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Peter Gunning (1614 – 6 July 1684) was an English Royalist church leader. He was educated at The King's School, Canterbury, and Clare College, Cambridge, (B.A. 1632/3; M.A. 1636). He was Fellow of Corpus Christi College 1633-44 (ejected); B.D. (Oxford) 1646; D.D. from Corpus Christi College (1660). He was appointed a Canon of Canterbury (Stall II, 1660–1670), became Lady Margaret Professor of Divinity (1660-1661), Master of Corpus Christi College (1661), and then, also in 1661, Master of St John's College and subsequently Bishop of Chichester and later of Ely.[1]

He left £100 to buy books for the Cathedral Library. A list of the books purchased is given in the Benefactors' Book on a small sheet of paper attached to f. 114v.
A transcription of this list with identification of surviving volumes.


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