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Thomas Blechynden or Blechinden (d. 1661?) was a canon of Canterbury Cathedral. He was educated at St John's College, Cambridge, (1609; B.A. 1612-3; M.A. 1616; B.D. 1624; D.D. 1635; Fellow, 1614-44 (ejected)). He was rector of Eastry from 1638.[1] He occupied Stall II from 1633 until his ejection in the 1640s.[2] He was dead by mid-1661.[3] Peter Gunning had been appointed to his prebendal stall in 1660.

His will, dated 7 March 1649, proved on 23 February 1663,[4] makes gifts of Bibles in Hebrew, Greek, French, Dutch and English to his daughters and his eldest son, and a psalter and New Testament to his executors, Norton Knatchbull and his brother John.

The Benefactors' Book records that he gave a book to the Chapter Library, possibly on his appointment to the rectory of Eastry in 1638:

Thomas Blechynden sacræ The: Dr et Canonicus Cantuariensis dedit
         Nouum Testamentum varijs linguis ab hutero editum 2. Vol: fol:
Shelfmark W/A-4-4
Nouum Testamentum Dni: Nri: Iesu. Christi, Syriacè Ebraicè Graecè Latinè Germanicè Bohemicè Italicè Hispanicè Gallicè Anglicè Danicè Polonicè (ed. Elias Hutter).
Nuremberg: 1599.
Given by Canon Thomas Blechynden (d. 1661?) (Benefactors' Book).
The book is recorded in the 1649 inventory.
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