signed Christian D. Ginsberg.
W/D-7-33 has a MS letter from Emilie Ginsburg to the Bishop of Dover, Edward Parry (1830–1890), concerning the Chapter Library's subscription, dated 31 Oct. 1885.