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Stephen Hunt, (c. 1680–1714?), a Canterbury physician, donated a large collection of books to the Chapter Library in 1714. They are usually marked with his signature at the top of the title page. Some were purchased in Paris.

Stephen Hunt of Canterbury was admitted to Corpus Christi College, Cambridge in 1694 (matriculated 1694; Bachelor of Medecine 1699).[1] Chalmers, General Biographical Dictionary, has the following entry for him:[2]

Hunt, Stephen, of Canterbury, the son of Mr. Nicholas Hunt of that city (an intimate and worthy friend
of Arch. Tillotson, and to whom, whilst labouring under a cancer, he addressed that most excellent
letter of consolation, printed in his life by Birch, p. 135), was admitted a scholar of C. C. C.
Cambridge, Jan. 29, 1693. After taking the degree of M. B. in 1699, he practised physic at
Canterbury, and became a collector of Roman coins, vessels, and utensils, particularly of those
about Reculver and Richborough, after the manner of archdeacon Batteley, in his “Antiquitates Rutupinae;”
all which, together with his books and manuscripts, he bequeathed to the library of that cathedral.
He was esteemed a learned antiquary. The time of his death is uncertain.1
1. Masters’s Hist, of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge.

Another contemporary Stephen Hunt (1655–17??), the son of Richard Hunt of Stratford-on-Avon, educated at Oxford (matric. from Pembroke College, Oxford, 2 April 1669, age 14; B.A. from Trinity College, 1673; M.A. 1676), licentiate of the College of Physicians in 1693 and Bachelor of Medecine from Caius College, Cambridge, in 1694, must be a different person.[3]


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Shelfmark W/D-2-28(1)
Isaac Vossius. Dissertatio de vera aetate mundi, quâ ostenditur natale mundi tempus annis minimum 1440 vulgarem aeram anticipare.
The Hague: 1659.
Inscription at top of title page: St: Hunt à Paris. 30s.

W/D-3-13 W/D-3-14 W/D-3-16 W/E-2-26 W/E-2-27 W/E-4-26

Shelfmark W/F-3-21
Wolfgang Lazius. Historicarum commemorationum rerum Graecarum libri duo, ... tam Helladis quam Peloponnesi, ... Authore Wolffgango Lazio, ...
Hanau: 1605.
Inscription on title page: Cl. Christianj C. Leset. Flor. F.
Inscription on title page: Stephe[n] Hunt.
Shelfmark W/F-3-22
Wolfgang Lazius. Reipublicae Romanae in exteris prouinciis, bello acquisitis, constitutae, commentariorum libri duodecim; ... Autore Wolfgango Lazio.
Frankfurt am Main: 1598.
Armorial binding stamp (French, 17th-century) on front and back boards, with four crescent moons and two crossed swords
Inscription on front free endpaper: Ex libris Joannis Galloys Presbyteri Abbatis Corensis Emi 6ll 1674.
Inscription on title page: Stephen Hunt.
Shelfmark W/F-4-4
Robert Cary, LL.D. Palaeologia chronica. A chronological account of ancient time. ... I. Didactical. II. Apodeictical. III. Canonical. ... By Robert Cary, ...
London: 1677.
Inscription on title page: St: Hunt.
Inscription on front pastedown: Dec: 5 1699 pr: 4s-6d.

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Shelfmark W/K-5-19/20
Athanasius Kircher. Musurgia uniuersalis siue ars magna consoni et dissoni in X libros digesta. ... 1650.
Printed label pasted at foot of title page: Ex Bibliotheca Viri Illust. Isaaci Vossii. [with MS addition: 48].
Inscription on title page: Stephen Hunt.

W/K-5-9 W/L-1-17 W/L-1-18 W/L-1-26 W/L-1-42

Shelfmark W/L-1-52
Etienne Guichard. Harmonie etymologique des langues. En laquelle ... se demonstre euidemment que toutes les langues sont descendues de l'Hebraïque. Me. Estienne Guichard. Paris: 1610.
Inscription on title page: Gasset (or Masset?).
Inscription on first front free endpaper: Yuer.
Armorial bookplate on front pastedown (coronet, lion, with two lion supporters): Ex bibliotheca Nicolai Joseph Foucault Comitis Consistoriani.
Inscription on title page: Ste Hunt.

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Shelfmark W/L-2-46
Alexander Scot. Vniuersa grammatica Graeca, ex diuersis auctoribus per Alexandrum Scot, ... constructa: nunc ... auctior. ... Annectitur Petri Antesignani ... De praxi præceptorum grammaticæ ... 1613.
Inscription on title page: St: Hunt. CCC.

W/L-2-6/7 W/L-2-60(1) W/L-2-60(2) W/L-2-61 W/L-2-62 W/L-2-8/9 W/L-3-25 W/L-3-29 W/L-3-34 W/L-3-35 W/L-3-36 W/L-3-40 W/L-4-2 W/L-4-34 W/L-4-36, W/E-2-54(2) W/L-4-46 W/L-5-43/45 W/L-6-62 W/L-6-63 W/L-6-65 W/M-1-1 W/M-1-45(1) W/M-2-2 W/N-1-18(1) W/N-1-5 W/N-1-6 W/N-1-7 W/N-1-9 W/N-2-17 W/N-2-22 W/N-2-40 W/N-2-41 W/N-2-43 W/N-2-5 W/N-2-51/58 W/N-3-2 W/N-3-25 W/N-4-15 W/P-1-13 W/P-1-19 W/P-1-21/25 W/P-1-27 W/P-1-28(1) W/P-1-29/30 W/P-1-31 W/P-1-33 W/P-2-18

Shelfmark W/P-2-20
Roger Ascham. Rogeri Aschami epistolarum, libri quatuor. Accessit Joannis Sturmii, aliorumque ad Aschamum, ... epistolarum liber unus ....
Oxford: 1703.
Letter on third front endpaper from William Elstob presenting a copy of the book to Charles Elstob (dated London, 22 July).
Letter on fourth front endpaper from Charles Elstob, dated Canterbury, 13 August, acknowledging gift of a copy of the book from William Elstob.
Inscription on title page: Ste: Hunt.

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Shelfmark W2/A-10-22
Niels Krag. Nic. Cragii ... De republica Lacedaemoniorum libri IIII. ... 1593.
Bookplate on front pastedown, with African holding a shield and scales, with motto 'Curae numen habet iustumque': Ex libris Petri Maridat in magno Regis Consilio Senatoris.
Inscription on back pastedown: Mr. Hunt -- 2l. 1s.

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