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Edward Meetkirke (or Meetkerke) (1590–1657) was educated at King's School, Canterbury (King's Scholar, 1603-1604),[1] and then at Westminster School, where he was taught Hebrew by Adrian Saravia. He then studied at Christ Church, Oxford (1607; BA 1610; MA 1613, tutor; BD 1620; DD 1625, Canon of Christ Church), and was Regius Professor of Hebrew at Oxford from 1620 to 1626.[2] From 1625 to 1642 he was rector of Easton (Hampshire).[3] He occupied Stall VI at Winchester Cathedral from 1631. He died in 1657.[4]

The Benefactors' Book (f. 105r) records that he gave the Chapter Library a copy of the Tractatus theologici by his teacher Adrian Saravia:

Edwardus Medkerk sacræ Theol: Dr Canonicus Wintoniencis dedit
     Adriani Sarauiæ diuersos tractatus Theologicos. fol:

This book is recorded in the 1634 inventory, the 1638 inventory and the 1649 inventory but no longer seems to be in the Library.

A book with Meetkirke's signature dated 1607 with two fragments of a 15th-century English printed book as pastedowns is recorded in the collections of St Andrew's University Library:

Special Collections of the University of St Andrews: A new 15th-century fragment.
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