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Shelfmark W2/A-17-15
Epiphanius, Saint, Bp of Constantia. Του Ἐπιφανιου ἐπισκοπου Κωνσταντειας της Κυπρου, κατα ἁιρεσεων ὀγδοηκοντα το ἐπικληθεν Παναριον, ... D. Epiphanii ... contra octoginta haereses opus eximium, Panarium sive capsula medica appellatum. Basel: J. Oporinus, 1544.
Inscription on verso of second front free endpaper: Ex Bibliotheca Conradi Rittershusij. JC.
Inscription on verso of title page: Joannes Christianus Kappius. MDCCLXXXII.
Previously owned by Konrad Rittershausen (1560–1613), professor of law in Altdorf, and subsequently by Johann Christian Kapp (1764–1793), vice-rector of the high school at Hof im Baireuthischen.