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Shelfmark W2/A-8-12
Church of England.. Booke of the common prayer and administracion of the sacramentes, and other rites and ceremonies of the ... Churche of England..
London: 1549.
Inscription (16c.) on A3r: Willam Benefeld his Boke
Binding with C C C gold-tooled as a triangle on both boards.
Binding repaired by Jack Maple in 1956: '19M56' tooled on back turn-in.
The book belonged to a William Benefield in the sixteenth century. A John Benefeild was schoolmaster in Lyminge in 1604 (CCEd).
It then seems to have been one of the books given to the Chapter Library by Canon William Bray in the early 1640s (Benefactors' Book, f. 106r).
It was listed in the 1649 inventory of the Library (CCA-DCc-LA/1/6).