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Shelfmark W/F-4-1
Johann Funck. Chronologia: Hoc est, omnium temporum et annorum ab initio mundi, usque ... M.D.LII. ... deducta: ... aucta, ... in ... 1578. ... Item commentariorum libri decem, ... Autore Johanne Funccio ...
Wittenberg: 1578.
Inscription on title page: Carolus Horn:.
This book is listed in the 1634 inventory and in the 1638 inventory. It is not found in the Benefactors' Book and may already have been in the Library in 1628.
The identity of Carolus Hornius is uncertain. Ingram Hill records a Six Preacher named Charles Horne in 1550 who is otherwise unknown;[1] he would seem to be too early to have been the owner of this book. A more likely candidate is Charles Horne, recorded as vicar of Chislet and Sturry (d. 1619).[2] A Charles Horne of Ash is recorded in 1624-1627.[3]
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