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Shelfmark W/K-7-27
George Bullock. Oeconomia methodica concordantiarum Scripturae sacrae: Authore Georgio Bulloco … 1572.
Inscription on half title: Sola mihi misero Crux tua Christe salus. W. Mount. 26s. 8d. Martij. 6°. 1592.
Armorial binding stamp gilt on both boards: stamp 3 of William Cecil, 1st Baron Burleigh.
British Armorial Bindings database,
William Cecil stamp 3.
Purchased in 1592 by William Mount (1545–1602) and then acquired by William Cecil, Lord Burleigh, (1520–1598) in the last years of his life.
Mount was Burleigh's chaplain.[1] The author George Bullock (c. 1521–1572) was a catholic theologian who was in exile during Elizabeth's reign.
Cecil's books were sold in 1687.
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