St Augustine's Abbey, Canterbury

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Books which once belonged to the library of St Augustine's Abbey, Canterbury

  • Corpus of British Medieval Library Catalogues, Volume 13: St Augustine's Abbey, Canterbury, edited by B. C. Barker-Benfield. British Library (2008). 2256 pages, 3 volumes, 16 halftones. Read more ...
  • The Schoenberg Database of Manuscripts has 178 records (November 2018) for manuscripts once belonging to or relating to St Augustine's Abbey, Canterbury.
  • A. B. Emden, Donors of Books to S. Augustine's Abbey, Canterbury. Oxford Bibliographical Society (1968).
  • Surviving books from St Augustine's Abbey with the name of Clement Canterbury, librarian in the 15th century
    • Bible with prologues, omitting Psalms (British Library MS Burney 11). Oxford?, 1st half of the 13th century.
      Purchased by Clement Canterbury in Oxford in 1473 for 20 shillings and given by him to St Augustine's the following year.
    • The Bible of Robert de Bello (British Library MS Burney 3). Canterbury?, mid-13th century: description, with digitised images.
    • Geoffrey of Monmouth (Bodleian Rawlinson B.150). Canterbury?, end of 13th century.
    • Medical recipes, charms, and veterinary lore relating to horses (Bodleian MS Wood empt. 18): description and link to images.
  • Boethius, De consolatione philosophiae (Trinity College, Cambridge, O.3.7; late 10th century).