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Edward Bernard (1638–1696) was Savilian professor of astronomy at the University of Oxford, from 1673 to 1691.

His Catalogi librorum manuscriptorum Angliae et Hiberniae in unum collecti cum indice alphabetico (Oxford 1697),[1] colloquially "Bernard's Catalogue", was a catalogue of manuscripts in British and Irish libraries, and served as a major tool for scholars. Humfrey Wanley assisted him with this compilation.[2] The Cathedral Library's copy, presumably purchased on publication, has manuscript annotations pointing to the two sets of entries for the Cathedral Library's manuscripts.

Shelfmark W2/A-16-7(1)
Edward Bernard, Catalogi librorum manuscriptorum Angliae et Hiberniae, in unum collecti, Oxford, 1697.
Inscriptions on second front free endpaper: Liber. Eccl[es]iæ. Christi. Cantuar. Empt. Sumptu Eccl[es]iæ. pr. £1-3s-0d.
[and] Libri Mss Eccl: Xti Cantuar. Vid. Tom. II. Part. 1, pag. 223 & 389.

The Schoenberg Database of Manuscripts (https://sdbm.library.upenn.edu/) has two sets of records for Bernard's lists of the manuscript holdings at Canterbury Cathedral in 1697:

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