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Shelfmark W2/X-2-28
Jean Etienne Duranti. Ioannis Stephani Duranti ... De ritibus Ecclesiae Catholicae, libri tres. ... primùm in Germania editi, & à mendis, quae in editione Romana irrepserant, ... recogniti. ....
Cologne: 1592.
Inscription on title page: Sum ex libris Joannis Hertengreiff Wisensteigensis a° 1592. 9 Julij. 16c German pigskin blind-stamped binding with clasps.
Inscription on title page: Donabat Collegio Societatis Jesu Herbipolensis R.D. Joannes Hertengreiff Iphouianus pastor moriens 1595. Orate pro eo.
Inscription at foot of final page: Societatis Jesu Herbipoli
Inscription on title page: Georgii Josephi Jaeger 1807
Purchased on publication by Joannes Hertengreiff of Wiesensteig (fl. 1580–1595) who presumably had the book bound. At the time of his death in 1595 he was a priest in Iphofen; he left the book to the Jesuit College at Würzburg .
After the secularisation of the college, the book was owned in 1807 by Georg Joseph Jaeger.