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Shelfmark W/C-3-6
Josue Mahler. Die Teütsch spraach. Alle wörter, namen, vñ arten zü reden in Hochteütscher spraach ... unnd mit gutem Latein ... vertolmetscht ... durch J. Maaler. Dictionarium Germanicolatinum novum. Hoc est, Linguæ Teutonicæ superioris præsertim, thesaurus ... a. J. Pictorio ... confectus, ...
Zurich: 1561.
Inscription on title page: Liber Ro: Hunt Vicarij de Reculver; Februar: 27[?] 1598. prec: -5-0.
Purchased by Robert Hunt, vicar of Reculver, in 1598, for five shillings.
The book is not listed in catalogues up to and including 1802 and was presumably acquired in the nineteenth century.