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ShelfMark W2/A-3-5
Gerardus Vossius. Gerardi Ioannis Vossii De historicis Latinis libri tres. 1627
Inscription on verso of second front free endpaper: Reuerendissimo & clementissimo in Christo Patri, Georgio, Dei Gratiâ Cantuariensi Archiepiscopo, humillimo ac devotissimo animo offert auctor.
Dutch centre-piece binding on vellum.
Given to Archbishop George Abbot by the author, Gerhard Johann Vossius.
The book may have come to the Cathedral Library as one of the 25 books given by the Archbishop in 1633, or else with the transfer of duplicates from Lambeth Palace Library later in the century; it does not have the Archbishop's armorial binding stamp.