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William Jervis [or Jarvis or Gervase], STP, had been vicar of Sturry from 1622 to 1642 and rector of Snave from 1629.[1] He is apparently the William Jervis who was educated at Trinity College, Cambridge (1609; B.A. 1611/2; M.A. 1615; incorp. at Oxford University 1618).[2] In 1640/41 his parishioners petitioned Parliament against him because of his support for the Laudian Canons and for being non-resident because of his second living at Snave.[3] The living of Snave was in the patronage of the Archbishop of Canterbury, as was that of Sturry.[4]

He was installed as a Six Preacher on 22 December 1660 (CCA-DCc-MAND/SP/1660/5), probably as a reward for his loyalty to the Church. He signs for his stipend in the Treasurer's Book for 1660/1661 until Michaelmas term 1661 when he is recorded as 'Dr Geruas deceased'.[5]

The entry in the Benefactors' Book (f. 112r) records him as 'Gulielmus Geruace: Artium Mr et Vicarius de Stirry'; it probably dates from before his appointment as rector of Snave.

Gulielmus Geruace: Artiu[m] Mr et Vicarius de Stirry dedit
    Aristotelis Ethica carminibus heroicis græce manuscript:
    Iudoci clutouei [sic] Elucidatoriu[m] ecclesiaticu[m].
    Francisci Titelman[n]i Elucidation: in Psalmos
    Prophetias et Reuelationes Bemechobi Episcopi

These books were all in the Library by 1634; most are listed in the inventories of 1634, 1638 and 1650. The Prophetiae is listed in the 1634 inventory as 'Mirabilis liber prophetian Reuelationesque de monstrans 4°' and in the 1638 list of printed books as 'Prophetiæ et Reuelationes Bemechobi Epi.' The Elucidatorium ecclesiasticum by Jodocus Clichtoveus is probably the copy held at W2/A-8-14 (Paris, 1516). The Aristotle manuscript is only listed in the 1634 inventory.

Shelfmark CCA-DCc/AddMS/57
Canterbury Cathedral Archives catalogue entry:
'Aristotle. The Nicomachean Ethics done into Greek verse by William Barron.
Presented to the library of Christ Church by William Gervase, vicar of Sturry in the early 17th century.
Paper book, 100pp, 7.75x5.75in, bound in limp vellum covers, gilt tooled.'
The front endpaper has 'Donum Gulielmi Geruasij'.
Shelfmark W2/X-4-26
Mirabilis liber qui prophetias reuelationes Necnon res mirandas preteritas presentes & futuras: aperte demonstrat ...
[Paris]: 1521.
Inscription on title page: Donum Gulielmi Geruasij Bibliothecæ Ecclesiæ Cantuariensis
Shelfmark W/O-5-22
Franciscus Titelman. Elucidatio in omnes Psalmos iuxta veritatem Vulgatae et Ecclesiae vsitatae aeditionis Latinae, ... Adiuncta est Elucidatio canticorum, quae Ecclesiasticus vsus appellat Ferialia. Subsequuntur annotationes ex Hebraeo atque Chaldaeo, ... tractatur & exponitur per ... Franciscum Titelmannum ... Parisiis: 1540.
Inscription on title page: henricus Turnerus me possidet nec opto mutare dominum, pretium viij s iiij d.
Inscriptions on title page: Noli altum sapere; [in a different hand:] Rychard
Inscription on final verso: Donum Gulielmi Geruasij Bibliothecæ Ecclesiæ Cantuariensis
Shelfmark W2/A-8-14
Jodocus Clichtoveus. Elucidatorium ecclesiasticum, ad officium ecclesiae pertinentia planius exponens: & quatuor libros complectens. ...
Paris: 1516.
Inscription (16c.) on a2v: Thomas Cavelle de granntham.

The following book may also have belonged to the same William Jervis. It came from the library of William Somner who records that he acquired it by exchange.

Shelfmark W/D-4-27
Richard Broughton. Ecclesiasticall historie of Great Britaine deduced by ages, ... from ... our Saviour, unto the happie conuersion of the Saxons, ...
Douai: 1633.
Inscription on front free endpaper: William Jervis pret. 14s, changed to [William] Somner, exchanged with Mr Jervis for Ben. Johnsons works.
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