John Lynch (1697—1760)

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John Lynch (1697—1760) was an 18th-century Church of England clergyman. He was Dean of Canterbury from 1734 to 1760.

"He was educated at the King's School, Canterbury, and then St John's College, Cambridge, (1714; BA 1718; MA 1721; DD 1728). He was ordained deacon in Norwich (1721). In 1723 his patron, Archbishop William Wake, appointed him to the Chapter of Canterbury Cathedral (Stall IV) and as rector of All Hallows, Bread Street, London. He was rector of Sundridge (Kent) from 1725 to 1733 and a Chaplain to the King from 1727 to 1734. He married the archbishop's daughter, Mary, in 1728 and quickly received further preferment, including appointment as Master of the Hospital of St Cross, Winchester, rector of All Hallows the Great (London) (1730-2), rector of Ickham, Kent (1731–60), rector of Eynesford, Kent (1731–60), rector of Bishopsbourne, Kent (1731–60), Master of Harbledown Hospital, Canterbury (1731) and Treasurer of Salisbury Cathedral (1735–60). On the death of Elias Sydall, he was appointed Dean of Canterbury."[1]