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Elisha Robinson (1645–1670) was appointed Librarian c. 1666. He was educated as St John's College, Cambridge (1660; B.A. 1663/4; M.A. 1667). He was ordained deacon (1665) and priest (September 1666). In the same month he was installed as rector of St George's, Canterbury, and held this living until his death in 1670.[1] He was simultaneously a minor canon at the Cathedral, being called 'Mr Robinson the Chanter' in one document.[2]

He appears in the Treasurer's Book for 1668/9[3] as 'Bibliothecarius' with a salary of £7–0–0 per annum when a payment is noted 'March 22. To Mr Robinson for a paper booke to write a Catalogue for the Bookes in the Library — [£]0–3–4'.[2] There is no surviving catalogue of printed books dated 1669 but the 1671 catalogue of manuscripts (CCA DCc-LA/1/16) may be the work of Elisha Robinson.

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