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Dr William Barford (d. 1792) was a Canon of Canterbury and occupied Stall VII from 1770 to 1792. Barford was educated at Eton and at King's College, Cambridge, (1737; B.A. 1742; M.A. 1746; D.D. 1771).[1]

He was a friend of Jacob Bryant who thanks him in particular for his help with his New system, or, an analysis of ancient mythology.[2] It is likely that both books were given in 1777.


Shelfmark W/L-5-8/9A
Jacob Bryant. New system, or, an analysis of ancient mythology: wherein an attempt is made to divest tradition of fable; ... By Jacob Bryant, ... 1776.
Inscription on title page: The gift of Dr. Barford Prebendary of Canterbury to the Library of that Church.
Inscription on title page verso: Library of Christ Church Canterbury.
Shelfmark W/L-7-43
Jacob Bryant. Observations and inquiries relating to various parts of ancient history; containing dissertations on the wind Euroclydon, and on the island Melite. 1767.
Inscription on front pastedown: The Library of Christ Church, Canterbury, given by Willm Barford, Prebendary. 1777.
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