Obadiah Ghossip

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Revd Obadiah Ghossip (d. 1660) was educated at St John's College, Cambridge (1613; B.A. 1615/6; M.A. from Jesus, 1619). He was ordained in York in 1620 and is recorded as rector of St Tudy (Cornwall) in 1630 and also as vicar of Quethiock. He was sequestered during the Commonwealth and died in February 1660.[1]

Shelfmark W/M-2-39
Theophylact, Abp. Theophylacti ... In omnes Diui Pauli epistolas enarrationes, ... Christophoro Porsena [sic] ... interprete. 1534.
Inscription on title page: Obadiah Ghossip.
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