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St Augustine's Abbey, Canterbury

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<noinclude>==Books which once belonged to the library of St Augustine's Abbey, Canterbury==</noinclude>
* ''Corpus of British Medieval Library Catalogues'', Volume 13: ''St Augustine's Abbey, Canterbury'', edited by B. C. Barker-Benfield. British Library (2008). 2256 pages, 3 volumes, 16 halftones. [ Read more ...]
* The [ Schoenberg Database of Manuscripts] has 48 178 records (July 2017November 2018) for manuscripts once belonging to or relating to [ St Augustine's Abbey, Canterbury.]
* A. B. Emden, ''Donors of Books to S. Augustine's Abbey, Canterbury''. Oxford Bibliographical Society (1968).
* Surviving books from St Augustine's Abbey with the name of [[Clement Canterbury]], librarian in the 15th century<br>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;