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Shelfmark W2/X-7-21
Saint Irenaeus. Opus eruditissimum diui Irenaei ... in quinque libros digestum, in quibus ... confutat ueterum haereseon impias ... opiniones.
Basel: 1526.
Inscription on title page: Thomas Vghtredi; blind-stamped binding (16c) with gilt T and V in centre of front and back boards respectively.
Thomas Ughtred (or Oughtred) was a fellow of Queens' College, Cambridge from 1532 to 1542. He obtained his B.A. 1531-2, M.A. 1534, B.D. 1540-1. He was rector of Goldsborough (Yorkshire) from 1543 to his death in 1589.[1]
The Benefactors' Book records that this book was purchased for the Chapter Library from the bequest of Canon Thomas Westley, probably on his death in 1639. The book is listed in the 1649 inventory ('Irenie j vol') but not in the earlier 1638 inventory.
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