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Shelfmark W/I-7-29/32
Thesaurus anecdotorum novissimus: seu veterum monumentorum, praecipuè ecclesiasticorum, ... collectio recentissima. ... Omnia ... facta. A ... Bernardo Pezio, ... Augsburg and Graz: 1729.
Armorial bookplate (arms of Tegernsee and a unicorn rampant) of an abbot of Tegernsee (probably Gregor Plaichshirn, abbot 1726–1762) on front pastedown of vols 1, 2 and 4: G.A.I.T. [= Gregor Abbas In Tegernsee].
German blind-stamped binding with monogram in centre of both boards: V C T with two waterlily leaves (Tegernsee?)
Inscription on front pastedown of vol. 1 signed: P. Sebastian Gunthner.
Inscription on front pastedown of vols 2–4: Ad Bibliothecam Gunthnerianam.
A volume from the library of the Benedictine Imperial Abbey of Tegernsee in Bavaria, with the bookplate of Abbot Gregor Plaichshirn (abbot from 1726 to 1762) and a blind-stamped binding with the initials V C T.
The book subsequently belonged to Father Sebastian Günthner (1773 - 1820) one of the last monks of the Abbey, which was secularised in 1803.