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Isaac Bargrave (1586–1643) was Dean of Canterbury from 1625 until his death in 1643. He was educated at Pembroke College, Cambridge (B.A. 1607) and Clare College, Cambridge (M.A. 1610); D.D. 1622. He became a prebendary of Canterbury in 1622 (Stall V), and then succeeded his brother-in-law John Boys as Dean in 1625. He obtained the vicarage of Tenterden in 1626.[1]

Bargrave was responsible for stimulating the recovery of the Chapter Library in 1628 when the Chapter approved an order to create a Benefactors' Book.[2]

Bargrave's own gifts to the Library are recorded on f. 109r of the Benefactors' Book:

Isaacus Bargraue huius Eccl[es]iæ Christi Cant Decanus dedit opera Alexandri Alensis duobus
     voluminibus contenta in fol:
     Item Commentaria de [Auerrois?] in v[niuersum?] Aristoteles in tredecim Tomis contenta in 8uo
     Item Catalogus Bibliotheca Bodliani Oxon: 4°

No distinguishing provenance marks have been found to identify these books but they are probably the following:

Shelfmark W/E-5-26/27
Alexander de Ales. Summa theologiae. Coloniae Agrippinae, 1622.
Shelfmark W/P-1-53
Averroes Cordubensis. Sermo de substantia orbis. Destructio destructionum philosophiae Algazelis ... M. A. Zimarae ... contradictionum solutiones ... 1562.
Part of an 11-volume octavo Works of Aristotle published by Junta in Venice.
Shelfmark W2/A-4-14
Thomas James. Catalogus vniversalis librorum in Bibliotheca Bodleiana. 1620.
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