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Shelfmark W/I-7-6
Guibertus, Abbas Novigentinus. Venerabilis Guiberti Abbatis ... de Nouigento opera omnia, ... vna cum appendice ... de vita ipsius ... Hermani Monachi libri tres, de miraculis S. Mariae. 1651.
Inscription on title page: Ex libris Bibliothecae Conuentus Parisiensis Sanctissimae Mariae Annunciatae Ordinis fratrum Praedicatorum In via Noua Sancti Honoratj empt. 9. £ a d[omi]no Billaine die [  ] Nouembris 1654.
Library ink stamp (18c) on title page: Jacobins R. S. Honore
A book from the library of the Dominican convent on the rue Neuve Saint-Honoré in Paris, which they bought for 9 livres from the book's publisher Jean Billaine.
With an eighteenth-century ink stamp of the same library, using the Dominicans' French name Jacobins.