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The Chapter Library of Canterbury Cathedral

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This Wiki has been designed by [ David Shaw] to make available data about the history of [[Canterbury Cathedral Library]] and particularly a record of the early provenance history of its printed books: donors and previous owners in books from the Dean and Chapter's collections from the early seventeenth centuryonwards.
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'''Go to:''' || [[Contents]] || [[Provenance – donors, previous owners, etcto explore the database.|Provenance]] || [[History of the Chapter Library of Canterbury Cathedral|History]] ||'''
If you would like to help to contribute to this Wiki by adding new pages or adding to existing pages, please request a login: [mailto:david&#91;AT&#93; email David Shaw].
David Shaw's own web pages are at [], including the [ original HTML version of these pages].
'''[ Canterbury Cathedral]''' &ndash; The official web site of Canterbury Cathedral, with pages for the '''[ Library]''' and '''[ Archives]'''.
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<p>There are currently {{NUMBEROFPAGES}} pages on the database. <br/p>'''This wiki is a work in progress. Its contents are not fully comprehensive.'''<br>It focusses on identifiable provenances in the collections, especially donations to the Library. It is not intended to be a catalogue of the Cathedral's entire holdings.