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Shelfmark W/O-5-22
Franciscus Titelman. Elucidatio in omnes Psalmos iuxta veritatem Vulgatae et Ecclesiae vsitatae aeditionis Latinae, ... Adiuncta est Elucidatio canticorum, quae Ecclesiasticus vsus appellat Ferialia. Subsequuntur annotationes ex Hebraeo atque Chaldaeo, ... tractatur & exponitur per ... Franciscum Titelmannum ... Parisiis: 1540.
Inscription on title page: henricus Turnerus me possidet nec opto mutare dominum, pretium viij s iiij d.
Inscriptions on title page: Noli altum sapere; [in a different hand:] Rychard
Inscription on final verso: Donum Gulielmi Geruasij Bibliothecæ Ecclesiæ Cantuariensis
Owned first by Henry Turner, probably a vicar choral at Canterbury in 1556, and then by William Jervis, vicar of Sturry, who presented it to the Chapter Library. It is listed in the 1634 inventory.