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Shelfmark W/E-2-28
Antoine La Roche Chandieu. Antonii Sadeelis ... De rebus grauissimis controversis disputationes accuratae theologice et scholastice tractatae: ....
Cambridge: 1584.
Inscription on title page: N. Symson. Pr[etium] vs.
In a limp vellum binding laced on four thongs. A vertical manuscript spine title: Antho. Sadelis Theologicae.
The original owner seems to have been Nicholas Sympson or Simpson (d. 1610) who was a canon of Canterbury (Stall VIII) from 1580 to 1610.[1] His son John Sympson (d.1630) was also a Canon (Stall VII)[2]
This book seems to have been in the Chapter Library at an early date. It is not mentioned in the Benefactors' Book but appears in the 1634 inventory and the 1638 inventory. It is possible that it was already in the Library by the time the Benefactors' Book was established in 1628 and may have come into the Library at the death of the elder Nicholas Sympson.
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