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Francis James Holland,(1828–1907) was a Six Preacher and then a Residentiary Canon of Canterbury Cathedral.

He was a son of Sir Henry Holland and was educated at Eton and Trinity College, Cambridge (1846; BA 1850; MA 1853).[1] Ordained in 1851, he was appointed Vicar of St Dunstan's, Canterbury (1853–1861) and then Minister at the Quebec Chapel, Marylebone (Middlesex) (1861–1883). He was also a Six Preacher (1859–1882) at Canterbury Cathedral and subsequently Canon Residentiary (1882-1907). He held the office of Master of St John's Hospital, Canterbury from 1897.[2] He was sometime Chaplain to HM Queen Victoria and Hon. Chaplain to HM King Edward VII.


K-24-27 K-24-28 W2/A-3-2(1) PERIODICALS GALLERY S-20 W/R-6-12/18 W/K-1-60 W/P-5-27 W/L-4-10/11 W/P-3-48(1) W/P-8-14 K-3-15 L-18-26 W/C-2-42

Shelfmark W/D-5-31
Martin Luther. Colloquia mensalia; or, the familiar discourses of Dr. Martin Luther ... Collected ... by Dr. Antonius Lauterbach, ... translated ... by Captain Henry Bell.
London: 1791.
Inscription on front pastedown: Geo: Chas: Pearson Ex Aede Christi 1836.
Presentation label on front free endpaper: by Revd. Canon Holland this 1st day of Jany. 1895.
Shelfmark W/E-2-23(1)
Johann Adam Osiander. Tractatus theologicus de magia, exhibens ejusdem etymologiam, synonymiam, ... accurante Joh. Adamo Osiandro, ...
Tübingen: 1687.
Presentation label on front free endpaper: by Revd. Canon Holland this 1st day of Jany. 1895.

W/E-2-33 W/I-4-13 W/K-3-30/31

Shelfmark W/K-6-2
Jan Baptista van Helmont. Ortus medicinae, id est initia physicae inaudita progressus medicinae nouus, in morborum vltionem ad vitam longam Authore Ioan. Baptista van Helmont. 1667.
Printed label on front pastedown, with motto 'Dum Spiras Spes': John Coakley Lettsom, M.D. F.R.S. London. No. [in MS:] 1786.
Presentation label on front free endpaper: by Revd Canon Holland this 1st day of Jany. 1895.

W/N-1-44 W/N-2-3(1) W/P-1-3 W/P-1-8 W/T-8-31/33 W2/A-3-10 W2/A-3-8 W2/X-1-15 PERIODICALS GALLERY R-19/20, S-2/6

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