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The Chapter Library of Canterbury Cathedral

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This Wiki has been designed by [ David Shaw] to make available data about the history of [[Canterbury Cathedral Library]] and particularly a record of the early provenance history of its printed books: donors and previous owners in books from the Dean and Chapter's collections from the early seventeenth centuryonwards.
If you would like to help to contribute to this Wiki by adding new pages or adding to existing pages, please request a login: [mailto:david&#91;AT&#93; email David Shaw].
David Shaw's own web pages are at [], including the [ original HTML version of these pages].
'''[ Canterbury Cathedral]''' &ndash; The official web site of Canterbury Cathedral, with pages for the '''[ Library]''' and '''[ Archives]'''.
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<p>There are currently {{NUMBEROFPAGES}} pages on the database. <br/p>'''This wiki is a work in progress. Its contents are not fully comprehensive.'''<br>It focusses on identifiable provenances in the collections, especially donations to the Library. It is not intended to be a catalogue of the Cathedral's entire holdings.